Echo Park Rising fills the void Sunset Junction left behind

The streets, stores and parking lots of Echo Park were filled on Saturday with music and youthful music lovers who descended on the neighborhood for Echo Park Rising,  the music festival that sprung up last year after the Sunset Junction street fair was abruptly cancelled after the city refused to issue the required permits. The parking lot next to Taix restaurant served as a the main outdoor stage, where Dante Vs Zombies (shown above) played some retro classics and original pieces.

The sidewalks along Sunset Boulevard were busy late into the evening with festival goers hopping from bars and restaurants and listening to impromptu street corner performances.  Unlike the Sunset Junction festival, which attracted a lot of community opposition for blocking of Sunset Boulevard, Echo Park streets remained opened during Saturday’s day-long event.


  1. My girlfriend and I had a great time until we discovered that some worm had slashed our bike tires and stolen my bike seat as our bikes were locked up on Sunset near the library.

  2. Glad to see Echo Park coming together and improving the neighborhood with events like this! Hope it gets bigger and bigger every year!!!

    • There used to be events @ the galleries that were on Echo Park Avenue in late 90’s early 2000’s .
      This neighborhood has ALWAYS been great and fun.

    • No. Not bigger and bigger.
      This event should stay just like it is.
      It’s just right as is.

  3. Aren’t you going to mention the huge gigantic monster large concert at the Cornfield park last night?
    We could hear it quite well at the Brewery Arts Complex, __1 mile_ east.

  4. I wasn’t able to go to any events yesterday but I did see/feel a lot of good energy around the neighborhood as I went about my business. There was no big disruption to traffic unlike Sunset Junction. It’s really great to see smaller businesses in the area banding together to create events and bring people to the neighborhood, and I hope it comes back to the businesses in the form of customers!

    Jim, sorry to hear about your bike. I once had my car broken into & windows broken while I attended the opera…that’s LA for you.

  5. I had just come back from vacation and didn’t even realize this was going on. Was great to see throngs of people on Sunset/Park but no disruption to traffic.

  6. Oh, and I miss the gallery action in the late 90’s on EP Ave.

  7. I agree, it was a great little event but it hardly filled the void of the original Sunset Junction. Sorry, not even close kids. Regardless, its a new event for a new generation. Glad to see our neighborhood thriving.

    • Again , the neighborhood has always thrived and been fun .
      Who wants a big Coachella styled festival here ?
      Sunset Junction was a mess in its last legs .
      Bigger is not always better .
      Echo Park since ’67

    • The original Sunset Junction was cool but the recent Sunset Junction was not cool.

  8. I think it will grow each year. This year was much busier than last year.

  9. Good times.. always glad to see everyone in the hood walking around having a good time.

    Echo Park Since ‘whocares

  10. I went to elementary school in Echo Park (Elysian Heights) back in the day (circa 1968). The area in those days was pretty run down and chollo’s used to hang out in front of the liquor stores. I still have nightmares about those darn steep streets! Anyway – had lunch at the Brite Spot on Saturday and was very proud to know my daughters band Feed People was playing at the Echo Plex. Thanks to everyone who made this event and this community great. Big Daddy Funk (Please like FEEDING PEOPLE on facebook if you heard them or not).

  11. Did i miss the eastsider post advertising this event? Or did they not mention it before hand at all?

  12. This was actually a huge event even Craigslist was promoting it great outcome not as much weirdos nor freaks like sunset junction..come on It’s Echo Park of course ur gonna have vandalism idiots being idiots ..

    • So sick of , its “Echo Park of course ur gonna get vandalism ”
      This is where i grew up , this is where i still live.
      Have never vandalized or stolen , or whatever stereotype you believe about Echo Park before you moved here.
      Shit happens EVERYWHERE , in Downtown , Venice in Santa Monica etc…………..
      Idiots are idiots anywhere they want to be because they are idiots.
      Echo Park has aways been an amazing place to be .

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