Echo Park shooting leaves one dead*

* Update: The victim has been identified as 33-year-old Ivan Pedroza of Los Angeles.

Police tonight are investigating the fatal shooting of a man whose body was found near a homeless encampment in Echo Park. The victim tumbled partway down a hillside after being shot once in the upper body near a cul de sac  at Bellevue Avenue and Alvarado Street, said Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division. It’s not clear if the shooting, which was reported at about 6:30 p.m., is gang related or if the victim was a homeless man.

Witnesses told police that the victim, who appeared to be a 30-year-old Latino male, had been seen at least once before talking to people at the encampment of tents that line the hill up from Bellevue Avenue near the  Bellvarde studio complex, Buhrmester said. No suspects were in custody as of about 8:30 p.m. and a police dog had been brought in to search for a weapon.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the Rampart Homicide Unit at (213) 484-3650, or after hours, the Rampart Watch Commander at (213) 484-3400.


  1. Just another day in this great neighborhood!

  2. Just drove by this place … was wondering what was going on.

  3. utterly ridiculous

  4. I just heard that could be my friend but I hope it not but if it is RIP “Ivan” a lot of people will miss you. he was so kind to every one. RIP lots of love bro take it eazzy up there !

    • This was a kind,.and loving young man which grew up with my brother, he was.not homeless..I am saddened to hear about his passing. My prayers and condolences to his family….

  5. As of this entry, the investigation is ongoing. The victim has been only tentatively identified, therefore we are not releasing the name we have, in the event it is inaccurate. My apologies to Manny for the delay. Detectives are still attempting to locate witnesses, and have processed physical evidence at the crime scene.

    If anyone has any information, they are asked to phone the Rampart Homicide Unit at (213) 484-3650, or after hours, the Rampart Watch Commander at (213) 484-3400. The location of occurrence was the dead-end of the portion of Bellevue Ave. running west off of Alvarado St., just north of the Hollywood Freeway.

    (213) 484-3400

  6. Predictably this post will get five comments while the post about a fancy restaurant gets 72. Because why fight crime when you can scream about hipsters?

    • Unfortunately, blog comments do nothing to fight crime. I wish they did; I would be considered quite a crime-fighter.

  7. I received a phone call from a friend that said it was, Manny’s friend! I am in shock! R.I.P.

  8. Gus show a little respect. This was my brother in law. Ivan was more like a lil bro to me. No more cold nights no more hunger, no more inslavement to your disease.
    Rest my brother rest, you will truly be missed.

    • I so, so agree with you ruy! No more cold nights, no more hunger, no more inslavement to that awful disease! and yes he will rest in peace NOW!

  9. RIP IVAN u will be missed bro ” remember the good times we had in my back yard in MBST” say high to the homies your with now love u brotha!!!!

  10. Iinspite of the reactions his disease controlled him to do, Ivan wasnt anything close to what people would say about him. He didnt deserve to go out like this. He has a family that loves him, and left behind 5 kids… 2 boys which moved to texas a few years ago, 1 boy that he hasnt seen in like 6 years… Ivan and I have a son together which just turned 4 yrs a week ago.. and he has a newborn baby girl and and 2 year old boy.
    My mom and I are trying to get in contact with his mom.. ( I dont think she knows). we left a message with his bro, just waiting for call back… Yeska, im sorry girl, im here for u too..
    I miss you Ivan…

    • He was always a gentleman!

    • damn its a trip you guys know my cousin and that he was loved by everybody.to sarah i can get in contact with ivans mom i stay around benton and kent so just hit me up and ill let ivans sister and mom know

  11. My brother may he r.I.p. love u with all my heart u had a golden heart ill never forget u.. we’ll meet again one day n I hope that coward that did this gets his… u will never b forgotten

  12. This truly comes as a shock. I lost touch with Ivan some years back after I saw him working as a security guard at Queen of Angels. He was still the same great out-going guy from MB, King, and Marshall. I saw him again earlier this year and he seemed like a different soul, but he still had that beautiful smile. My most deepest sympathy to his family and closest friends. He’s in a better place, at ease.

