Echo Park cat owner wants neighbors to watch out for coyotes

Maceo. Photo courtesy Gabriel Roger

Maceo was a seven-year-old black cat that preferred to stay outdoors, said his owner, Gabriel Roger of Echo Park.  But, like many outdoor cats, Maceo, named after  a Jane’s Addition B-side track, was vulnerable to many risks, including coyotes. This morning,  Roger’s landlord discovered Maceo’s remains in their front yard near Mohawk Street and Montana Avenue.  They assume Maceo fell victim to a coyote. Now, Maceo wants other neighboring  pet owners to know that their cats and small dogs might at risk if left outdoors

My cat loved to be outside and would only stay in the perimeter of the property. I saw him myself laying out in between my house and the landlord’s house at 12am right before I went to bed. This morning he was found in the front yard with most of his body missing and the rest in pieces. My landlord has had three different people warn hear about coyotes while she walks her small dog near the area of Mohawk/Montana.

A few blocks away,  Silver Lake blogger  Will Campbell  ran across a pair of coyotes in the 1400 block of Benton Way and posted a brief video this morning.

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  1. Am so sorry about your kitty. About 15 years ago my cat didn’t come home and I went in search of her. Several days later I found her remains splattered all over a neighboring hillside. Piece by piece I found her, including her chewed-in-two collar with her name tag still on it…and collected the pieces and brought her home. Since that horrible experience, I’ve never let my cats out. From personal experience I’ve found out that dogs pick up a cat and shake them until they don’t move anymore, raccoons will slice them with their claws, coyotes will eat them. If you care about your kitties, please give them a good home inside.

    • Both of these stories made my eyes water. =(

      My childhood cat was killed by neighborhood dogs. Since I’ve been on my own, my cats have been indoor only. It doesn’t guarantee them long lives, but it certainly makes a difference.

      • YES. Keep them indoors and provide them with whatever they need to facilitate their happiness, natural instincts, and well-being. Especially since we do have coyotes tearing about the neighborhood, hungry and desperate. As weird as it sounds, harnesses are great for cats who need to get some air once in awhile, supervised. It’s not as cruel as it sounds and many vets strongly approve and suggest it.

        That said, I am indeed SO sorry for your loss Gabriel. No one should have to lose a pet in this way and my heart goes out to you.

  2. Gabriel, we are so sorry about your loss. Our Claude was killed by a coyote on the 700 block of N La Fayette Park Place in March. We feel your pain.
    We, too, posted about it in the Eastsider with the hopes that Claude’s death would save another’s life. Your post about Maceo will save another’s life too. Please all pet owners, keep toy animals inside from dusk till dawn, don’t let another loss occur to verify that the coyote threat is real.

  3. Such terrible news! I live in the neighborhood and was often visited by him. He was one of the coolest cats ever. Some nights he even met me at my car and walked me to my gate, quite the gentleman. He also kept watch over an injured stray who ended up on my doorstep. Because of him she got help and found a new home. I’m so sorry for your loss.
    I have a few cool pictures of him if you (owner) wants them.

    • Thanks for sharing those stories. They made me smile. I know I’m not the only one who lost a pet but hopefully we can prevent some more tragedy in the future. It’s a total bummer but I suppose that’s how nature works. I’d love to see those pics. Thank you -Gabe

  4. Maceo was awesome. He spent lazy days in my garden and greeted me every day. He was a tough little bugger too, staking his claim to his turf. He was a great kitty who will be missed gabe. To all of those other owners out there who have been diligently spreading the word about these coyotes on the prowl, thank you so much for looking out for all of us and our four legged friends.

  5. Thanks everyone. I’m also sorry to the others that have also lost pets.
    Maceo was a indoor cat for the first half of his life. Slowly but surely he only wanted to be outside. Especially, once I got my doberman Ronin he was done being inside but remained friendly with my dog.
    He also stood close to the property almost always for the last 3 years. I had no idea there was a coyote problem. And I even saw my cat hanging out at 12am last night. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way. And ironically, my dobe sleeps inside at night. This must have been a very stealthy attack as my dog has a really good sense of hearing, and usually goes crazy if there are any cats fighting or hissing. I’m sad but I’m glad the word is out and hopefully some of us will be able to prevent any more losses.

  6. The coyote I saw a day after finding my kitty torn up on the hillside was walking late morning down the middle of Earl Street between Silver Lake Blvd. and Glendale Blvd. Please keep them inside!

  7. please keep all cats indoors, for their safety and for the sake of wildlife. cats are devastating to the songbird population, which are facing many threats already.

  8. I’m sorry about the loss of “family” members but, no-dah. We live among nature and we’ve moved in to their back yard.

  9. I think too many people are blaming the victim here. We need to keep the coyotes inside.

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