If Echo Park gets a Taix Square, will Brite Spot Plaza be far behind?

This year marks the 85th anniversary of Taix French Restaurant, and Councilman Eric Garcetti wants to honor the Echo Park dining institution  by naming the intersection  in front of the restaurant Taix Square. The signs that would be installed at Sunset Boulevard and Park Avenue are  ceremonial in nature ad are similar to the Fletcher Square signs that recently appeared in Glassell Park.  Garcetti’s council motion reads:

Since 1962, TAIX has operated at its current Location in Echo Park and been a beacon for delicious cuisine, the finest staff, all the whiLe developing into a citywide Landmark. I THEREFORE MOVE that the intersection of West Sunset BouLevard and Park Avenue in Echo Park be named “TAIX Square” and direct the Department of Transportation to erect permanent ceremonial signage to this effect.

But what about Echo Park’s many other long-time restaurants? Won’t they want their own square, too? Brite Spot, the diner located across the street from Taix at the same intersection, has been in business since 1949. Three blocks east on Sunset, Barragan’s Mexican Restaurant opened in 1961 and remains operated by the same family.  Looks like the city might have to find more ceremonial signs and Echo Park intersections.


  1. I like Taix, I especially like the grandfather’s former attitudes and policies about prices.

    Still, this is abuse. This is Garcetti pandering. This is free advertising, and that’s all it is. There are lots of businesses, and people, all over the city who have been around since 1962 — and we should not be naming all the intersections after them. That should be held in reserve for the few who have managed to stand out above all the rest for the long-lasting and far reaching civic contributions. Naming this a square simply because a business has been on hand for a while simply waters down the significance and honor of such for those few who really deserve it. This is an insult to those who do deserve it.

    This naming process should not be allowed to be used as a local politician’s free campaign fund to pick up votes for mayor!

    I note, the story equated this to Fletcher Square. Well, whatever the merits or demerits of Fletcher Square, it did not focus on honoring some single business, it at least was spoken of as naming a neighborhood.

  2. I thought there might be an actual “square” involved.. Like the parking lot was being replaced with a nice park. Wah.

  3. Well, at least it’s better than “Fletcher Square” — which hardly seems like it is naming a neighborhood since I’ve never heard anyone call it that.

  4. As a resident of Echo Park since 1966 , they DO deserve some kind of recognition .Ok, maybe not a square , but they have been an anchor business for many years in the neighborhood.
    Our family has celebrated birthdays , anniversaries and other events there.
    They are an inclusive business to the whole neighborhood , as the neighborhood takes a turn to 90 dollar steaks, its important that TAIX still provides affordable meals and has a great mixed atmosphere .
    Its a great place for me to go and see the people i have known and grown up with in the neighborhood having a meal , and catch up .
    85 years is a long time .
    Give the politics a rest .

  5. Will there be a pronunciation guide on the street sign?

  6. Hey Garcetti, exactly what is it that you do all day? Do you answer constituents’ emails and calls about the massive development planned for Sunset Junction, or why that developer was allowed to demolish a historic building there with impunity? No. No. No. Not for over a year. You’re obviously too busy cooking up potential names for town squares. FYI squares are not intersections. And you want to be mayor? Astonishing.

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