Echo Park restaurant gets a makeover but what about those windows?

Enrique Ramirez and his family have spent months and a substantial amount of money transforming the former Pescado Mojado in Echo Park into a new Señor Fish restaurant. A new dining room and kitchen were built under a soaring wood-beamed ceiling, and, today, the exterior was being painted a shade of putty.  But  one of  the feature of the Mexican seafood restaurant that has attracted the most  attention–and complaints– are the windows: a row of smoked-glass panes that have been scratched and etched over with graffiti.  “I had no idea it was shaping up so nicely inside since the windows on the street are still so scratched up and horrible looking,” said one Eastsider reader on a comment to a story

The windows, which were leftover from the old restaurant at Sunset Boulevard and Logan Street, are such a turn off that even some of his acquaintances have told Ramirez they won’t go into his new Echo Park restaurant unless they are changed. “Everybody hates them. I hate them,” said Ramirez.

But new windows are in the works. Ramirez said he has held off  replacing the windows for fear they would get scratched as soon as they get replaced. He said vandals can still scratch or cut their way through the plastic film that has been applied to many windows to protect them against scratches.  Currently, his family is working on a wood screen that would protect the windows at night but roll down and out of the way during the day time and create a wainscoating at the base of the building. If that does not prove practical,  the store will install some other type of metal screen or folding doors. What ever option is selected, expect new windows in a couple of weeks, he said.


  1. yippie , for new paint! but , the windows need to go asap. glad to hear they are being worked on. the current windows are so dark, i can never tell if they are open or closed . that can’t be a good thing for business.

  2. They need to figure out how not to pay the windows overtime before they can bring them on.

  3. Thank goodness! Glad the owners are doing the right thing and opening up the interior of the restaurant to the neighborhood.

  4. This guy sounds cheaper than ever! And I would not eat at his establishment ever since the L.A. Times ran an article that he owes his employees over $90 in unpaid overtime! ! Shame in him for abusing workers rights!,000

  5. That’s 90 THOUSAND in unpaid overtime!!

  6. YELP should help!

  7. I can guarantee that the new windows will be tagged. That’s part of the character and the neighborhood. And to people who think they are closed. How about getting out of your car and walking up and opening the door. DUH!!!!

    • Tagged windows is not part of the new neighborhood nor should it be. This “character” you speak of is out of date for the people who appreciate good establishments.

      Gone is the attitude of accepting defacing property as acceptable.

      • ….and, in the “new” neighborhood, “the attitude of accepting defacing property as acceptable” has been replaced with……….

      • Agreed with BEANTEAM, defacing ANY public/private property is NOT a good thing in ANY neighborhood!

        • I wish you were right but wanting it to happen and making it happen are quite different. “Unacceptable” tagging and graffiti continue unabated throughout the neighborhood that is rated “high risk of theft and felonious assaults” by the insurance companies. We pay a higher rate here than crime filled Highland Park. Ths is still a “Bad Area!”

          • The point is to not accept it as normal anymore. No here. No more.

            The more we have that attitude and expectation, the more likely businesses will conform to the expectations of their clientèle.

            More often than not, taggers hit places that have existing tags. It’s sort of an invitation for more tags when you have a tag. That’s why it is important to cover the tags ASAP.

            Fulfilling this attitude is “societies” message back to these who mistakingly think we don’t care. The result (as slow as it may be ) will be fewer and fewer incidents….

    • Get out of the car and walk???? Are you REALLY an LA Native? That sounds very NYC of you…

  8. Look at your own GD windows, plus your fence and paint job. Then make sure your grass is mowed at exactly 2 and 1/4 inch. Click your heels three times and make sure your home in Orange County.

  9. I liked this place until I read this…. The owner has stiffed his workers of $90K in overtime pay. http://www.dol.gov/whd/media/press/whdpressVB3.asp?pressdoc=Western/20120821.xml

    I won’t be back.


    J: Me, too. I’m having a friend from Pasadena coming over today and he will stop at Senor Fish downtown to bring food instead of going to the one in Echo Park. Working in any restaurant isn’t easy work and then to be jipped out of your overtime!

    • Hey old lady! The overtime is a different post. This one is about windows just so you know.

      By the way I’m always available to help you cross the street.

  11. give senor fish a chance, everyone. i decided to support them after i saw the care they took with the quincinera mural along the logan street wall. the windows are a mess but if they are taking time to replace them, i take it to mean that they want to find a solution that will last for a long time.


    CLUELESS: Thank you for setting me straight about the “different post.” I didn’t realize you were the arbiter of which part of the article/comments one was allowed to respond to and when.

    As for “helping me across the street” . . . may take you up on that . . . when I feel like playing Traffic Tag.

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