Welcome to Eagle Rock! Has your car been stolen yet?

Photo by M. Hartman

M. Hartman and his family had been living in Eagle Rock less than two weeks when he parked his Honda in front of his new  home, locked the car doors and anti-theft lock and then went inside. Next morning, the car was gone, only to be found a day later after the vehicle (pictured above) was found upside down by the southbound 2 Freeway.  Here are the details Hartman provided via after he returned home late one evening:

Got home, parked IN FRONT OF MY FRONT ROOM WINDOW, on our very well lit street. Put my CLUB on ..locked it and went inside and went to sleep. That night I had decided to sleep on the couch as to not disturb my new-born and mommy in the bedroom. Wake up at 7am and the Honda was gone … fast forward 24hrs … CHP found it at 3am upside down just past the Verdugo exit on the 2 fwy.  As you can see from the photo below, who ever stole my car  drank a case of Budwisers (found in the wreckage) and totaled it. He /she was lucky to have survived.

Apparently Hartman’s Honda was one of the 14 vehicles stolen in Eagle Rock last month, according to Patch


  1. They just saw through the much thinner (hollow steel tube) steering wheel to defeat the Club.

    Steering wheels are designed to collapse in an accident, so very easy to saw through.

  2. I think late 90s model Hondas are the most stolen cars in the country. Still a sucky/terrible/surprising thing to happen.

  3. Was seriously considering a move to Echo Park, but am glad I stayed in Los Feliz. I first laughed at having to pay $25 a month for a secured carport behind my rental, but must say it’s money well spent. That ten year old Kia of mine is ripe for the picking!

    • Seriously? You were seriously considering a move to Echo Park? Wow, how brave of you.

      Want to hear the gory details of how my friend who lives in Los Feliz got robbed while she was in the house?

      Bad things happen to good people all over the city.

    • Lady Feliz, if you actually read the post it says this took place in Eagle Rock, not Echo Park.

  4. And to think I can’t afford to live in Eagle Rock either.

  5. I had my car stolen in Eagle Rock in the middle of the day, in front of the Bucket, a busy beer & burgers place. It turned up in the middle of the night across the street, on the sidewalk. Nothing had been stolen, just went for a joyride.

  6. Mine was just stolen last week on thurs after 10 min of moving it over from the street cleaning side at 6:45 in the morning. 1996 honda oh well they wont get far cuz it over heats…idiots

  7. Grand theft auto rates are just as bad in Highland Park. On the daily crime report there’s often 1 a day. What I haven’t heard is that NorthEast Division is focussing on the problem and I’m wondering why. What does it take to get them to install a bait car and get these thieves locked up?

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