Angeleno Heights residents get stuck in the middle of gang tagging cross fire

Photos by Angeleno Heights resident

Rival gangs were engaged in battle this weekend on Wallace Avenue, spraying the walls, garages and even vehicles on the Angeleno Heights street with paint – not bullets. Still, it was a menacing sight for the  residents who live along the street that stretches for a long block up a hillside. Such kind of tagging and cross-outs usually signals  tensions between gangs – OBS 13 and Angeleno Heights, in this case – that could lead to violence.  An Angeleno Heights woman who has lived in the neighborhood for five years described what happened this street during the tagging battle on Wallace:

We got bombed by the OBS 13 guys at some point prior to Saturday morning. Apparently their rivals then came through on Sunday evening (my fiance apparently heard a group of rough-rowdy males pumping each other up down on the street–and possibly the sound of a spray can–at roughly 7pm, before the sun had gone down, but did not go out and look) and nixed the original work, doing OBS one better by tagging a few additional vehicles. I saw the new tags last night at 11pm and took a few snaps this morning to share.

It’s not wise to confront a tagger. But the vandalism should be reported to the police, and a call to 311 will get the tagging cleaned up.

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  1. Isn’t gang a rather strong term for these groups? How many “boys” could be in the Angeleno Heights “gang”? Under twenty? I don’t imagine they have any criminal enterprises to speak of other than this perverse, quasi fascist neighborhood watch thing.

    Otherwise, it does seem strange to mark a third person’s property in order to send a private message to another group of boys. “Hey you bad boys! I’m gonna scribble like a child on the garage of this fab Victorian: I’m here with my boys, where are your boys?!!

    Come back to the raft, huck honey!”

    • Aldo Thee Apache

      Er, except for the fact that when confronted spray painting these ‘boys’ have been known to turn around and either beat or sometimes shoot the people confronting them.

      For example:

      • You are absolutely correct. I once had the privilege of trying out the weapon simulator at the LAPD Academy and my scenario was a tagger spray painting a wall. There were two of us with simulated guns. Unfortunately, my partner got killed because I did not fire my weapon. When asked why I did not fire my weapon I answered–I thought he only had spray can.

      • Except that story isn’t actually true–I’m not sure how this iteration came to be (probably the police report), but that guy was hanging out with his neighbors all day, got drunk, got mad, tried to swing at someone and then got beaten up. Not a gang or tagging issue.

    • I rather like your fantasy about the “children ” spray painting your walls, you should really try and open that cute dialogue with them, I think it will land you straight in the emergency room, if not the morgue.

  2. And to think I can’t afford to live in Echo Park.

  3. Maybe one day they will just all shoot each other and we can be done with this foolishness.

  4. Time to bring back rampart division gang unit like the old days! People have no idea how much it costs to bring your car back to new condition after being tagged… not to mention the danger to the driver if he goes into the wrong neighborhood with that writing on his car.

  5. Two words: creeping fig. And don’t forget, tagging is now felony vandalism. Can count as a third strike and send them away for 25 years. So call the cops and report…

  6. Guess ‘sunny’ has been busy….

  7. I read about this on a Yahoo group forum and while there’s not much graffiti where I live, it is certainly all around us, one way or another:
    From About:
    “Uniting Neighborhoods To Abolish Graffiti (UNTAG) is Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti’s initiative to reduce graffiti in our communities.

    This program is a people-based effort that empowers residents to monitor graffiti in their neighborhood and to access City resources to eliminate it.

    Graffiti is not simply writing on the wall. It is, very often, a sign of gang activity, it destroys property, and its presence indicates a lack of vigilance both by neighbors and by law enforcement.

    By providing Block Captains the tools and the knowledge to have graffiti painted out quickly and to monitor “hot spots,” the UNTAG program aims to organize and to empower the people most negatively affected by graffiti—residents, merchants and property owners.

    UNTAG Block Captains are people from all walks of life who take responsibility for a specific geographical area. Many Block Captains commit simply to helping eradicate graffiti on their own residential block.

    Block Captains report tagging locations to the City’s 311 service as soon as they observe them, keep track of “hot spots” and ensure that the people who own properties that are tagged on a regular basis have filled out a “Graffiti Removal Agreement,” and to work with the City’s Office of Community Beautification to provide long-term solutions, including vining and murals, for “hot spots.” ”

    This makes so much sense and seems to require not that much. Once organized it’s a way for an area to have more control over how taggers are identified and resisted. It’s non-confrontational so less dangerous and from what I’ve been reading, it does work.

