Teenage girl injured in a pair of Highland Park afternoon shootings

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A teenage girl was shot near the Highland Park Recreation Center this afternoon  in the second of two Highland Park shootings that took place less than an hour apart. Patch reports that two suspects opened fired at the victim and another teenage female as they sat near the recreation center, located near Avenue 61 and Piedmont Avenue, at about 4:40 p.m. Only one of the females was injured.

It’s not clear if the shooting near the recreation center was related to an earlier shooting that took place in the 700 block of Aldama near Franklin High School, according to the Northeast Division Twitter feed.


  1. That is so scary What the heck is going on?!

  2. There is so much apathy in these neighborhoods. Yesterday, I saw a guy drinking a giant beer at a York Blvd. bus stop – smack in the middle of the day – 4 blocks from the police station. This would definitely not be tolerated in Santa Monica.

    Now that we are seeing such an increase in violence, I am definitely going to put the police department on speed dial.

    • So what– let a guy enjoy a brew waiting for the bus. People getting shot is awful but a dude sipping a cold one is no big deal. I’m glad the cops didn’t pinch him over some harmless bullshit.

      Plus he was responsibly using public transportation instead of driving buzzed.

      • I’m with delicioustacos. Having seem that exact behavior and much worse “tolerated” in Santa Monica, it amazes me how readily the hallowed westside gets trotted out in comparison to other parts of the city.

        • Forget Santa Monica…I don’t live in Santa Monica and I don’t care what they do. And if you don’t live in Highland Park, I don’t care about your opinion either. I live in Highland Park and I am not okay with people shooting each other in my neighborhood…especially on a weekly basis even if it is “so much better than the 80’s and 90’s”. If you lived in Highland Park in the 80’s and 90’s with all that violence, you are a loser and if you were too young to make the decision, than you parents were losers.

          Small crimes and illegal activity if unchecked have the ability to lead to larger crimes. And when people see stuff like public drinking going unreported because of an apathetic neighborhood, it sends a message that you can get away with a lot in this neighborhood and everyone will just leave you alone. For the few that don’t have the ability to control themselves, this leads to crime. Obviously, use your brain before you tell me that “you drank in public and don’t shoot people” because I am not talking about you. I’m talking about the lowest of the low in society…people that are so selfish and self-serving that they can only do the right thing if they are forced to do so. Those few will ruin it for all of us if we remain apathetic about illegal activity in this neighborhood.

          • We’re not saying we’re OK with people shooting each other, obviously. But while public drinking may technically be a crime, it’s not morally wrong. It shouldn’t be a crime. And therefore people shouldn’t be arrested for it. Public drunkenness that manifests itself in lewd or harmful action, sure. Just quaffing a nice adult beverage on a hot day, there’s no harm in it.

          • You make a good point, as we were living in Downtown LA last year. It was amazing what was going on in the middle of the day in the gentrification areas near Art Walk. People just whipping it out and peeing in the middle of the street while waiting for the bus. Even though I also agree that drinking in public should be okay, people breaking the little laws like this is what ends up ruining it for everybody else.

            What’s going on in these areas is why we stopped looking to put offers on houses in the 90042. Maybe most who know the area are right and thinking that Highland Park will gentrify is a pipe dream that’s been going on for the last 40+ years.

    • “Santa Monica police appealed to the public Tuesday for information about the apparent stabbing of a homeless man who was sleeping on a bus bench blocks from the Third Street Promenade.”

      “A crowd of friends, relatives, and former Laguna Beach High School classmates gathered Friday morning at St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Laguna Beach for the funeral services of South Laguna resident Jensen Gray, 27, who was fatally stabbed last week at a party in Santa Monica.”

      “A 44-year-old Thousand Oaks woman was charged Monday in the murder of 21-year-old actress Juliana Redding, who was found dead in her Santa Monica apartment on March 16, 2008, according to a statement from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.”


      • Well, “YOU GUESS” wrong. Was one of those murders from 2008? How is that relevant to the weekly shootings in Highland Park? And second, what difference does it make? Does the fact that there have been murders in Santa Monica some how make it acceptable that there are weekly shootings in Highland Park? Did you know that Santa Monica has 35% more people living in 30% less space when compared to Highland Park and the city entertains almost 7 million tourists a year? Do you think these numbers were achieved because Santa Monica and Highland Park are the same? Come on…use your brain before posting ridiculous stuff like that.

        • So move to Santa Monica already seriously !…..oh wait , you can’t afford it so you live in Highland Park .. I get it .

      • Santa Monica: 15 homicides since Jan. 1, 2007; population 84,084 (2000 census)

        Highland Park (90042): 27 homicides since Jan. 1, 2007; pop. 57,566

        Just for the sake of comparison, check out these figures:
        Los Angeles 90044: 243 homicides since Jan. 1, 2007.
        Los Angeles 90011: 192 homicides since Jan. 1, 2007.
        La Crescenta/Montrose (91214): 1 homicide since Jan. 1, 2007.

