Beyond the Dodger Dog

Extreme Loaded Dogs/ Photo by Valentina Silva

By Valentina Silva

I was recently invited to a Dodgers food blogger event. It started with a tour of the Dodger offices, the press box, luxury suites, and members-only restaurants, plus a pre-game field walk on. We got to meet self-proclaimed right fielder foodie Andre Ethier, and there were  Nancy Bea and Fernando Valenzuela sightings to boot.

The whole experience came to a crescendo with an Extreme Loaded Dog tasting. If you don’t know, these are grilled Dodger Dogs “loaded” up with an “extreme” combination of components. Case in point: the Tailgate Dog (seen above), topped with beans, barbecue sauce, potato salad and cheese. Surprisingly, this potluck-in-a-bun works quite well and is easily the best of the bunch. In truth, there’s something to be said for many of these dogs—you just have to surrender your decency and commit.

Behold the Frito Pie Dog/Valentina Silva

If you’re ready to do that, then let me introduce you to the The Frito Pie Dog. It’s outrageous, but hey, my inner pig couldn’t deny a chili cheese dog covered in Fritos. By comparison, it was way more plausible than its sister, the Big Kid Dog, also sprinkled with chips but unsuccessful with its base of somewhat chalky mac and cheese.

A sophisticated palate might prefer The Heater, the most bourgeois of the bunch. This one is doused with a spicy buffalo wing sauce and cool coleslaw, but blue cheese gives it a touch of class. It made a lasting impression. I found myself remembering it fondly and kind of craving the flavor combo days later as I was detoxing from the experience.

Another spicy option—if you condone nacho cheese sauce—is the Doyer Dog. It’s the “Mexican” option and includes a handful of jalapenos and pico de gallo. It’s exactly what you’d expect, and I’m not sure I’d do it again, but it admittedly appealed to the grubbiest of my instincts.

Interestingly, the Extreme Loaded Dogs were chosen by Dodger Stadium staff. There was a tasting and a vote, with these five coming up ahead. An all-beef dog would have taken all these dogs up a notch, but nuance isn’t the goal here. They’re designed to be “extreme”, and they are.  You can get yours on the Loge level near third base … if you dare.


Valentina Silva writes about food and restaurants. You can also find Valentina’s reviews and stories on her blog, Eastside Food Bites.


  1. this should be an every day thing I would go just for the dogs!

  2. The new loaded dogs are a tasty addition to the dodger dog menu. If after you’ve tried them and you still insist on the orignial Dodger dog may I suggest buying it at camachos cantina (I think thats what they’re called). There you can get a nice mango salsa for your original dodger dog it’s a tasty addition a lot of folks don’t know about.

  3. Ironic that there is a “tailgate dog” when tailgating is prohibited at Dodger Stadium thanks to the thugs and hoodlums that attend the games and intimidate and ruin the experience for everyone else.

  4. Damn. I Want #hotdogheaven #echopark&sunsetcart?!

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