    • At least in the northern edge of Silver Lake the city is pretty good about coming over when you call 311 or you can go to their website (google Los Angeles Grafitti”). They usually take care of any grafitti within 2-3 days. I call and use the website both and it’s always taken care of….but you have to let them know with a location, the surface and color or it will just sit there unpainted over. Not for cars though I think, though have never tried reporting that!

    • ZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZ ZZZZ Lame ass Marks..

  8. I see posted that at 4:24, presumably right after your 4:20 break.

  9. I will take these young men under my wing and teach them virtue and hard work and respect for others. I will teach them be to strong and honest and give them a chance. If they stop tagging.

    • good you do that, it is a virtuous task, and while you are being robbed and trained upon I will try not to laugh.

  10. I had spray paint on my car once.
    I found out that MEK or Methyl Ethyl Ketone worked perfectly to remove the spray paint without removing the car’s paint, even left the gloss on the car paint.
    The faster you do it, the easier it is to get off.

  11. Not to worry, something is in the pan.
    past 9 months, pictures videos and with the housing Dep, somebody tell me I don’t know but some of this night’s nock at doors, and with a big bill for damages,

  12. Taggers ruin communities.

    A tagger got shot 3 weeks ago after tagging at a duplex home from top to bottom; seems as though it was a rival gang-pointless..

    What amazes me is how most of the time it happens during day light and people that see it happen don’t call police-!?

    • Aldo Thee Apache

      That’s because the police don’t care. I’ve tried numerous times, even giving them the exact address of a tagger who lived right next to me with a trail of tags leading right up to his front door. They couldn’t have given less of a shit. They just bandied me from dept to dept (not my job). At best they will just tell you to call 311 or just paint it yourself. Sad considering a lot of the little cretins have violent tempers and/or carry guns.
      If the Rampart/EP police actually cared about pursuing and persecuting they’d do what they do in NYC to hipster graffiti artists. Stake out a popular wall, paint it white, sit across the street in a van. Et voila, in less than a day you catch maybe 2 to 3 groups/gangs/crews of taggers. Plus shake them down and you’re libel to find all kinds of fun bonus stuff to charge them with besides vandalism.

      • they won’t do anything without proof because it will just be a waste of their time. video the guy doing his thing, turn it into the cops and get a $1500 reward. I have seen young guys from the neighborhood tagging, while the old veterano’s act as a lookout and drive the Suburban to the next spot (in broad daylight). no camera with me those times, but I would definitely turn them in if I could catch them on video.

      • Agree/ To all those suggesting that calling the LAPD is the answer, you should try it once. The indifference and lack of attention paid to this type of vandalism by the dispatchers, patrol officers and senior leads is obvious. I’m certain they have a million other things to work on but in some areas of town the graffiti becomes a very visual code that the laws are not enforced.

  13. I’ve done some research and it seams like one of guys from Aghts lives on the corner of Boston ans Sunset there’s a video out on YouTube why would they tag on a local residents car? Lowlifes it seams like they really don’t like each other..

  14. I saw the ants members doing the tagging around 8pm on Edgeware r.d and kellam ave inside the alley. It was a brown pick up carrying 1 gang member and also a black 4 door car, think it was a 00 honda accord also carrying 1 member. They sounded scared they were telling eachother “whos down to crossed it out” like if theywere in fear ………..

    • they are a bunch of fucking geeks. I wish i could catch one of these idiots and tag up their faces and have em walk around like that. im so tired of this. Nothing gets under my skin more than tagging, although strangely, i appreciate graffiti

  15. LAPD needs to step up their game. Badly.

  16. Also for the record angelino heights is a non active gang. The last time I saw there taggings was back in 91. I am in shock that after 20 years of dissapearing from the area they still wanna claim something thats hopeless. They only have 2 to 5 members who are in their early 40’s. So sad at their age and still can’t advanced to the next level I guess their stuck in graffity even taggers have upgraded

  17. I am a tagbanger from obs as you can tell i love making up stories im infatuated by them angelinos i wish i was 1 of them thats why i observed and didnt say nothing when i seen them tagg so i came on here and posted this up hoping 1 of them will see it and respond.

    • Grammar Lessons

      Damn Hommie! Ever thought about using commas in your sentences?

      I’m not a tagger but maybe you can take it to the next level and incorporate some proper grammar. I.E. try tagging O.B.S ‘ X3. Note the use of the apostrophe for possession of X3 and notice the periods in O.B.S. to form initial components.