  13. So people who knew him, any clues to why someone would do this? RIP.

  14. Ivan, you will be missed my friend. All our memories your friends & loved ones shared w/you will be tucked away in our hearts & minds. You were always in my prayers. I will remember your love for your kids, your mom, the beach, basketball & when you’d play at silverlake reservoir, your cooking,your motorcycle, your good looks & charm.You were calm & no harshness about you. Thanks for the memories 🙂


  16. if anyone really cares, if you know anything say something about it….love u brother! in that neighboorhood everyone knows everyone so im pretty sure someone knows the truth

  17. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
    Very sad news 🙁

  18. What an incredibly senseless, brutal, murder. Ivan was a good friend, a one of a kind, and an occasional pain in the ass, but he certainly never deserved to be the victim of a cowardly, subhuman psychopath. We loved him, and already miss him. And that son of a bitch will get his.
    R.I.P. my brother.
    John & An

  19. This is what has been said. Chucky from big top shot him. May he or whoever’s responsible for this tragic event BURN IN HELL!!! We will miss u dearly. I still can’t & don’t want to believe this.. My condolences to his family, I’m truly sorry. RIP Ivan

  20. May your soul RIP Ivan! U will be missed by many. It’s terrible when a person’s life becomes shorten by a foolish act. This was not your way out, but you are in a better place now. One more star has appeared on the sky and we will always smile when remembering you!!! My prayers go out to the family!

  21. R.I.P Ivan, you were a good friend. Now nothing can hurt you

  22. The deceased was Ivan Pedroza, 33, Los Angeles. There was a bit of a delay positively identifying Mr. Pedroza, and then ensuring proper notification (through official channels) was made. The investigation is ongoing, with good leads in hand.

    (213) 484-3400

  23. No disrespect or heart ache toward the family but all I hear is he was my friend & so on ..well than why did you not get him off the streets and put him in treatment,open up your home for Ivan or walk em up the street to Dream center and get him help for his Disease.. I heard this kid grew up in my neighborhood when we where young and alot of younger homies grew up with him I don’t know about this new generation but my generation helps out and does what we have to too get our friends off the streets and from living in the belly of the beast. I am just saying though .May this young mans life not be taken in vein and allow us to open our hearts and reach out to those we call friends or claim are our friends and help each other regardless of a disease as baffling as addiction to NOT turn a blind eye and Reach out to those who need treatment…

    • People did try to help but he was not ready and now it’s too late,

      • I have a relative with a drug addiction. Family and friends can only do so much, you don’t know whether the people who loved him tried to help or not. Some people just don’t want to or find it difficult to change, even after re-hab, half way homes, church, family arguments, interventions, clinics, long talks, aggressive behavior, reconciliations, etc. You try to be there for them as much as you can but in the end it’s their choice.

    • You can’t force someone to get help for drug addiction – or anything else, for that matter. It just doesn’t work. The person has to be ready, and unfortunately, they may have to hit rock bottom first, or maybe they just reach a certain age where they’re tired of the exhausting lifestyle they’re leading. And opening up your home to someone who is in the throes of addiction is just foolhardy, and ultimately, it does more harm than good, because when the addict takes advantage of you, most likely you’ll grow bitter and stop helping people altogether. You simply can’t blame the man’s family members or friends. It’s unfair and it’s not their fault.

    • Like the saying goes….. You can lead the horse to water, you can’t force it to drink the water. One can only do so much!!

  24. You will be missed. You wme,ere always decent to me!

  25. ivan, thank you for always helping me around my apart. and bldg. 4 people including the manager of my bldg have nothing but praise for ivan . as im typing this i get the feeling ivan and celso are already hanging around each other. i miss you my brutha !!!

  26. Now all I want to hear is that the basterd that did that to IVAN is in custody and hopefully the animal gets LIfe in solitary or with people that knew IVAN in the pin so the dog gets what he deserves!!!! RIP IVAN damn any were IVAN saw me he would ask “hey mijo are you ok u need a few dollars or are u hungry or thirsty” those good memory’s are allways going to be in my head.

    • true that he would always ask me if i was hungry if i wanted something to eat or if i needed money.He was always looking out for everybody thats just the kind of guy he was

  27. Johnny, Andy, Katherine, Ray

    What a shame…. Ivan was truly “one of a kind”. If you needed help with anything he wouldn’t hesitate to do whatever he possibly could to help you. I challenge anyone to find me someone more generous than Ivan. He might not have had much but he’d give you the shirt off his back if you were cold, find a way to feed you if you were hungary, and listen if you needed someone to talk to. He was a survivor and made the best of a bad situation and I personally never heard him complain or whine. I believe he genuinely cared about people and it’s a shame that he may not have fully understood while he was with us just how many people he managed to touch or even how much he will be missed. To the COWARD/S responsible for taking Ivan’s life…..you are a spineless degenerate selfish little sissy to do what you did. My guess is you know NOTHING about pride, loyalty or respect. You absolutely are a worthless waste of space and I WILL soon be overjoyed when I hear that you are in custody because you were too stupid to find a way out of the mess you so carelessly made.

