Councilman Garcetti emerges as the $2 million man

Councilman Eric Garcetti of Silver Lake has so far raised more than $2 million for his mayoral campaign. L.A. Now reports that Garcetti, who is termed out as Council District 13 representative,  had raised $2.2 million through June 30 since announcing his candidacy last year, according to contribution figures submitted to the City Ethics Commission.  During the first six months of this year, Garcetti had raised $1.14  million or more than twice as much as the $500,000 raised by 9th District Councilwoman Jan Perry, whose spokesman provided the figures.  Other candidates, such as City Controller Wendy Greuel, have not yet revealed their most recent fundraising figures for next year’s election, L.A. Now said.  Click here to view the list of Garcetti’s campaign contributors.


  1. You can now see what Garcetti has been doing with his time in office. He certainly hasn’t done anything for his district. He is COMPLETELY sold out to the monied interests. His actions all along have shown that. As an example, is it any surprise that he supports any and all developers over what his constituents want, or that he hides quietly on the sidelines when such issues arise?

    Garcetti is a prime example of City Hall for sale. He has blown away all of other contenders in the race in fundraising — for a reason. Its payoff time. And he is making his collections hand over hand, stuffing his pockets. This kind and amount of money he is collecting is NOT from the grass roots. This is form the big money players who want their puppet in office, and Garcetti is too happy to slickly do their bidding.

    When someone is getting this kind of big money this fast — you better be terrified. That kind of collection in a municipal race means only one thing. The wheels are fully greased.

    • wow. totally disagree.

      • sorry josh but you need to read up. how is a little boy who had everything in live given to him, going to lead a city like los angeles. they guy has never had a real job he isn’t a real person – he is a robot.

        • Please don’t tell me what I need to do. You don’t know me. I’ve worked with Eric many times and had many discussions with him about the future of the city – it is those personal experiences I have had that have convinced me of his leadership qualities.

    • I have to agree. Look at that list of contributors — a TON of developers. This is not a list of his constituents loving him, it is a list of the monied interests. He certainly does seem to be completely sold out.

      C’mon, why would a long list of out-of-town developers be contributing the max to him — just because?! Hey, this is the guy who just steamrolled over the residents of Hollywood and pushed through a huge, MAJOR increase in density there. Gee, just look at what has gone on in Echo Park and Silver Lake with development under his “leadership!”

  2. Next time don’t forget or exclude candidate Kevin James from your article. He is the only one worth voting for and the only campaign not bankrolled by special interest. VOTE FOR KEVIN JAMES!!!

  3. Well, I’m not voting for him, & most of our neighbors know better by now, too!

  4. garcetti is a stooge and a tool for sale to the highest bidder. lets just hope and pray that the voters of LA are smart enough to see it. nepotism is a bad thing and breeds disgusting people.

  5. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  6. Jerry Malatesta

    I’m always impressed by the rigorous, meaningful arguments that Silver Lakers make here. “Developers, BAD! Politicians, BAD! No parking, BAD! Traffic, NEW! Progress, BAD! My allergies, BAD! Anything not under my rock, BAD! Anything not Me, BAD! But I’m QUIRKY!”

    Eric has more brain power, ideas, and concern for LA in his little toe than some of you will ever have in your lives. Once you get one, that is.

    • You sure are living in Fanstasyland.

      Brain power? Hey, Newt Gingrich is a scholar — so should we vote for him too?

      Concern for LA? What has he done — other than pave the way for any huge development the monied interests want, and otherwise show up for every photo op he can invent?

      His solution for homelessness has been to throw them in jail, and constantly roust them. Some liberal he is!

      He’s just a big fake. Gee, he was a carpetbagger moving into Echo Park just to run for the Council seat that was about to become vacant.

      Everything about him is as shallow as it gets — he merely attaches his name to things to pretend to be doing something, when he really is not. Eric Garcetti cares only about Eric Garcetti. He merely exploits us all for his own advancement. Even as mayor, he sees that merely as a stepping stone to governor and then national — and he will continue to majorly sell out all along to get the money he needs for HIS advancement.

      • And don’t forget his hostility to tenants, how he bends over backwards to cater to landlords at every turn. And he doesn’t even stop at that, ushers through more and more and higher and higher fees on tenants!

      • Jerry Malatesta

        Maybe you should run for Mayor?

  7. HE certainly does not have my vote!!! I have met and spoken to him personally, he asks I have your vote right? Im like yeah…right with my rolling eyes. all of my friends know not to vote for him in echo park

  8. Wendy Greuel is a badass. I’m all about her cutting through the economic bullshit we’ve got going on.

  9. greuel is as bad, if not worse then garcetti. shes been the fiscal watchdog for la for the last four years. how can anyone argue shes doing her job. everything she uncovers is old news so they are meaningless audits. perry is no better. three horrible choices for mayor. everyone needs to do a little research and see why KEVIN JAMES is by far not just the lesser of evils, but the only great candidate that cares about LA and his track record can back it up. also the only candidate putting out ideas. please save LA, vote for KEVIN JAMES and tell everyone you know to do so. how could anyone believe any of the insiders should even have jobs still

  10. Here in Silver Lake we know what a joke Garcetti’s office is. Just try to get a phone call returned. His staff is now all working on his campaign. If only Zev would run.

  11. Eric has my vote!!!!

    I love the new Meadow and library we now have in our community 🙂

    • Its no thinks to Garcetti that the library was built and the meadow created. Oh, but he sure would make a point of being there for the photo op and tell you what great work he did.

  12. As soon as he was termed out of his Echo Park district, he moved out and on to Silver Lake where, if he doesn’t become mayor, he can run for city council. I’ll never vote for him again!

  13. Jerry Malatesta

    Why is density and additional housing around public transit a bad thing? Especially when people are clamoring to live in certain neighborhoods and areas, and especially when Los Angeles can no longer sustain it’s car-centric culture?

  14. Eric Garcetti really listens to constiguents,always back up for what he believes in,will tell the truth as he sees it even if it dispeases the hearer,does not back
    away from unpopular choices like Wendy Greuel can just ignore the problems
    in Los Angeles-so why vote for someone who hides from the real issues-Eric
    Garcetti has acted as mayor of LA when our mayor was away.He can do it
    lets vote for Eric Garcetti for mayor-he’s intelligent-has economic background
    what does Wendy Greuel have-not much

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