Atwater woman warns neighbors of vehicle vandals

Photo by Lindsey Ferguson

Lindsey Ferguson has seen tagging scrawled on buildings in her Atwater Village Street and even on the sidewalk. This week, however, taggers took it out on Ferguson’s 2010 Honda Element, pictured above, while it was parked near Glenhurst Avenue and Glendale Boulevard. The vandals, which struck sometime either on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, also slashed her back tire. Ferguson reported the crime to the police but wants to warn her neighbors of the vandalism and maybe even help identify who might be responsible for the crime

“I don’t know if it is a gang symbol or not,” Ferguson said of the white spray paint on her dark-colored Honda. “I am so disappointed. I thought I lived in a good neighborhood.”

Ferguson had managed to remove some of the paint. “I don’t want it to bake in the sun and get worse. “Maybe next time I could request them to use a water based paint.”


  1. That’s not vandalism, it’s PUBLIC ART! Just because the owner of the car doesn’t like it, doesn’t mean she gets to control what everyone else sees!

    (btw, I’m joking.)

  2. What a shame – so sorry Lindsey, but don’t let some garbage shape your life or your perceptions of where you live. You’ve got one (or two) little creeps vs. hundreds of good neighbors…good neighbors like yourself who took the time to put out a warning to others to be alert so the same thing won’t happen to them. Whatever the statement/purpose of these vandals was intended to be (if there was one), in actual fact it just made them look like sad pathetic losers whose future will in all likelihood be fairly bleak. Sad.

  3. How to get spray paint off a car:


    How to realize that any “good neighborhood” isn’t immune to crime:


  4. Looks more like a drunk symbol.

  5. That’s just plain wrong .don’t let these hoodlums scare u away I’m sure that’s wut they’re hoping .That area is known to b Rascals gang n they’ve done stupid things like that b4, I hope they get caught n make them pay for a new paint job n atleast a month of the payment n or jail time.no respect I wonder if their parents let them paint on their car I wouldn’t b surprised..

  6. What is Lindsey’s complaint? Doesn’t she realize she has an important piece of public art so skilfully painted on her car? Doesn’t she see she’s part of the newest wave of street art? Forget about billboards and buildings… It’s all about MOBILE. Moving art. Taking it out of hipster-ville and spreading it out amongst the undeserving, unhip masses. That’s what it’s all about!

    Oh wait…

    Is she assuming this was done by Latino gangsters (AKA “Taggers”) instead of White, non-threatening hipster sheep (aka “street artists”)? Is she assuming because it’s not colorful and wittily done that it’s “blight” and not “soooooo cool” If she is, I’d say to her… “What a lucky woman you are, miss Lindsey! Why, you have your very own “Sleepy”! I see his work all over billboards and buildings about town! And he chose YOU to be part of his mobile art project?! You lucky ducky!”

    That’s what I’d say!

    • Nobody likes your comments, ever. Please go away.

      • Actually, Sarah I think Bento makes a pretty good point. So many people are willing to accept graffiti and tagging as “street art”. The point being that everyone has a different level of what they will accept as “art” vs vandalism.

        I believe implementing any unsanctioned paint or poster on any surface other than your own property should be considered vandalism if for no other reason than what is exhibited here. Bento is making the point (in heavy sarcasm) that if you accept the billboard art or the random unsanctioned murals or the tags, you have to accept this too…

    • I was wondering what happened to The Eastsider LA’s favorite self-hating hipster troll.

      Glad to know you’re alive and well and back at it again.

    • I find your thoughts to be deep and compelling. How may I subscribe to your newsletter?

  7. I live near los feliz blvd and perlita and have seen tagging on the walls across the street and in the alleyway numerous times. Never thought that someone would do this to someone’s car though. It’s rather disturbing, especially to think whoever did this might be one of your neighbors.

  8. This is so sad. Question to Ms. Lindsey Ferguson, did you park your car in front of someone elese’s house? A lot of people think they own the public curbside in front of their homes and if you did park in “someone else’s parking space” in front of their home then it’s vandalism and not tagging.
    I feel for you as I too was a victim of valdalism when I went to a family member’s party in Baldwin Park and I parked my car down the street. I returned to my car later that evening, with dog fecies smeared all over my car, wiper blade all bent with the bag of poo tied to it, passenger side all keyed, and my gas tank broken into and gas cap stolen.
    It’s a sad world we live in.

