A library in a box pops up on a Silver Lake street

Photos courtesy Amy Seidenwurm

For the Silver Lake residents who live along Lake View Avenue, the search for a new book  is now as simple as walking down the block to the newly installed Little Free Library. Don’t expect to go inside the Little Free Library, a turquoise-colored, wooden box mounted on a post at the base of a vacant hillside lot. Instead, just open the doors, take a peek and take what you need. The library in a box is one of the more than hundreds Litle Free Libraries that have popped up around the country since the first appeared in Wisconsin in 2009 with the idea of promoting a love of reading and a sense of community.

“It has a selection of books for kids and grown ups,” said Amy Seidenwurm, who, along with Russell Bates and Wesley Smith, built and installed the Lake View branch of the Little Free Library this past weekend. “Anyone is welcome to come get a book to read or drop one off that they’ve finished.”

The nearest other Little Free Library, according to the official map, are located in Los Feliz. Where will the next Little Library pop up next?


  1. Avon Street in Echo Park has been home to a Little Free Library all summer!


    Great idea! In fact, anything that encourages reading is a great idea! How to donate? I have dozens of up-to-date books (mostly paperbacks and some hardbacks) from best-selling authors as well as the occasional children’s book.


  3. Franklin Hills Resident

    There is one on the south side of Rowena, near the intersection with St. George.

  4. Wow! This is great news! We can save millions but closing all those other Libraries that have air conditioning, electricity and employees!

  5. We just put one up on Russell Ave. in Los Feliz. We’re on the littlefreelibrary.org map as LFL #1925. Stop by!

  6. Is porn cool?

  7. I live in Silverlake (actually used to live on this street) and sorry but this is really stupid. It’s a cute looking little birdhouse-like box, but can someone explain to me how this is better and instills more of a sense of community than the real library that is literally 2 blocks over the hill from this location? You know, that brand new eco-friendly building that just opened up two years ago that also offers free books? I guess maybe you don’t run the chance of seeing a poor person at this location? Fewer kids? Lack of an actual community center? Seriously. Other than patting yourself on the back for making something that belongs on Cute Overload what is the point of this? Who is going to be interacting and “building community” at this box unless they’re hanging out there all day? If however, the point is for this to appeal to small children who like things in mini form, then I take everything back.

    • James, I think that your glass-half-full comments are missing the point. I live close to the new library, and even though I read a lot, I don’t go to the library as often as I should….it still requires time, a car-ride, and sometime more motivation than I have. But, if there was a little library on my street, I would see it EVERY DAY, and would most likely grab a book (and/or leave a book) more frequently than if it wasn’t there. Also, the leaving of books is something that you don’t get at the big airconditioned version….a feeling that hopefully you will turn your neighbors onto something fresh that they maybe wouldn’t borrow from the big library perhaps? Anyway…my point is…why rain on the parade? I pretty sure these little libraries are GOOD things….and most likely not motivated by self-congratulating anti-community hermit-types, but just normal Silver Lake residents who liked the idea of getting books out in the open, out of the big air-conditioned box, and into the sight-lines of everyone who drives down their street.

  8. Also….as you live in Silver Lake, you should know that’s it’s not Silverlake.

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