Glassell Park pool might get a drain delay

Fans of the municipal swimming pool in Glassell Park have not been happy since learning that the formerly year-around pool would close for the season and be drained in the middle of August,  prompting many swimmers to start online campaigns to keep the pool open.  It looks like those efforts have worked. Last week, Councilman Eric Garcetti proposed transferring $10,000 in city funds to help keep the pool on Verdugo Road open beyond the Aug. 12 closure date announced earlier by the Recreation and Parks Department as a budget-cutting measure.

How much extra time will $10,000 for the Glassell Park pool? That’s not clear, said Alejandra Marroquin, Garcetti’s Deputy District Director, in a post on NELAList. “The Department of Recreation and Parks  has not yet determined how many additional days the $10,000 would fund, but our goal is to keep it open at least through the summer months,” she said.

The City Council is scheduled to vote on the matter on Tuesday.


  1. our community pool at Glassell Park is an important community asset that should not be swept aside by budget cuts. hundreds of children and their parents use this pool all year round, and especially in the hot summer months. please let me know of any community actions to support keeping the pool open

    • Hi Eastsider (and hi Don)!

      This is fantastic news that the pool may stay open a little later! I very much hope it does retain its year round status. My husband and I bought a home in Cypress Park in 2010 mainly for the mere fact that it is so close to (what we thought would forever be) a year round outdoor pool.

      My sanity depends on being able to swim outdoors any time of the year, withOUT having to sit in my car for a long time in order to do so. Glassell Park Pool is where I spend every weekend, and every day off, so if it were to close as planned- I think I might lose it.

      I have been forwarding petitions to everyone I know (much to their annoyance) and I am so happy to see that maybe our voices were heard after all. If any of y’all have not been able to find a petition, but are itching to sign one, here are two links:


      and this one:


      The first one requires you to log in through Facebook, and I understand that most people do not like this, but please do sign the second one (and forward it to everyone you know!!).

      S.O.S! (Save Our Swimming!)

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