  9. Good neighborhood? Some people fail to realize the history of some of these east side neighborhoods. It’s not Mayberry but it’s not Compton either.

  10. seems personal to me…

  11. Real quick, was anyone else’s car vandalized?Were you the only one? Because I’ll tell you right now, it sounds and looks like you must’ve pissed someone off. Ask yourself why you were the only one? And that so called “tagging”? LOL that’s no gang sign, that’s just someone whose trying to be an a-hole, that’s it.
    Sorry but it sounds like to me that you may have wrong someone.

    • That’s a good point. When I lived in SL, my car was keyed by my across the street neighbor. He had a running feud with my landlord about parking in front of his house, location of trash bins on trash day, etc. It can get very petty and vindictive out there.

      After a while, I realized that ALL of my neighbors had a petty feud with my landlord. My favorite incarnation of that is when the mild-tempered garden nut next door cut off a large limb of my landlord’s prize Meyer lemon tree, right at the property line.

      Turns out my landlord had been letting his Dobermans take dumps in the garden nut’s front yard for years, and they almost went to court about it. Last I heard, my landlord was planning to turn the neighbor in for an unpermitted rear deck.

      Eventually, of course, I got in to a petty feud with my landlord too…

  12. Something similar happened in Silver lake, early July on Griffith Park Blvd…. but many cars were painted. Sorry to hear about someone defacing your property.

  13. Lindsey, that does not appear to be gang or tagger graffiti on your car, but I am passing on the info to the Northeast Gang Unit in case they can identify a possible suspect. Atwater Village is a very nice neighborhood. Will Campbell passed on some useful tips, which I hope you can use.

    With the public’s help and The Eastsider’s forum, we at LAPD Northeast were able to identify the gang responsible for the mess on Griffith Park Blvd. We did give them extra attention, resulting in non-related arrests.

    Officer Scheerer
    LAPD Northeast Crime Analysis – War Room

    • Good looking out officer. This is what community policing is all about. Keep it up.

      • Thanks for the info, Officer Scheerer. It’s great to see LAPD using neighborhood sites and Facebook — hats off to the officers who tend to Northeast’s most excellent page — to keep residents informed. But wondering if “War Room” is really the right name for a section of the 21st century LAPD? Especially given the department’s, um, complicated relationship with the citizens of Los Angeles. Maybe something a little less Gates-ian? Something that will fit with that groovy new NE station soon to be built? Perhaps Masters Of Delinquency (MOD) Squad?

        • Miss Edendale, I had to chuckle when I read your response. We’ve actually received feedback along that line more than once. (Our video graphics have been “toned down” as one result.) The “War Room” concept is very well understood by folks with military experience, who had received regular intelligence updates from a war room. In our post-9/11 Fusion Center info-sharing era, the term “War Room” is being used citywide now, but LAPD observers will note that units change names very quickly. When I first arrived at Northeast, this unit was CROC!

          Our goal is still to reduce crime through public partnerships, information sharing, action plans, and measured accountability.

    • Thank you for your attention and help 🙂

  14. OK, original name I’ll go to the courts this Monday to change it…

  15. Thank you for all of your concern. I have lived in Atwater Village for over 2 1/2 years and have never had anything like this happen before. I am assuming it was a neighborhood kid and we can find out who did so they will stop the vandalism. I don’t think it was a personal attack, I think I would be aware if I upset someone enough to destroy my property.

    I was parked in front of my apartment building and I am friendly with most of my neighbors. Thanks everyone for their input and hopefully we can prevent this from happening to anyone else in our neighborhood.

  16. Looks like someone’s weak attempt to draw the bat sign on your car. But like someone else posted earlier, if you wr the onlyd person, them think back of any confrontations, because it does seem you were targeted

    • Maybe they only had white paint and were looking for a suitable background. That would mean the white truck in the background of the photo wouldn’t be suitable,for example. Maybe they ran away after vandalizing one vehicle because of people coming nearby. Could be a variety of explanations. Sorry this happened to you, Lisa.

  17. I have not had any confrontations at all that I am aware of. I don’t know anyone who would do this to my car. I don’t think I was targeted but I also don’t have any other explanation. No mad ex boyfriends, no crazy girlfriends, seriously nothing I can think of. I am a generally happy person and can’t think of anyone I have upset. Hopefully it is just a neighborhood kid who we can find and he can pay for a new tire for me. I just don’t understand why anyone would destroy another persons property. I worked really hard to buy that car and some stranger just walks up and ruins it for no apparent reason. 🙁

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