  28. Daniel Montes from TEXAS

    To my primo Ivan there was not one day I forgot about you you’re family no matter what. we had good times growing up I will always remember you playing basketball may you rest in peace love your LIL primo Danny

  29. He did not deserve this. He was always hustling trying to find a way to make a buck

  30. I remember when were kids Ivan, always included the kids who were not as athletic on his team. He gave them such a boost of self esteem. I Always got picked close to last and he always picked me, he was my pal. Prayers to the family.

    • yes marvin mayberry years were the best years of my life once we graduated from elementry we went our seprate ways… i remember when he would come to my house on the weekends and his mom had to walk to my house with his sister vanes to pick him up because he loved my grandmother like his own..

  31. R.s.p Ivan I will miss you. You were a good guy .

  32. @ Manny ur rite about my brother every time he would see me he would say mija u need some money u hungry how’s mom doing? Know to think I will Neva hear those words again

    • My candle has been lit in his name I’m sorry for your lose remember at the end of the day you will always have your awesome memories of your brother,they will never be taken from you

    • He would always offersome help. Eaven if he had nothing! Just his smile and willingness do something! I wish I could have appreciated him more !

  33. RIP Ivan

    Please help his oldest boys fly here to say good bye.

    PayPal “send money” vortega78@gmail

  34. I’m still in shock! We played basketball @ King Back in 92 after school. RIP Homie! U will be missed!

  35. R.I.P Ivan You will always be remembered…….I never would have thought this could happen to someone i would see pretty much on a daily basis! I will miss you. Your Friend Louie

  36. This is so painful. Reading all the comments breaks my heart. Ivan was a good, loving person full of potential. This should have never happened to him. NEVER!! I hope the leads catch the degenerate coward that had no regard for his life. My condolences to his family. I will miss you Ivan. The memories I have of you will be cherished querido. May you rest in peace. So truly saddened.

  37. hows your mom doing

  38. It’s soooo true, change is within. I have a cousin that changed her life around & it wasn’t until she was ready; it happened. It’s unfortunate that so many good people are held by the balls by the devil! May god put his loving & forgiving hands over every & any person battling addictions. I never knew Ivan but I have suffered the loss of friends & loved ones. God be with you’re family & children.

  39. I used to know chucky @marshall. If it is him then he hasn’t changed from the cobarde that he was back then. I hope they do arrest hom for life. I also used to play bball with Ivan. I think even back at king. R.i.p G. He was a nice guy when he didn’t have to be.

  40. Lt.Wes is there a way you can post this cowards picture that shot Ivan. Im sure many people that live in the area would like to help you catch this coward. It would help greatly in the capture of this scum! Im sure many of the people that loved ivan will collaborate in this process. Thanks!

  41. Brett,Johnny and George

    What is there to say? Its like a piece of the puzzle is missing. Ivan was a survivor. You just always knew he would turn up somewhere, in a day or two. Silly, funny, aggravating, insane, but beautiful none the less. And for what? A girl? You know who you are. Instant Karma is gonna get you.
    Peace, Ivan, finally…….

  42. Brett,Johnny and George

    instant karmas gonna get you. peace ivan,

  43. R.I.P. Ivan, I remember you from J.M.H.S. always looking sharp. So sorry you had to go out like this. Too bad you got lost in the drug game, you had such a great heart. My thoughts and prayers go out to your Familia.
    To anyone hooked on drugs/alcohol/meds please STOP!!!!! This could be you.

  44. I hope they capture the person who did this to our friend! I have not stopped thinking about him since I heard of his murder and will always remember all the good things he did, no matter what! I feel like I’ve lost one of my own sons! My tears are for all the lost boys out there! Call your Mom, Dad, sister, brother, children, tell them you love them and that you are okay! I would die if I had to hear of a tragedy such as this! If Ivan’s death is hurting me, I don’t know how I would survive anything like this happening to any of the other people I love and care about! That goes for all of you and you know who you are! xoxoxoxo FOREVER IVAN!

