Angeleno Heights coyote eludes capture *

2010 photo by Minette Layne/Flickr

A coyote that is believed to have killed several cats in Angeleno Heights during the past week managed to get away from a city Animal Services officer on Sunday, according to an Angeleno Heights resident.  Julie,  who did not want her last named used, said Animal Service officers showed up twice on Sunday but failed to capture the wounded animal, which has been active near W. Kensington Road and Laveta Terrace. Said Julie

“One officer [was] trying to catch it with one of the sticks with a rope at the end. She said they have more luck if there are more officers to surround it, especially if it’s in a fenced yard. But only one [officer] was available yesterday, and the coyote was in the street, easily able to run away.”

The Eastsider has contacted Animal Services for more information. Julie advises that pet owners might want to keep their animals inside for the time being – even during the day.  “It’s been walking around all day today, so it’s not just a threat after dark.”

* Update: Brenda Barnette, general manager of Animal Services, said the department’s wildlife expert, Greg Randall, determines whether it is possible to set up a trap for an injured or diseased coyote.  “The mange is a concern for sure. Unfortunately most of the coyotes are too smart to go into a trap and it is very difficult to catch them until they are very sick or in dying condition. As far as the cats are concerned, the community should be encouraged to keep cats and small dogs inside unless they are outside with them.”

While Animal Services could not catch a coyote in Angeleno Heights, Silver Lake blogger Will Campbell was able to catch a coyote this morning – on video – as the animal took its time enjoying a meal in the neighbor’s  yard.  Click here to read his description of the early morning encounter and watch more coyote video.



  1. Thankfully, we live near lots of undeveloped open spaces and greenery in Echo/Elysian Park and I hope it stays that way. Knowing this – if pet owners loved their little animals (dogs and cats), they’d keep them inside at night instead of allowing them to be tapas. I’ve regularly heard coyotes patrolling Echo Park at night in the last two weeks, and have seen them walk the streets surrounding the reservoir in the daytime.

  2. Their happens to be a coyote roaming the corner of occidental and marathon as I write this (7/9 4pm)

  3. Were those cats wandering the neighborhood? If so, it sounds like the coyote was doing a public service.

  4. I live on Laveta and yes, there are lots of feral cats that roam the hood. Nature at work. Can’t fault the coyote.

  5. We see coyotes all the time in Silverlake. I’ve seen them walking down the middle of the street in the early evenings just a block off of Glendale Blvd. That’s one of the reasons our cats live indoors. Others include too much traffic going way too fast, other wild animals to include skunks and opossums, feral cats, dogs not on leashes, etc. I figure the coyotes and other wildlife have lived here longer than the humans and take that into account with regard to my housecats.

  6. Feral and free range cats are major killers of songbirds.

  7. I see coyotes all the time around the reservoir in Silver Lake. Both inside the fence and out. Last week, there’s one on those rocky cliffs on the southwest side just peering down at all the small dogs walking by. Tapas indeed!

  8. We need to get Will Campbell out there to put an end to this.

  9. The fire in Griffith Park a few years ago forced a lot of the coyotes down into the foothill neighborhoods to look for food. Now they are here to stay.

    I, too, have seen a coyote at Marathon and Occidental, even took a picture of it standing on the front steps of the apartment building there. That was about four years ago.

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