Bulletin Board: Keep your pet indoors and safe this 4th of July

Submitted by Christine Peters with the Echo Park Animal Alliance

The 4th of July holidays are the busiest annually at City Shelters-Keep your pets safe and indoors with plenty of distractions this long weekend (the 4th is Wednesday) and avoid putting your pet in a situation that is stressful.
If you find a lost dog and it has no ID-walk it around the area you found it to see if anyone recognizes it.  Take a photo and put up “Found Dog” signs.  Our local shelter, The North Central Animal Shelter,  is at 3201 Lacy St., LA 90031.  Hours for intake are 24 hrs. daily.  Hours to search for your lost pet are: 8 am to 5pm Tuesday to Sunday or 24 hrs on the internet. The pet will be scanned for a micro chip, and the owners will be called if it is registered to a phone number.  This is also a good time for pet owners to confirm that the chip info is current and up to date.  Many Pet Owners do not update or register their chips to a reliable phone number.
If you are committed to finding this LOST pet a new home if its owner does not come forward, you may go back to the shelter in 5 days and redeem if for an adoption fee that covers spay/neuter, vaccinations, micro-chip, and license.  Otherwise it will be put up for adoption to the general public.
Help YOUR pet be safe this holiday weekend.  Make sure your ID tags are legible, that collars are secure on your pet’s neck, that your fencing and gates are escape proof and that nervous pets are indoors with plenty of visual and ambient sounds (for instance music and television).
Have a happy and safe holiday……

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  1. Yes, good advice, thankyou! But may I add one more bit of advice: if you are going to the pound to chip your dog, make sure there is not one already there! I adopted my little brown dog Chutney four years ago when my mailman told me the hipsters down the street had moved out, five days earlier, and left him in the yard. Turns out he must have been a shelter dog, cuz he was neutered, and when I took him in to change the listed chip address the pound grabbed him and wanted to hold him for 7 days to check out the info on the chip! Of course the phone listed was dead, and the letter sent out came back undeliverable. And poor Chut had to spend a night in doggyjail, until a good pal pulled some strings and let me “foster’ him at home for the week.Then I got to pay $102 to adopt him again. A nightmare all around. So keep your dogs’ chips updated as soon as possible: a lesson we learned in a horrific manner.

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