  45. By the way, he would have turned 34 this month!

  46. R.I.P Ivan…

  47. It is sad to see people so caught up on his social status, but the fact remains the same he was a brother, a son, a father & more importantly a human being. No one deserves for their life to be taken for any reason, especially by the hands of a coward that hides behind a gun for protection. This is a very unfortunate event but I know Ivan is in a good place now, although he is gone in the physical, his soul lives on through the many people that he had blessed with his presence and charm. To anyone he’s ever hurt or let down, I apologize on his behalf, I know those were his last wishes. You can now Rest In Peace Ivan. You will be missed but never forgotten. We love you.

  48. It doesn’t matter that he hit hard times or that he refused help from friends and family, the FACT OF THE MATTER is that he was murdered. That bastard need to pay for his crimes. May he rest in peace!

  49. I was shocked as well!! i remember when we were @ jeff n joyce’s pad on hamilton with Flaco eating krunchy pancakes!!! i heard from Sarah B and well i will carry torch bi taking his son to baseball game with his half brothers and sisters!!! Hello 2 all mi familia in EP!!! hear @ lucys laundromart reading bout this and was just @ brazil thinking how we will never see him there again!! I love all y’all!!!

  50. First of all I want to thank The Eastsider for letting friends,
    Family,n others express themselves in this matter sad situation
    Another Son father brother friend homie human gone on a
    senseless act.I was lucky enough to see him on a daily basis
    Very respectful dude Ivan ur one of a kind may god bless ur soul
    Another big thanx to LAPD Lt.Wes keep up the great work new era
    Great cops..A big sorry to the family for their big loss I’m sorry
    We all loved him..May his killer rott in hell…like Ivan would say
    Keep ur head up…Barrister Fam…

  51. Walter Hernandez

    First and foremost, my deepest condolences to the family of Ivan Pedroza. I don’t reside in LA since 1998, but, I knew him since King and then onto Marshall. Good friend, good b-baller, but a great person overall. Such a trajedy, for all the Barrister family wherever we may be. This struck here in San Diego like a lightning strike. I hope I am able to see him one last time. Hopeall the King and Marshall class of 1997 can come and not mourne, but celebrate the 30+ yrs Ivan graced us with his presence. To all who knew him and or knew of him, hope to see you all for one last “see ya later Ivan”…
    “Good friends are like Angels, just cuz you don’t see them all the time, doesn’t mean they are not there”
    R.I.P- Ivan Pedroza

  52. Walter Hernandez

    Speaking of friends we know that are out there in the streets, Ricky Amaya, he may not be from our grad year, but he is still a Barrister. If anyone knows of his whereabouts. Please help out. If anyone has anymore info on the viewing and burial, I would greatly appreciate the info. Once again my deepest condolences to the entire Pedroza family and his children.

  53. how bout the time u had your bike Ivan and u coming down benton way and u ate shit from the top of the hill till almost sunset and youn had road rash all over your body i remember you couldnt even sit down cuz you had road rash on both of your butt cheecks man that shit was funny you couldnt sit down right for like a month but no matter what u would still crack a smile even though u were in pain good times homie i have good memories with u bro or even when you would show up to my pad and i would let you crash out at my pad but your ass would not let me sleep you where always trying to fix shit that was already broken LOL good memories u will be missed homie. R.I.P-IVAN- or how you would say mijo. or hey its tio IVAN

  54. You will be missed in MAYBERRY homie or atleast on scott ave and alexandro in my backyard with all the homies clowning and having fun so thanks for all the good memories u gave me


  56. R.I.P IVAN !! You will always be missed – A dope Ass B Baller and Kool ass Homie ! Mad Luv and Respect

  57. Happy times like when I told Ivan yo white men can’t jump he laughed
    N said screw u not in those words but he said I ain’t white foo I just look
    It..lol…A real friend n friends we were I hope he knos

  58. I hope he knows what real friends were trying to do to change his bad times the difference between friends n homies friends try for good not for bad..great guy gone but never forgotten….

  59. “Death is a great revealer of what is in a man, and in its solemn shadow appear the naked lineaments of the soul.”
    E. H. Chapin

  60. sad. my condolences to family and friends. i imagine it was hard to watch him in his addictions and then this. sad.

