Vatos leading the plush life in a Highland Park grocery store

Photo by Katrina Alexy

A peek inside one of those crane vending machines at the Super A market  in Highland Park reveals the typical assortment of stuffed animals and toys. But, wait, what are those brown dolls in the back row ? Yes, those are  Vatos plush dolls from Homies that are ready for the picking. Said Katrina Alexy who took the above photo:

Only in Highland Park will you find a game where you can fish for a pink plush teddy bear or a plush vato. Yep, Super A on York has it all!

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  1. LOL. I would never have known that they were vatos. Would have guessed that they were karate guys. What’s up with the underwear tied around the one’s head?

  2. I would say that the word “vato” sounds ridiculous coming out of anyone’s mouth who isn’t Chicano. (I’m not Chicano – or Latino – and I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “vato” except when I was impersonating a gangster.) I think it’d be pretty cringeworthy to hear a new Highland Park resident say, “Look, honey, there are some of those stuffed vatos I read about!” 🙂

  3. I took the photo and the tag on the plush toy said “Vatos”, so I just wrote down what I saw and I have been living here for over 20 years. I am not hip, just poor and Super A has good prices:)

  4. (f)art district

    How cute…little stuffed homies for little babies and small children. Let’s keep the ghetto, ghetto! Next up, a line of Aryan brotherhood dolls sold at the grocery stores in Sunland…

  5. Tired and fed up

    LMAO, now I heard it all…….or seen it all. Why do people still glorify this life style there is nothing good about it. But those dolls are hilarious too, too funny.

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