        (My) Conclusion: Highland Park is more dangerous than Santa Monica but not nearly as dangerous as parts of South Los Angeles (no kidding), and aside from the occasional foraging, Twittering bear, La Crescenta is a very safe, peaceful place to live. 🙂

  3. Oh, hello, Sunny. You’re back! I missed you and your fascinating dialect. It’s a hot summer night; shouldn’t you be “posted up” outside, “puttin’ it down” for your “clica?” Chale, homes, we want to read about you next on this pagina. (How was that, Sunny? Am I getting the hang of your dialect? Do you give lessons? I think I could use a tutor.)

  4. @vor- that’s a police museum on york
    @sunny- dang it’s that bad that Gangsters nicknames are down to “sunny” lol.
    Now claiming ave’s is so weak, the gang is nowhere in sight, just hiding and being the victims from other gangs In the area now. Then again what’s going on with 57 noodles going over to jalapeños.

  5. had 2 be a loser . how many losers like u say things like that i see 1 u”

  6. Pathetic how can someone shoot at 2 girls in the middle of the afternoon at a public park when summer night lights is happening there are dozens of kids all over that park around that time. Im sure this was gang related but dont gang members have rules anymore or are they all realy that heartless that they can open fire while kids are around

  7. How much more of this are we going to tolerate?
    At what point will people under stand that living on this planet is a real privilege and adopt a zero tolerance stance to this sort of thing in my book its on strike and your out this applies to gangster baby fake chump thugs as well as crook politicians and bankers any sort of crims need to not be drawing breath any more! Seriously there isn’t enough room on the boat any more!

  8. Sunny= fakebanger


  9. (f)art district

    Does living in Highland Park qualify you for a concealed weapon permit?

  10. BAD PARENTING!!!! BLAIM THE PARENTS! These kids parents are fucking losers!!!!

  11. Man, Sunny’s got some range on him! He’s like a Clica Consultant for all the Northeast Area neighborhoods – EP, HP, whatever. He must be awesome, since he’s allowed to move in and out of all the neighborhoods with impunity.

  12. Based on his slang (not many hipsters would know the term ‘lames’ or ‘rifando’, sunny is probably not a hipster………..probably not a banger either………..just someone who grew up in the neighborhood and is having what he thinks is fun……….wouldn’t be so fun though if it was your sister……would it sunny?
    He has a point though…….it’s Highland Park……….home of the Aves………..plus, HLP………..and for the past 10 years or so, a faction of Dogtown………….things like this are bound to happen sometimes………..sadly, it’s inevitable with the current state of affairs.

    • mimulos1,

      Well, I guess if the gangs decided it is their territory to shoot up and run a muck we should just all pack our bags and let them have it!

      This is not acceptable behavior. If you would like the area to improve and change into a safer place, it starts with your attitude towards it. Saying “oh well thats the behavior you ‘re going to get from gangs” is not going to insight change…

      • I didn’t say it was acceptable behavior…………I said “it’s inevitable with the current state of affairs”………..
        To change these affairs would require many things – mainly money – to institute youth programs, parent education, community activities etc……….
        I don’t foresee this funding arriving in the near future………..that would require the politicians in office to spend time away from the activities they partake in to help them reach their next political stepping stone…………..so, these types of things will continue…….it’s inevitable with the current state of affairs…………

    • Maybe he is a Hispanic hipster…

  13. If some people had lived here in the 80’s-90’s you would know the violence you see now compared to the past is night and day. That’s why you have real locals not too scared because we know what bad really is in Highland Park.

  14. Does anyone know anything else about the Aldama shooting? I heard what must have been the gunshots but I figured I must have been mistaken about what they were because I listened for voices, screaming, siren’s… nothing. There were a bunch of shots. At least 5, maybe more. I’m confused about how they could have shot into a crowd of people with no commotion? My house is just a few hundred feet away and all was quiet after. And no cops walking around after asking questions or looking for witnesses that I could see.

    There are a lot of kids who play outside on that street. Thank god it was so hot yesterday and the neighborhood was quieter than usual.

    • There was a shooting but it was not on aldama street it was on aldama terr. There’s was a handful of guys hanging out outside a house when 2 guys shot 7 times and then took off in a a newer Lincoln sedan gray/tan color. It was then seen racing down ave 52. Any1 with any more info should speak up. As one reader said if the police were to look into even the smallest crimes they probably wouldn’t lead to bigger crimes.

  15. Maybe these shootings have been planned to counter the gentrification?

    • How would shooting at female teenagers near a community recreation center counter this so called “gentrification”?

      • It made me stop looking at buying a house in the area. I am okay with gritty, but people getting shot in drive-bys is a bit too 80’s for me, especially when houses are costing over $320/sqft. This will drive prices right back down again.

  16. I was there, about 50yds away on the east end of the park near the library. Kids EVERYWHERE, 10ft away on the b-ball courts, 80 feet away on the playground, kids filing out of the public pool 50 ft away. You could see Mothers leaving in tears gripping their children so tight. As a resident I don’t exactly what I can do to better the situation. Are there any local organizations taking efforts to clean up the neigborhood I can take part in?

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