Council District 1 gets more money to wipe out graffiti-at least through the summer

A few weeks after Highland Park residents complained about the amount of time it takes to clean out tagging and graffiti, the City Council today approved a proposal by Councilman Ed Reyes that would provide more money for graffiti clean up in his district through the end of the summer.  The  $18,000 in additional funds, which were transferred from other city financial accounts,  do not seem like much but Reyes spokeswoman Monica Valencia said it will be enough to pay for three more clean-up crews to work four days a week for the next four weeks.   The additional crews will be deployed throughout Council District 1, which stretches from Highland Park and Lincoln Heights to Angeleno Heights and Westlake.


  1. I think the money would be better used by having undercover survellance crews and/or cameras to catch these taggers and arrest them. Better yet, more police in these areas where constant tagging takes place.

  2. JR, you’re right, but what good is arresting them when the sentence is 3 months in county jail? It’s a party!

    I heard that members of the paint-out crews are related to the taggers. Hey, Graffiti creates “jobs”!

  3. Cardenas, why don’t you go volunteer a few hours a week with the guys who paint out this area. I am sure you will have a different outlook on life afterwards.
    I can arrange this for you, just let me know you are interested.

  4. JR, that is a great idea. These criminals do not get jail time, they get community service where they have to paint over graffiti. Catching these guys is a better idea than keep painting everything over and over.

    And, $18,000 for only 4 weeks of work? So, after the 4 weeks everything goes back to status quo? Not a good plan.

  5. I think you people are missing the point. This is a realistic step in a positive direction. Obviously, I could probably list numerous “better” solutions that will never be implemented because they are simply unrealistic…London style camera system on hundreds of street corners in Highland Park, dedicated satallite coverage of highland park monitored by the NSA, increased police coverage, new laws allowing the police to execute taggers if caught in the act, laws that allow the government to remove the thumbs of convicted taggers, ban on all spray paint in the US, implanted gps tracking devices on all convicted taggers in the neighborhood….

  6. OK, my point of view, first to recover that $…. how? when making an arrest, make them pay for court fees, and damages. no $ ok, put a lean on their properties, cars, or any thing to recover and keep the same balance, 18,000.
    now 3 strikes same conviction, the district city attorney in company with the housing department have them remove from the premises with a 30 day,, for Undesirable and damages to the community. bringing negative influence to the community…

    • Yes. When people don’t take responsibility for their actions or the actions of their children, we must find a way to force accountability. Unfortunately, the only way society functions properly…

  7. White bear great ideas. I wish these policies were in place.

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