      C’mon mang! That would be ILLLL!!!

  18. @Grammar lessons the previous comment wasn’t mine it was from a member from angelino heights. You could tell by his grammar lol. He send his baby momma all over the hood made her take photos and send them to The Eastsider to try to get fame. Thats called dry snitching. Think about it why would someone cared about tagging when its been here.

  19. Long time resident here. I agree to some extent that it was probly a gang member that sent these photos to theeastsiderla.maybe its some anti-social attempt to get recognized for defacing private property.maybe theeastsider should forward up address of the initial person who sent these photos to the laps.I bet the van owner would be glad you did.

    • Are you serious? You can’t tell ” Mr. Kilo” Is probably 1 of these scumbags spray painting our walls? Either or of these hooligans need to stop defacing our properties here in our community. I sense a gang war coming near, But if i see 1 of these creeps messing with my house I’m calling 911. Another thing how would “Mr. Kilo” say something about ” Angeleno Heights ” He seems to know alot about these gang members, ages, how many members they have, how long they been around etc.. He even said that he knew his “Baby momma” took the pictures? Smells fishy to me.

  20. Sorry for the typos

  21. “It’s not wise to confront a tagger”


    How about a would be car thief ?
    A house burglar ?
    Someone mugging another person?
    A man beating a woman?
    Someone abducting a child ?

    Why do taggers get a pass?

    Stand your ground! Confront this idiots!

    • Jonellezonelle

      Because, unfortunately, these pu**ies are very eager to show how tough they are and will get extremely violent to prove themselves to their little friends.

      You stand your ground if you want. I’ll wait for all of these idiots to kill one another or end up in jail. One or the other is bound to happen.

      What sad, sad lives.

  22. I suspect this is the person that defaced our community he doesn’t even stay in the area.seams like he comes from Santa Rosa .its seams to the same writing. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3S92J0rwQ-s

  23. Call 911 … enough said

  24. These inferiors are competing for attention.

    Eastsider is playing right into their hands by printing their spray paint tantrum.

    The only way to deal with tagging is to paint over it ASAP.

    When these brats see that they can’t get attention, they’ll move on.

  25. If You Didn't Know Now You Know

    Why do you complain if these gang news are repeated, just like your comments.
    FYI, the ones everyone saw tagging was the gang Angelino Heights gang not OBS 13. before jumping to conclusions, I know because it is so freakin obvious on the pics and the tag in the community. OBS 13 was crossed out and Angelino Heights wrote their marks over it; it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Sorry to say every thing down below, but I’m being honest and tired of people complaining bla blah blah but never really moving a finger, except like 2 or 3 that commented.

    Marthin: If you think you ‘t afford it, there is always Mac Arthur Park. You can have the same experience and even worst if you want. So stop hating on the Echo Park community.

    Eastsidearts: They have been shooting each other for years, what makes you think they will be done. they always recruit, like if it was a freaking army. Do your History.

    WhereuATlapd: I agree with you on that, because jobs are hard to fine and pay car bills. You not one of those broken record repeaters like many comments. Just remember the Rampart did not always follow the law and have a bad record for that.

    Brock Harris: Please don’t try to sound like a cop. -__- really! all know that tagging is a felony, that’s why the US has public schools too. oh, one more correction, the third strick is 25years to life. Not 25 yrs and then let go, that’s why its called three strikes

    Gabriel: Never rely on Yahoo; if there is not tagging in you neighborhood, then you should stay there. UNTAG might help.

    SL-er: Im glad you make a difference in you community and actually get that phone or go on the web to clean your community, rather than being complainer and not calling 311. I mean it, thumbs up 🙂

    Henry: Hey that’s really nice, you believe inn second chances and are willing to help them turn lives around. Not everyone is willing to give that opportunity to these young men.

    Shadowpark: You can tell you are mad at the world with not manners. I bet if Henry find you wanting a second opportunity (HELP) when you make a mistake like any human being, I’ll be laughing.

    Kevin Break: Sorry to hear about your car and thanks for the tip. Hopefully they stop tagging cars because its a bill that come our of your pocket. I agree with you 🙂

    White Bear: Fauxican and I can’t understand what you wrote.

    Chale Homes: My opinion (not to be mean) is that he got shot for not looking out. If he knows the danger of tagging, then he should have taken a buddy to look out. like you said pointless. Hope he recovers, because that is someone’s kid. No people now don’t bother to call the police, but if it was about someone they knew or their home, they call. That’s why almost everyone carries a cell these days.