  61. I heard this news today. I can’t say I knew Ivan well – but I did meet him last year, and had the lovely pleasure of him breaking into my apartment after we had briefly met the night before. He came in through the front window and stole everything worth anything in my apartment. I was not home that night. I never filed a police report – was to freaked out at the time. I saw him a week later after the robbery, around my block for weeks. I have spent the past year hating this excuse for life… man. I would not be able to say it makes me glad when anyone, anything living at all, passes – but I could not say I am surprised by this news.

    • @Jason, you should have called the police.…..why didn’t you? mmmm……?

      • BECAUSE IT’S REALLY SOPHIE USING HER DEAD DOG’S NAME. VERY NOT CLEVER, GIRL….Or was it that you had meth psychosis so bad you couldn’t leave your bathtub long enough to dial the number? And then of course, it sure is difficult for a lying thief, to report that property allegedly stolen by “Ivan” was already reported stolen long before…. by you, Sophie…hummmmm…. you are a distasteful, spiteful psychopath. You are AS SCARY as the person or persons that murdered IVAN(Rest in Peace G), because everyday you are free, innocent people are susceptible to very unfair ends. It’s just terrible you are proliferating hatred and lies on this forum, where so many people he has touched came to share fond memories. Shame on you!
        Ivan – There is was and to this day, no one like you!~you were the mayor and the movie star of this hood!

  62. Ivan, my respects go to your family. Your friend, Speedy i will miss playing basketball with you and playing ball through out the La parks. You were a great player. You always play hard. You were a great friend and great father. The John Marshall Barrister family lost a great friend and a great athlete. May you rest in peace. You will always be with us.

  63. Ivan Meza Pedroza will be buried in a private ceremony next week. The public is invited to attend the viewing on Thursday, Aug. 9 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Funeraria Del Angel Bell Chapel at 4677 E. Gage Ave. Bell, CA 90201.
    Pedroza’s family also asks you contact them directly at IvanMVP21@gmail.com if you’d like to help with donations or other assistance.
    this is to all who knew him and would like to attend my cousins funeral

  64. Daniel Canizalez

    Tonight i pray & light a candle for a dear old friend. From our time in Junior High, i thank u for acknowledging me as your friend especially after my embarrassing school dance injury. When i came back, i member all the harsh taunts & clowning from breaking my leg while dancing. But as soon as u became my friend, your popularity helped 2boost my way through King Jr. High. Up until almost 6yrs ago, u saw me walking on Sunset & u yelled my name out of the back of a truck.., i felt again that same warmth when u remembered me as your old friend. 
    Now i join others whom knew U from back in the days & throughout your struggles in life. And even after i heard of your recent misfortunes & battles u were up against. I had no choice but 2 also have your back, not knowing how true it really was. But i put u up on that driver’s seat of that bitch & said, “No way, not Ivan.., never.” Instantly u touched hearts and no matter now in flesh that u are gone, your spirit will always live on! 
    R.I.P. Ivan Pedroza
    Your friend,

  65. @Jason, you should have called the police…..why didn’t you? mmmm……? @jefry, we will pray for your as it is obvious that you cannot respect a man or his family during this very difficult time.

  66. @jefry, we will pray for you as it is obvious that you cannot respect a man or his family during this very difficult time.

  67. Freakin amazing Ivan u got to dumbfucks talking shit after ur gone
    Wut pussy’s will do to act tough..lol.I hope ur soul comes back to
    Haunt them since jeff misses u already..

  68. Yo, man have respect for his family at least nobody needs to hear your negative thoughts toward someone who no longer can defend himselves. And yes karma is a mother fucker, so keep yours in check.


    I often forget just how inportant some people truly are part of what keeps me here, grounded. So its not okay that ivan is no longer with us. And more inportantly echo park. He is another landmark of los angeles… the guy had some fame out here…. he wasnt ALL BAD… SO GET THAT SHIP RIGHT!


  70. Wtf nobody wants to here what u think everyone new ivan good or bad but over all he was a good men!! At least have some sense of respect for the family. I apologize to the family, they lost someone important! And may Ivan rest in peace! Ohh and I hope karma bites u in the ass!

