Angeleno Heights woman abuzz over helicopters

2008 flyover/Photo by Wilson B/Flickr

Three nights of low-flying helicopters have an Angeleno Heights resident named Jennifer wondering what is going on and when it will stop:

The helicopters are flying so low that at times the trees are swaying from the wind, windows are rattling and dishes are shaking in the cupboard.  I called the police and they confirmed that it was not them.  There are three helicopters that circle the areas together, all flying at very low altitudes.  One is lime green, one is graphite gray and the other is a sand color, somewhat military looking but unmarked.  Each of the last three evenings they have started circling around 5:30 pm and continue until almost 10 pm.  Last night there were soldiers dangling out of the open door of each helicopter.

LAPD spokesman Cleon Joseph confirms those are not police choppers. Instead, the helicopters are involved in some form of military practice. Joseph said he did not know when the training would end. Last year,  the helicopters with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit conducted “realistic urban training” over the skies of Angeleno Heights and Echo Park.


  1. Watched them making drop-offs/pick-ups on top of a downtown building last night as we were dining in Little Tokyo area, guys were rappelling out of the helicopters and onto the rooftop over and over and over again. It was an interesting sight, but dang loud! We’re so used to them now (as long as they don’t shake our houses in the middle of the night, that is). Snapped a photo: http://instagram.com/p/NfH7FVRA8e/

  2. It has been ridiculous! I’m on the second floor of a three-story building and my desk will vibrate while I sit at it. I can’t even hear my TV when it’s on.

    I saw three copters during daylight and it almost looked like the middle copter had a camera sticking out of it. I might just be crazy paranoid, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we were all at the mercy of a film production, simply because I know LA will whore itself out for anything.

  3. So THAT’S what all the helicopter noise lately has been?!

  4. You’ll appreciate being saved from your hilltop home after Los Angeles is flooded from a big tsunami via earthquake.

  5. Um piggy, you do realize that those hillside homes are around 500-700 feet above sea level.

    • I think the point Piggy is making is that yes, those hillside homes are 500-700 feet above sea level- that’s why they would become islands after a tsunami and those residents would require rescue.

      • Ok how about even downtown los angeles is at over 300 feet above sea level and many miles from the shore. The valley is higher than that. There is no way those hills are becoming islands.
        But maybe we have a little of Poe’s law going on.

  6. they are getting ready ”are we?”

  7. I’ve been having dreams of being visited by aliens a lot lately. They’re not the friendliest of creatures to say the least. I think I’m on to something.

  8. I guess that’s how it is going to be. I know they have obtained use of the baseball field area in Elysian Park as a staging area for any major issues in downtown that require the military to roll out. The plan is that they will set up a main base at the baseball field, with all their equipment and helicopters, all overlooking downtown and the surrounding area, see it and go to and from it from there. That is a strategic location, high up and seeing all, and wide open to bring in and set up their base quickly.

    With the park planned to be their center of operations, I guess the surrounding area is a natural for training. If they were to chopper in troops to downtown, those troops might need to repel down — and so you see such training going on.

  9. They were doing very dramatic landings on top of the City owned twin towers on Fig between Temple and First while a third helicopter was seeming to film. They swooped up from lower floors before landing. This was two nights ago, started around 7 and went past dark.

    • I remember this going on while we were living in Downtown a few months ago. Those were just exercises for whatever the military thinks is going to happen. Maybe others are right and the zombies have been sited.

  10. Alvarado Sunset

    They flew over the 101 last night as I was driving home and then some guys rapelled onto the roof of a building, I nearly rear ended the car in front watching all the action.

  11. Three words: New World Order.
    Do you really think that the Police have no idea what it’s about?

    • Seriously, there are three helicopters hovering over a major city and the local police are not aware of who they are? I call bullcrap on this. It’s your military “practicing” to move against you next time there’s a OWS demo or anti-police brutality protest. Meanwhile, you’re not supposed to notice your dishes falling out of the cupboard.

  12. Just want to point out that if this were san marino or brentwood or some other affluent residential neighborhood it would not be allowed. And nor would it be tried.

  13. Right: the troops will be protecting Brentwood, etc., there would be no need to repel into those areas.

  14. well i’m glad others have taken note of the increase in helicopter activity. it’s been a recent trend in the LA area. makes you wonder what is the purpose behind it as helicopters are constantly flying over head with no attention paid to the time. nothing like falling asleep to the sound of a chopper!

  15. As the political system fails more and more to represent the interests of the people, the elites know that they will increasingly need to make use of militarized force domestically to maintain their power.

  16. It is 2012!

  17. I really don’t like those silent, black ones. Visit me all the Time.

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