Eastside Property: Silver Lake apartment flipper is not shy about colors

Photo by Silver Lake resident

Before flipper makeover

The Eastsider’s post on the blue-and-orange make over of an Echo Park apartment building prompted a Silver Lake resident to send over photos of a Hamilton Way apartment complex that also recently received a colorful paint job–this one featuring some splashes of tangerine and black trim. Turns out the triplex at the corner of Micheltorena Street and Hamilton Way was being prepared for sale by flippers who purchased the 63-year-old building for $410,000 in December, according to Redfin. That same renovated property – now sporting a wall of tangerine and the ever popular horizontal wood fencing – went up for sale this week at $799,000.

“Boring beige building not only went with bold colors (orange), but took a lesson from the house flippers and added horizontal beamed fences,” said the Silver Lake resident who lives near the Hamilton Way building. “Overall, place looks better (even if a little tacky) …  So kudos to the owner for re-investing and trying to be creative within budget here.”

The new color scheme is certainly attracting attention but will it attract a buyer at $799,000?


  1. The price is CRAZY considering that this particular flipper doesn’t do work that merits the hefty asking

  2. Love the tangerine, but really don’t understand the strange black trim under the eaves.

  3. Wow – that’s an improvement. Looks clean and interesting…and for once the vinyl windows don’t bother me. Sort of have a soft spot for the old “Green Acres” gate though.

  4. That is nice. Tho could we lose the ivy? Why is it so popular as a ground cover? A nice native creeping sage is also low maintenance, low water — and so much better looking.

  5. Looks good!

    Good call on the creeping sage Lisa!

  6. Nice improvement with the color scheme! Like the black fence but not sure the black under the eaves adds anything. The beige and pastel stucco is so blah. Great to see striking colors being used.

  7. General consensus here so far is thumbs up on the color scheme. I too like it. So, well done flipper! You get a fish.

  8. i guess i can maybe see why there’s all the stucco in LA, low cost, low maintenance I suppose. But the beige/salmon color so prevalent…why? It’s so damn hideous, hurtful on the eyes when California is meant to be beautiful. This reno is a good example of solving that, regardless of what you think of the price.

    Signed…an east coaster who loves the west coast but doesn’t really understand most of the buildings in this town

  9. I live on hamilton, two buildings down. And I can assure you folks this is hideous in person. And in photos. The photos don’t do it justice. The entire block hates this tacky ass eyesore. It’s horrible.

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