  71. Hey Aka jefry I think u want attention well that’s fine when I see u I will
    Give u a hug..just remember materials can b replaced a life can’t .Ur so
    Confrontational dude that’s wut we call a man wow someone who
    Waits till they r deceased to talk shit ur a big man jefry heath…

  72. Then don’t say nothing at all!


  74. Jeff, I couldn’t resist to give you just a bit more attention that you’ve been feeding off of. You are no different, I know, its a small world. When its your time the same will be said about you, if anyone even cares. Change your life, go to rehab, follow your own reflective judgement advice, before its too late. God forgive me for my amnomosity against people that put other people down. I love my cousin Ivan, and I will back him up always.

  75. i’ve visited his memorial on bellvue twice in two days because i’m trying to grasp the fact that he’s really gone,you dudes are pathetic,really.i cant wait to see what comments you post after you read this!how old are u boys anyway…?

  76. RIP Ivan. You had a community rep. 2 me u always had a smile and a hello asking ME bout my kids. Have respect people he has died to quote a man I respected ” CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG”….. DESCANZA EN PAZ IVAN

    • Thank you luiza,sometimes i get away from the real reason for this blog and thats to say goodbye…..GOODBYE AND GODSPEED IVAN, YOU’RE HOME NOW.

  77. Ivan R.I.P. ur song will forever b Imagine Dragons “It’s time”
    God bless ….

  78. You can’t sum a persons life up in one blog or from meeting him one time. On this page anybody can say what they want and thats freedom of speech. But what I know about ivan from being near him my whole lifetime truly make me sad to see these comments left by selfish and rude people. Ivan you will always be missed and dispite what people say, in MY HEART you were a good person and well always be the coolest guy I knew no matter what.

  79. And what is Rampart doing about finding “chucky”? it cant be that hard,. this hood is small and i read in this blog that someone went to school with this suspect!(rumored to have recently been released after doing FOUR YEARS (probley for shooting someone else).. And going by the moniker CHUCKY.????As in the murdering doll…Location, location, LOCATION! There’s no doubt that he is not far from the crime scene. It”s also been mentioned here and in around town that this was most likely over a female?? Come-on! The Poe-Poe have little notes on every tom, dick and harrett that walk these streets. So why haven’t we read an update that this coward has been brought into custody???? What gives?

    • my office is at Bellevue and Alvarado. the police have been out here every day talking to homeless people (in hopes that they can point someone out), people like me from the neighborhood, and looking for the killer. I think they are actually putting in a fair amount of work. They could have just blown this one off and called it a day. The officers I spoke with wanted to find the killer to provide closure for the victims family and they also want to take a dangerous individual off the street.

  80. hate to see this happen his son was a good friend of mine & i will keep friends & family in my prayers

  81. How sad it is knowing we r putting a life to rest a life that was taken .Ivan was n will
    Always b a barrister for life.A time for all barristers to come together over a senseless tragedy whether it was for a girl or money no one should take a persons life .We have some barrister family who were mostlikely to succeed n some that were told they would amount to nothing unfortunately It’s reversed but that doesn’t mean we as a family can’t help each other out It’s time to show support of each other lend a hand have a heart for one another.Those who met him outside of school thank u for ur support n the love u let’s get thru these hard times n if anyone knows the where abouts of the murder suspect let authorities know ..he’s running n hiding for a reason let’s hope LAPD gets his butt in custody..R.I.P. Ivan
    Much love barrister fam…condolences to fam n friends..

  82. Tired and fed up

    Just reading the blogs… I never met Ivan or live any where near the area sounds like he was a wonderful person and well liked. Drugs change a person they are not the person we really know the haters know the person he wasn’t. I’m sure the Ivan everyone knew wanted to come out of that body and mind that was controlling him but he just didn’t know how… He’s out now and in a better place with God….. My condolences to the family and friends…

  83. Ivan, may you rest in peace now! I always remember the heroic side of you. When a bus driver got off the bus and forgot to put on the breaks and the bus started rolling down Glendale blvd. And you somehow just ran as fast as you could in front of the bus knowing it was rolling then you ran on the drivers side window held on the mirror as the bus was rolling and stuck your hand in and somehow managed to put the bus in park… And all the bus driver could say was I put the brakes and the passengers were so grateful you were there to to do something. You were the best and that’s one of the many wonderful things you did and how many funny moments we had when we hung out. R.I.P IVAN.. Will miss seeing you around!

