In defense of bathroom carpeting

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A midcentury Elysian Heights home that recently went on the market for $499,000 is, according to the Redfin listing, “Ready for makeover.” The to do list might include repainting pink walls and replacing what looks like fake wood paneling. But the first thing that might have to go is in the bathroom. “Wall to wall carpet even in the restrooms. This home needs work,” said Redfin partner agent Ernesto Espinoza after touring the Valentine Street house.

When it comes to touring open houses, especially those that seemed to have  been decorated during the 1960s and 19070s, it seems nothing generates a “What-were-they-thinking?” type of response like wall-to-wall carpeting in a bathroom. “You have got to be kidding,” reads an About.com primer on bathroom flooring, where carpeting is ranked as the worst option. “A horribly bad choice for bathroom flooring. Moisture and carpeting do not mix.”

But it turns out that wall-to-wall  carpeting in bathrooms does have their fans.

After a writer for Apartment Therapy proposed ripping  out the carpet in the bathroom of her new home, her husband protested, saying the carpeting was “warm on my feet.”  After deciding not to change the bathroom flooring, the writer now sings the praises of a wall-to-wall bathroom carpet:

Wall-to-wall carpeting in our bathrooms looks and feels really nice, warm and luxurious. It somehow suits the old-fashioned William Morris wallpaper. It feels so good to step out of the shower onto carpeting on a cold day. The carpeting is a low pile and made of high-quality stain-resistant wool. We have it professionally cleaned at least once a year. And I have placed matching Restoration Hardware bathmats in front of the dual sinks to minimize stains.

If a buyer for the Elysian Heights home wants to  keep the bathroom floor covered with wall-to-wall carpet, here is  some advice.


  1. I don’t care what anybody says. Carpet in a bathroom sucks.

  2. @Patrick, agreed. Not to mention the mold and mildew factor. No thank you!!!

  3. That is the most disgusting idea for bathroom flooring that i have ever heard…

  4. Um … this would be fine for a women’s only bathroom, but we all know dudes cannot aim.

  5. Carpeting in a bathroom is disgusting. I agree with EDub, we guys don’t pee with the precision of women unless of course we are sitting. Gross…

  6. What do you do if the toilet overflows?

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