Two pedestrians injured in Echo Park collision

Police have closed Echo Park Avenue at Montana Street this morning as they investigate a truck that hit two  pedestrians crossing the street. An officer at the scene said the two persons suffered minor, non-life threatening injuries that was reported at about 8 a.m. No further details were available. A large, black pick-up truck was still in the middle of Echo Park Avenue near the crosswalk at Montana Avenue.


  1. Thank God they are ok. From where I was it looked like the wheels were on top of them.

  2. I walked by in the midst of this accident this morning. The injuries did NOT look minor. The female pedestrian was lying on the road still pinned under the truck when paramedics arrived. There was blood all over the road and all over her head and she was crying in fear and terror. It was very somber and sobering. Something I can’t get out of my mind. Drivers, please be aware of pedestrians!! I hope she is ok!

    • Flowers for ep, Thank you for writing what you witnessed the police didn’t give us much informations if you can recall anything else please write back asap. They are in bad shape and I want to do anything I can to help I spoke to the women who was injured last night and she said she was at the crosswalk waiting for the light to change waited a couple minutes looked for oncoming cars didn’t see anyone before stepping into the crosswalk was then struck and doesn’t remember anything after that. I am the employer of the little boys mother and they are and extension of my family this will impact there family for a very long time!

      Thank you,

      • So she walked against the light…Meaning the car had the green light but somehow didn’t see the pedestrian?

      • Sorry this does sound like she was in the wrong I am emotional right now and wasn’t clear the light was Red for the Driver and Green for the pedestrian she was in the right of way the Driver ran a red light and hit them while they were in the crosswalk.

  3. This was bound to happen. I feel so bad that it had to come to a point where someone was hit but this crosswalk is not safe. I have no idea why, but cars have almost no respect for this light. On 9 different occasions have I walked with my son through that traffic light on a green light when 2 or 3 cars will be coming east from Montana to make a left turn and they honk their horns at us or almost run us over. I even witnessed when a women in her early 40’s was crossing and was an inch away from being run over.

  4. this corner has always been very dangerous for pedestrians. praying for the lady and children that were in this accident. Saveida, you have a good heart and i know you and your husband will bless this lady with all your help. Nancy, you hit it right on the dot. what is up with drivers that think they have the right of way all the time, even when the green light is for the pedestrian to cross the street???

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