Silver Lake residents lose sleep over search for car thieves

LAPD police helicopter over Echo Park.An LAPD helicopter circled over the northeast corner of Silver Lake for about two hours early this morning as police searched for suspects who had stolen a vehicle.  The search began after officers pursued a stolen vehicle off the freeway and on to Glendale Boulevard, said Lt. Mike Menza from the Northeast Division.  The car was recovered but the suspects evaded officers, who sealed off the area and began the search.  No suspects were apprehended, Menza said.

Silver Lake blogger Diane Edwardson said residents on Corralitas Drive heard police on a loudspeaker advise them to go back into their homes during the search. That was at 2:40 a.m.  “Two hours later helicopter is still lighting up homes and yards, no one is getting much sleep,” Edwardson said on her blog.


  1. You can add echo park to that. We could hear the loudspeaker and hours of circling quite crisply.

  2. I AM FURIOUS!!!!
    I was kept awake until 4AM for a stolen car?????
    I was hoping upon hope that it wasn’t a rape or a murder…..and was terrified all night….but to find out out it was for a car theft, SERIOUSLY???? Is that what my tax dollars are paying for!!!???
    I’m cranky for lack of sleep….sorry.

  3. Frankly I have to say who gives a shit about a stolen car. The fuel waster flying a helicopter for 3 hours was likely worth more than said car. Meanwhile there re 100’s of cars stolen daily. Bad decision making.

  4. Same here lost sleep. I awoke when it all started about 1:58 am. I finally tried to go to bed about 3:40am, the helicopter was still circling around, I live on Allesandro ST, I did hear helicopter say they were LAPD, advised suspects to drop their weapons, in a minute they would send out the k-9. Not sure if was same situation and just for a stolen car. I also thought was something more serious….

  5. While the helicopter noise can be annoying (I live in Montecito Heights and have experienced the helicopter’s orbit over my house also), the pursuit of a car thief is more than arresting the driver of one stolen car. Anyone who would steal a car, evade the police, then abandon the car and flee on foot is overwhelmingly likely to be a serial thief, responsible for more than one crime. How many of you good readers have committed those acts, or even considered it? Car thefts and thefts from vehicles are increasing, as can be attested to by The Eastsider, and the Department places a priority on reducing both the fear and incidence of crime. The arrest of a suspect like the one sought in this story is a prophylactic approach to crime, albeit an inconvenience to some in the community

    Any perimeter and containment has a supervisor at the scene, and that supervisor, in conjunction with the Watch Commander, determines the feasibility of continuing the operation. If it’s reasonable the suspect is outside the containment, it will be concluded. If the crime is not befitting the effort, it will also be concluded. The cost, in staffing hours and equipment, is not lost on the supervisors, and is definitely a consideration in a containment. However, the value of apprehension of a felony suspect also weighs into the decision.

    (213) 484-3400

    • Lt.,
      I thank you for your presence here. I know a lot of my neighbors forget that an occasional inconvenience is part of living in the city…

      I would prefer the police focus on getting rid of these dissidents!

      Thank you!

    • Thanks Lt. Wes, once again, for clarifying what happened and explaining how these things work and why you guys do what you do. Personally, I am grateful for police presence in the neighborhood be it on air or on the ground. And the car thefts have been rampant around here. Go get ’em.

      On the redcarproperty.blogspot someone said that they called the air squad division and were told that they were looking for someone who stolen a car and were also told that they had a gun. Is that true? Perhaps people would be less bummed about losing a a bit of sleep if they knew it was a gun-toting, police evading serial car thief. Don’t really want that guy running through your yard.

  6. Lt. Buhrmester, Although its incredibly annoying to be woken up I personally can’t complain when I see the police doing their job.

    Really appreciate you posting here.

    Now can you do something about dog owners not picking up their dog’s shit. Sick the choppers on them if you need to. I authorize the use of force…

  7. Many crucial decisions were made during the hunt for the stolen car thieves. Circling the area by helicopter for hours may not have paid off, but Los Angeles is the only city that needs to use helicopters. All other cities need to respect the near-by residents. But, and perhaps you complainers didn’t know this, there are some car thieves that can fly. And the only way to intercept them would be by helicopter. These particular thieves live only in L.A.

  8. I can understand the need for a helicopter to get a birds eye view but what kept me up in the early hours was the incessant, non -stop barking of the K9 dogs that were on scene. They were not in pursuit- just waiting for work and over- excited to the point of complete canine hysteria. The barking went on for what seemed to be at least an hour from 3-4 am- maybe more.

  9. Before you post another “Whah the choppers deprived me of a couple hours of sleep” comment, remember how good we have it here in this country. THAT WE HAVE A POLICE FORCE WILING IS NOT “PAR” FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD! Think of our neighbor to the south… how grateful they would be to loose an hour or so to a helicopter versus having no one to call.

    think about it.

  10. To the people who complain… you would care if it was your car that got stolen, which would probably be your most valuable possession. I say to you, stop your bitching… next time it might be your Honda or Toyota that gets stolen. Then you’ll have no way to get to the job you always complain about.

    Hey coppers, the next time get a K9 unit on their ass, that way, when they bail out and hit the hills of Elysian Park you won’t lose them because they can run faster than you. You can sick the dog on them, let Fido bit their stupid ass, and then there will be no need for the chopper!

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