One man injured in Highland Park shooting

A man was shot twice in the stomach this afternoon in the most recent in a string of Highland Park shootings.  The 21-year-old victim, who was apparently standing outside of his home near Meridian and Branch streets when he was shot, survived the assault and was taken to a hospital for treatment, said Sgt. Alaniz with the Northeast Division.  The shooting, which took place shortly before 5 p.m. is believed to be a gang-related, Alaniz said. Patch reports police were looking for a suspect near York Boulevard and Toledo Street.

Last Thursday, a teenage girl was shot near the Highland Park Recreation Center only an hour after another shooting was reported a few blocks away.  On early Sunday morning, a motorist came under fire as he was driving on Monte Vista Avenue Avenue 57. It was one of several shootings that have taken place this summer on or near Monte Vista, an area claimed by the Highland Park, Dogtown,  Avenues and other rival gangs, according to Northeast police.


  1. What the hell is going on lately we’ve been living here 10 years now and have never had anything like this happen especially so frequently . It seems to me we need to all get involved and let our voices be heard. We need to alert the police to any unusual activities and report what we need and want. I may sound naive to some but letting these plague on society know how we wont put up with this can go a long way. We need to raise up and retake the momentum. I know there will be those out there who will speak negatively to the area and say it’s enviable but I reject that notion. I grew up back east in a crime full city and area and the impact that us law biding citizens had on returning the street to us was fulfilling and rewarding, We need more involvement by the police and fellow citizens to put a stop to this nonsense.

  2. All are invited to meet our HP Senior Lead Officer this Thursday, July 26th at 6:00.
    Please come out and support our officers and let them know we are upset about the shottings in our neighborhood. We are all hard working folks and we all HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE IN A SAFE ENVIRONMENT. An involved community is a safer community. I have lived in HP for many years and have seen how effective community involvement is. GET INVOLVED. Get to know your SLO. Here’s the information:
    Hope to see some other HP folks there!

    • You can talk to the senior lead officer and you can give them your laundry list of complaints but the unfortunate reality is that the police are truly doing all they can. They cannot predict shootings and they can’t catch any suspects with nothing to go on. Everyone keeps their mouth shut for fear of gang retribution, leaving the police with nothing to investigate with. I recently bought a home in Highland Park, believing gang crime was on the decline. Now I am seriously contemplating if I have just made a huge mistake that’s going to ruin me financially for life. Ts getting worse every week and there’s no end in sight. I could try selling the house but who the hell wants to buy a house where you might get murdered for no reason while you’re mowing your lawn?

  3. NE LAPD Facebook has great resources to educate yourself, like this summary of gang logos for residents to be aware of. You can contact the NE police through FB and Twitter as well. Just a PSA from a HP resident for those not “in the know”.

  4. Getting tired of seeing the same headline…

  5. The consensus from many conversations I’ve had over many years with community residents is that sleazy landlords of Highland Park properties have not been held accountable for many of these problems. They are largely the blame for these dreadful incidents. Their properties are poorly maintained and tenents are are not properly screened. All they want is a rent check! Neighborhood Council, take note.


  6. Good news –

    Northeast Area LAPD ‏-
    #BREAKING. LAPD Northeast SPU officers just arrested Highland Park gang member for yesterday’s shooting at 5900 York.

    I’m relatively new to the neighborhood too and truly love the diversity, restaurants (both old and new), and people. The neighborhood has so much to offer and I feel lucky that I was able to afford a nice home there. Seeing a spike in violent crime the past month is of course not ideal, but it just means everyone needs to pitch in even more, and continue to build a sense of community.

  7. Alvarado Sunset

    Those 400k homes just got devalued again to 350k!

  8. We were looking in this area, and I remember this is where a lot of the flips are going on. There are also listings currently right around there that look like they will be flips as well. I wonder what type of effect this news will have on investors and others coming into the area. I really like driving around and seeing the craftsman houses updated.

    Not sure about the comment above about its the landlords problem though. They have investment property that needs to be rented. I doubt people want to be housing criminals or people who want to commit crime, but how do you screen people based on future acts? Kind of like saying people can’t turn their lives around in one screening process.

  9. Tired and fed up

    I agree about the landlords not taking care of their properties. Landlords should inspect their property and maintain them. Rent month to month with rules if the tenants cannot comply than out you go. It sucks when we have our yards kept up then you have the sleezy dirty neighbors that do not work. blasting their music all day and all night since they don’t have to work, So what! if you don’t own the property for heaven sakes you live there keep your place where you live CLEAN!!!!! Have some pride or shame. As for the gangsters that don’t pay taxes yet they claim and kill over the neightborhood that does not belong to them but to the city and US tax payers. Grow up already get a real job open your eyes use your heads stop supporting those guys doing life. You’re only supporting their families so that they can have the nice homes nice cars put their kids through college you suckers what do you get? You are all nothing but a bunch of cowards that get told what to do by a bunch of loosers that will never get out really guys???? Come on grow up. And what do you get? Just time in jail and oust by society.

    • I agree that landlords need to be vigilant, but if you think they can just evict a tenant because they don’t comply with the rules. Under rent control, it’s virtually impossible to evict tenants unless they seriously breach the contract – and you can prove it in court – or if they don’t pay the rent. Month-to-month leases don’t mean anything under rent control; once the tenant is in, it’s very difficult to evict.

  10. Tired and fed up

    You are absolutley right! But we can wish it was that way, I guess we can’t win. But as far as the landlords go they really should get involved more.

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