Glassell Park’s fast-food crossroads renamed Fletcher Square

Glassell Park residents and community leaders gathered last week to dedicate the installation of Fletcher Square signs over the intersection of  Fletcher Drive and San Fernando Road.  It’s kind of difficult to spot the pair of tan and brown Fletcher Square signs at the often traffic-choked corner surrounded by fast food restaurants. But the idea behind the signs is to build a sense of identity and generate neighborhood pride in Fletcher Square, a relatively new name used by some to describe the nearby blocks. Bradley, chairman of the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council, refers to the area as FSQ. In fact, the nearby Drew-Estara Neighborhood Watch has been renamed the FSQ Neighborhood Watch, he said.

About 250 people attended the Fletcher Square  dedication during a ceremony catered in part by some of the surrounding fast-foot restaurants.  Bradley (he goes by one name) also said Council District 13 is looking at potential ways to improve traffic at the intersection.


  1. There is no square at that intersection. Baffling.

  2. Bradley goes by one name? Classic!

  3. perfume on a pig comes to mind.

  4. Pretty soon we’ll begin to see new tagging in the area: FSQ 13 (for City Council District 13). FSQ gangsters could wear hats with the El Pollo Loco logo on it.

  5. The signs naming a portion of Glassell Park as Verdugo Village seem to have little impact. It would be great if these plaques were accompanied by revitalization efforts: perhaps bringing back historic elements of the area by improving facades of neglected buildings; planting street trees, repairing or widening sidewalks and installing street furniture like benches. If Verdugo Village actually looked and felt like a village (calm, pedestrian oriented, with proud neighbors that enjoy going on walks through their adjacent commercial corridor) that’d be great! and if Fletcher Square had a nice pedestrian plaza or square that hosts farmer’s markets that’d be splendid!

  6. silverlakebodhisattva

    I’m unclear as to what the “official designation” is supposed to accomplish, without at least SOME existing sense of identity, or serious investment in revitalization. The adjoining large empty buildings (including the old K-Mart) surely doesn’t help.

    Even with the twice-weekly farmers’ market, and the “plaza-fication” at Griffith Park and Sunset, that intersection, which actually HAS a planted “square” (although it’s a triangle) still feels mostly like a tarted-up intersection, not a “square”.

    Difficult to imagine how anyone thinks “FSQ”, which has much heavier, and faster ,vehicular traffic, and much less foot traffic from adjoining residential property, will become more “neighborhood-like” just ’cause they added a sign.

  7. I thought the Kmart parking lot was the square? It would be a great spot for a farmer’s market.

  8. It’s an ugly intersection at best, McDonald’s recently remodeled their restaurant and it looks like a frigging box, uninviting etc.
    If you Google “Bradley GPNC” you will find out all sorts of wonderful things.
    The term Fletcher square is not “relatively new” it’s been used by Garcetti’s team for years, at least since they kept Home Depot out of the Kmart site using zoning so that the building could not be modified etc.
    So, you have Denny’s…..Polo Loco……Shin’s Produce…….Standard Oil…….Burger King and that horrible mess of a mini mall……McDonald’s…..and to cap it all off a “Sex Shop”………..sounds like a winner to me.

  9. Dave on Cazador Ridge

    This is such a complete waste of the city’s time and money – shameless election pandering by Garcetti. We have to fight and scrape to keep the Glassell Park Pool open, but we decide to collaborate with Bradley (of all crazy characters to choose) and spend cash and attention on signs renaming an intersection? Garcetti lost my vote right there.

  10. To celebrate, how’s about we petition to install left turn signals in all four directions – not just two! – like should have happened in the first place instead of designating that crowded mess of an intersection a “square” to add a sense of ” community” and “pride”. I’d feel much better about the whole thing if I could just make a left turn through the intersection without having to wait for six cycles of red lights. The traffic backups there, compounded by the ramps for the 2 fwy, are absolutely maddening and could easily be solved by a civil engineer with half a brain and a local representative more interested in the acutal community than “pride” in their pretty little hard to see signs that further tied up traffic to install.

  11. I totally agree with “Dave on Cazador Ridge” about Bratley and also like “Myric’s” idea about left turn arrows being needed. But have you also noticed that people don’t get their cars out into the intersection, at the very least, 3 normal cars could/should make it through from either left lane from San Fernando onto Fletcher, but people hang back in the crosswalk with their cars and only at the last minute do they go…..poor drivers and horrible signals make for a bad experience!

  12. Who owns that Kmart? Can’t they force them to do something with it? Talk about a blight. Why dont they make it into a big park, seems like that would make everybody happy. -mark-

  13. Let’s not forget the Bible thumper with the megaphone on Sunday. It so calming having someone scream at you in Spanish while you sit through six cycles of red light waiting to turn left on Fletcher. I jump on the 2 to the 5 North to avoid the intersection from Hell. Glad this fine example of Civil Engineering failure has an official name now.

    • This intersection needs a left turn arrow far more than a name. I have never understood how someone in planning could have decided that Fletcher onto San Fernando needed a left turn light instead of the other way around. My only guess is that when they installed the lights someone put them in backwards and then just never bothered to fix it. I have never seen any sort of traffic backing up on the Fletcher side the way it does on San Fernando.

  14. Bradley = Nutjob
    Garcetti = Out Touch
    Fletcher Square = Cholesterol Alley
    Kmart = Blight
    Fletcher/SF Intersection = Nightmare

  15. Meh. I would prefer that the city spend this money repairing the many potholes in the neighborhood.

  16. What this area really needs is the same thing they did to Paramount Blvd. North of the 91 Freeway. That place was once a real hell hole and now it looks like something out of Disneyland. The initial investment I’m sure has been paid back many times over through sales tax revenue. The shopping centers lining Paramount Blvd. have very few vacancies, and unlike here, they have actual name brand stores filling them. The only name brands here are the gas stations and fast food,we don’t even have a 99 cent only store, we get a “Shim’s”. Bleah!

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