Eastside Property: Hard to find any “Old World Charm” left in this Echo Park house

Photo from Redfin.com

The Redfin listing for this $230,000 home in the southern section of Echo Park plays up its “Old World Charm” and “quaint layout.”  Yes, the Cortez Street home was built in 1898 and the interior photos show photos of what appear to be old wood moldings, woodwork and doors. But decades remodeling/remuddling have stripped or covered up most of that “Old World Charm” from the 868-square foot house. Of course, as the second lowest-priced Echo Park home currently on the market, the single-family house is, as the listing says, priced to “sell and will go fast!”


  1. Yes, to a flipper.

  2. There is something about the front deck (2nd floor) that makes me say ‘no building permit’….it may be structurally sound but it looks so–well, poorly done and unfinished.
    Hope whoever buys it has the smarts to verify everything’s legit on this property.

  3. Out of nine photos, three are angles of the same room. What, no kitchen? How about showing at least one of the three bedrooms it boasts, or is one bedroom the top of the staircase view? Then why two photos of it? (shakes head…)

    And what’s with 4 mentions of ‘other remarks’ with regards to heating, cooling, laundry, and floor. What is “other heating”, open a window and let the sun in? “Other cooling” must mean close the window and dark out the room.

    Interesting it sold for 300K just in 2011, as well as 2004, and selling at a loss now. Economy notwithstanding 0 I get that part – but 2 sales seven years apart for the exact figure?

    I’m not sure why I’m yarning on about this place and specs anyway. That neighborhood is … pretty frightening. I’ll leave it that.

  4. pretty tired of the posts that just bag on redfin listings. too expensive. too scary location. who would buy this place? blah blah blah. lame.

    • Are you related to a real estate person? If you can’t see that the realtors create fodder for jokes by their outlandish descriptions, where is your sense of humor? EPgirl made me laugh with her question of ‘what is other heating – opening a window and letting the sun in?’ Now that’s funny. On a serious note is the listing’s public information that says the property has ONE floor and has not been renovated since 1898. Or maybe that’s funny too – that the tax accessor hasn’t looked at the house for more than a 100 years.

  5. This is perfect to buy, tear down and subdivide into those small lot subdivisions, build 25-50 four-story units there where you have to walk up and down the stairs just to go room to room — and I could sell it for 10 times what I paid for it, and to hell with the surrounding residents.

  6. skr:
    sarc? seriously? i know complete words are so 2011, but feel free to humor us oldsters with them. thx!

  7. U people an ur comments are something else… Hope u buy flip an lose ur assess in The Game. Ur comment to Hell with the surrounding residents was so disrespectful.

  8. So I won and outbid 20 people for this properity! I’m the new owner as of one week
    Today! My husband and I are so excited because we love Echo Park and we are going to do a kick as remodel and turn this house into the best one on the block! I will post a photo in 2 months when it’s done you won’t believe the transformation that is about to happen!

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