Will a court injunction keep ticket scalpers away from Dodger Stadium?

Photo by Scott Fajack

The sight of scalpers hawking tickets outside of Dodger Stadium is a common sight, with the scalpers lining up along Elysian Park Avenue and Stadium Way and dashing into traffic near the ballpark entrances to make a deal. Police have tried numerous tactics to keep them away but the ticket sellers keep coming back.  Now,  L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is pursuing a new legal strategy against scalpers that is often used to keep violent gangs and drug dealers out of certain neighborhoods: court injunctions. The L.A. Times reports that Trutanich is seeking a court injunction to keep 17 “prolific scalpers” from hawking tickets near Dodger Stadium and several other sports and entertainment venues.  What criminal threat do the scalpers pose to warrant an injunction?  The Times explains:

In court papers, prosecutors accuse scalpers of endangering citizens, creating traffic hazards and diverting scarce police resources. “Defendants personally act as magnets for theft, robbery, and crimes of violence,” the filing states. “Areas with high levels of illegal ticket sales have disproportionately high levels of theft, robbery, crimes of violence and narcotics sales and use.” The court filing also claims that scalpers are “unfair competition” for legitimate ticket-selling vendors.

In the case of Dodger Stadium, scalpers would be banned from Sunset Boulevard on the south to Riverside Drive on the north, said the Times.


  1. Will someone explain the difference between scalping and what “legitimate” groups such as Stub Hub does in selling tickets above face over the internet?

    • Apparently Stub Hub has political clout, and the independent scalpers don’t.

      Honestly, of all the problems to tackle, this is hardly a priority. Is Trutanich just using this to get publicity? Or is he fishing for donations to pay off his campaign debt? What a waste of time and resources.

  2. There it is, unfair competition. The crime bit is BS. Someone needs to explain the difference between correlation and causation to city officials. But that probably won’t matter since the competition bit shows their fascist tendencies.

  3. Blaming scalpers alone is like blaming illegal immigrants or drug dealers. It takes two for the transaction to take place…

    But don’t be fooled y’all, this is pure lobbing (from the “legitimate” groups) at work here. Talk about fair business practice? Lets talk about how they buy up huge lots of tickets and sell them for a profit. They just want more of a monopoly….

  4. Lincoln Heights Resident

    True that-
    I saw some guys getting arrested on Staduim Way just this week on my way home to LHeights-
    Felt bad for one of the guys he was getting a hot dog and Narcs grabbed him and arrested the vato!!!

  5. I am VERY against this as a gift of public funds to major private corporations. This is not a public matter; it is only a matter for the Dodgers and and other entertainment corporations. Let them enforce their own ticket prices at their own expense. Hey, the public doesn’t have to buy from a scalper is they don’t want to.

    Rather than the city foot the bill for a lawsuit against scalpers, let the Dodgers and the other entertainment corporations foot the bill themselves. That would make the city’s resources available for actual city needs.

    If Trutanich has so much staff that he can expend resources on this, then maybe he needs a budget cut — and that money could then be put to restoring ambulance service.

  6. Scalping Will be just a ticket (misdemeanor).. Won’t go jail unless warrants.. But this injunction is stupid!!

  7. How about we enforce permit parking near the stadium instead? Tired of not being able to park in from of my own house during games.

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