Bear Goes The Neighborhood: Silver Lake is the setting for new gay web TV series

Image from Where The Bears Are/Vimeo

After serving as the backdrop for countless web shows about skinny hipsters, Silver Lake is now the setting for a web series about beefy bears–the large, hairy, gay type. “Where The Bears Are” is a playful adult comedy/mystery series that is described as a cross between “Golden Girls” and “Murder She Wrote” staring three gay male “bears,” gay slang for husky and often hairy guys. The show is set in Silver Lake, where two of the program’s creators, Ben Zook and Joe Dietl live, and it makes use of some neighborhood locales. “We set the series in Silver Lake because Ben and Joe have lived there for ten years and have fallen in love with the people and the community at large,” said Rick Copp, the third member of the creative team.

The program debuted Aug. 1 with the first of 24, five-minute shows. In the premiere,  a dead man is found in the bathtub of the home of three roommates after one of the men celebrates his 40th birthday.  It turns out the man in the bathtub was murdered, triggering an investigation, guest appearances by Jackie Beat and such lines as:

If word gets out that we have a dead guy in the house, there is nobody in town  going to come over here and have sex with us.  Not from Scruff, Growler, Craigslist.

“We shot all over the neighborhood,” said Copp. “We definitely wanted our opening credits to have the Sunset Junction sign in the background.  We were also welcomed at the Eagle LA and Akbar, and we did some extra scenes which will be featured on the DVD in a number of shops on Sunset. Everyone was so nice and just opened the doors for us and let us do our schtick. One of our goals with the show was to make Silver Lake itself is a major character in the series.”

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WhereThe Bears Are – Official Trailer from Where the Bears Are on Vimeo.


  1. wow. how interesting. not.

  2. Da bears !
    You know , i watched this little reel series , and although its really not my cup of tea , i really enjoyed it . I like learning about other peoples life styles
    and how diverse this world really is . Who am i to judge?
    These guys were funny and had some funny lines.
    If they ever need to cast a “fruit fly” , call me .
    Kudos to these guys for lettin’ it all hang out , and doing their thing .
    We all have that right .
    Bear or cub or cougar or whatever animal you identify with !

  3. Plain old gross!

  4. Great! As a fortysomething, Mexican gay male, I’m all about visibility.

  5. This is hilarious. I love it!!!

  6. gross. sick. perverted

  7. all those hipster dudes =bears.
    makes sense now.

  8. That’s probably the Silverlake Gang..lol only in Silverlake..

  9. The show is awesome. Very funny!

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