  84. Just a follow up on yesterday’s viewing, it was such an amazing turn out for Ivan. As all who showed up to support the family, Ivan made an impact in our lives in one way, shape or form. Positive, negative, or as just something to say about him, it doesn’t change the situation. Let’s all stay positive and support the family who needs all the love right now, especially the mother. As I heard her speech last nite, it put my life into a whole new place, it was as if my own mom was talking to me thru her. We all take life for granted and fall into complacency in our everyday rituals and routines. After last nite, I can only say that life as a whole should be glorified. My barrister famz, it was such a pleasure to see all the familiar faces that I had not seen in over a decade. Unfortunate circumstances the resaon why, but I assure you that Ivans life will always and forever be in our hearts. My deepest condolences to the family and kids of Ivan. I will leave yall with this to ponder on…

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT…to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you right, forgive the ones who don’t and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said it’d be easy, they just said… IT WOULD BE WORTH IT!!!


  85. W..Hernandez sir very well said thanx for ur heart warming comments
    Barrister love…

  86. ★THE LEGEND★


  87. Any update on the suspect..Too bad its LAPD jurisdiction L.A. County
    Sheriffs would have already apprehended the suspect by now but who
    Knows right gotta keep faith n believe in LAPD n hope they do wut they do
    N nab the suspect..*WorldPeace*

  88. My condolences to Ivan and his family. I knew Ivan when we were kids/teenagers. He meant so much to me as he was my very first crush. I hold his memory in my heart with purity and innocence. We reconnected again in our early 20’s and whoa how life changes! Unfortunately, this is not the way I wanted to hear about Ivan again. It is sad to hear about this news. I attended funeral and send Ivan legions of angels. To his family mucho amor y angeles.

    to his “Prima”:

    I was really touched by what you said during the service before the burial. I would like to connect with you. I felt your energy and felt your pain. Your words were so moving and touching. God Bless**

    Ivan, I wrote to you after I found out about your death. I can feel you around and was wondering why I had so many butterflies around me that week. <3

  89. I just visit the site where you left us and it is disturbing to know that someone so evil could do this to you but there is faith in God that justice will be served. RIP and Happy Bitthday primo.

  90. Sad to know u would have turn 34 today my friend I hope ur in peace,
    It hurts so deep to know this creep is still on the loose while we mourn
    U still n forever my friend.Ur handsome face ur great big smile I thank god
    N ur parents as well for bringing u into this world for us to meet n share some
    Good n fun memories we miss u friend n forever we will, because we will never
    Forget about u my friend..Happy Birthday Ivan…we luv u forever.

  91. It’s always tough to hear that someone you admired and had so much respect for is gone. My prayers go out to his family. My fondest memories of ivan are from when i was a kid and ivan teaching me how to play ball and always encouraging me to get better i still remember him saying i got lil davie on my team. I’d like to think that theres a lil of ivan in me cause i learned so much from him. You will be missed much love….Rest in peace after all you have done for so many people while we had you with us god only knows you deserve to rest in peace for all the love you showed everyone else. Thanks for all the memories they will for always remain in my heart…

    Lil davie… mayberry,king,marshall….

    • Awwwww……nice try “Clucky” (0r whatever your name is). How does it feel knowing that you NEVER quite measured up to your Big Brother, who actually succeeded at ending the game? But, even though you fell short….AGAIN….at least you’ll know that failure ain’t so bad…..is it? You’re probably used to it by now…..aren’t ya? Anyway, look at the bright side….YOU’LL HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH OF A LOSER AND FAILURE YOU REALLY ARE AND WILL EVER BE!! If there can be any bright spot in this tragedy for Ivan’s family and friends….it’ll be that you are going to be held accountable for what you did to Ivan. Hopefully, this can bring at least some sort of closure to help in the healing process for everybody who misses IVAN, especially his family. I would like to remind everybody to please say a prayer for Mr. & Mrs. Pedroza asking God for the strength to help this family survive the loss of their child. Good job to law enforcement for their efforts in apprehending and keeping alive this dirtbag so that he can face justice and be held accountable for what he ( and any other MALE and FEMALE who may have played ANY part in this crime) has done. BUT we’ll start with “Clucky” having his day in court!

  92. Yay!!! They caught you! May you finally rest in peace Ivan and your family have closure.

  93. Does anyone know in which cemetary he is resting…

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