    Aldo Three Apache: Well, you tried to make a difference, but giving the exact address with no evidence, how do you expect for a cop to arrest them. one correction, gang tagging different from graffiti artist. Gang tagging is claiming land, Graffiti Artist is very different because they draw art to send a message or draw cartoons.

    Anonymous: Better name please, everyone is anonymous. Like I said yeah it suck for tagged cars because they have a new car bill to pay. Be glad that your car is not tagged :), well if you have a car, idk. Wrong video name. Marion and Sun

    B.E: thank you for your correction 🙂

    Kilo: I saw the same thing. People that just ask rather than doing, shows fear. They saw people and didn’t finish, why because they know they will get caught. I agree on how they are 40 and basically old, still trying to be young and tag, it is embarrassing and ridiculous; what they need is a JOB.

    Huh: Its not a popularity contest of gangs. If they send the pics, the eastsider could easily refuse to post them. Sending the address of the person whom send the pics won’t matter. That person that might have send those pics and could a innocent and charged for a felony he/ she did not committed. Like you said “Probable a gang member sent these photos.. “(Huh), but guessing does not function with the law.

    Pleasedeez: Let me stop you right there. Correction; you said, ” ‘Mr. Kilo Is’, is probably 1 of these scumbags”, not probably, yes. He said that he is, if you are gonna be another complainer, pay attention to what Klio said. Yes, many people are feeling the same, the community fears that a gang war will rise.
    I don’t smell fish, get some de orient.

    • Aldo Thee Apache

      @If You Didn’t Know Now You Know

      Thanks but I do know the difference, quite well actually.
      My suggestion was in tactic, not semantics. Hence why I clearly pointed out the difference being NYC police dealing with ‘hipster graffiti artists’ AKA ‘Street Artists’. Regardless same plan would work here. Stake out that big fat white wall (whale?) by La Espiga Bakery, which I’ve personally witnessed get hit brazenly during broad daylight at least 3 times, and lie in wait for taggers (gang-related or otherwise).

      As for the next door neighbor, it would have been the world’s easiest collar. He doesn’t get so much as a foot from his house before hitting up a wall, be there to nail him. LAPD has done this in the past with even less evidence, see RUSIA for example:

  26. Apparently the Echo Park gang (ExP) has
    been doing a lot of taging as well on the north side of EP. Am also wondering if the recent prison releases has anything to do with the increased gang activity?

  27. Every body knows this neighborhood belongs to Angelino Heights they been around for generations. Obs never had a strong hold in Angelino Heights, Obs claims Douglas st. but never are seen just the graffiti once in a while. What i know for a fact is that Ahts is way older then Obs , How i know? Because i have friends from both sides of these gangs. Their uncles tell us their history its pretty intresting if you ask me, L.A.P.D should confirm my story because i know they are watching this.

  28. So what’s the point you’re trying to make “Julio”?this thread is about some dumbasses writing on walls and cars.have respect for other peoples property loser.what about if they wrote all over you’re family members car?you talk about who’s been here longer but from the videos I seen the stupid kid that wrote all this crap on the walls lives.in Santa Rosa and not a local resident.I bet a million dollars you’re from ahts.by the learn how to spell in one of the pics you can clearly see angelinos is misspelled “angellinos”

  29. Luis Tapia "PC"

    everyone knows angelino heights dont exist in L.A. They got kicked out by OBS 13 back in 92 thats why they migrated to sacramento. They had to leave 400 miles away for protection against the OSIRIBOYS. Even the LAPD doesn’t consider them a threat Lol. There only member Raton comes from Sacramento once a year tags and leaves back home low life. Dont worry community they only tag once a year Lol lame fagetlinos they cant even spell their so called hood right “angellinos” paisa or they were just scared lol

  30. everyone knows osiriboys dont exist in L.A. They got kicked out by AHTS 13 back in 92 thats why they migrated to MEXICO. They had to leave 400 miles away for protection against the ANGELINOS. Even the LAPD doesn’t consider them a threat Lol. There only member YxSTER comes from MEXICO once a year tags and leaves back home low life. Dont worry community they only tag once a year Lol lame ORCHATAS they cant even HOLD DOWN 1 STREET in angelino heights.

  31. Both of these wakk hoods are weak- fags get caught slippen- orchatas you never see them. This is trash time to take them out. WS ExP LocoS

  32. Obs never had a hood u cant ever find them nothing but a bunch of taggers

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