Body found inside burned vehicle on Mt. Washington street

Police this morning are investigating the discovery of a body found inside a burned vehicle on the 4800 block of Marmion Way in Mt. Washington. The county coroner was on the scene as part of the investigation into the incident, said Lt. Carlos Solano with the Northeast Division. Detectives were still trying to determine what happened, and it’s not clear whether the body was that of a man or a woman. “The body was burned beyond recognition,” Solano said.  ABC7 reports that officials were called to the scene at about 2 a.m.


  1. Are there any more details available? This is scary because it’s the nice side of Mt. Washington.

    • Oh my god are you kidding me ?
      Crimes happen everywhere in this city , even the “nice” parts of town .
      Is crime only exclusive to what you perceive as crappy parts of town ?
      Get real !

  2. I’m assuming this is not where the map link says it is, but instead on the long stretch between the Southwest Museum and Monte Vista. There’s a homeless encampment in the little ravine in between Marmion and the Gold Line tracks, and a handful of people live in their vehicles here. Sad.

  3. Yes, the map is pointing at the wrong location, more like the 4600 block down the street. This looks like a suicide, but who knows…

  4. Hmm, the encampment is in the Sycamore Grove portion of Highland Park. If the vehicle was parked along that area, I wonder why the Los Angeles Police Department continues to fail to enforce the no parking signs in that area.

    This event is going to trigger more scrutiny of the City’s failure to clean out this encampment, hold the land owner responsible, or take other proactive steps.

  5. Suicide I doubt it I’m no detective but I’ve talk to a few n they all think n say the same thing this person must’ve been killed then set on fire to lose trace or track of evidence.heartless humans It’s so sad that’s like a terrorists act.Been to a few spots there on a couple Craigslist encounters n @ night its creepy around there not enough bright street lights.Maybe the victim was smoking a cigarret n fell asleep who knows right.well may he rest in peace…

  6. I don’t know if it is connected, but I live on El Paso and last night we woke up just before 2:00 a.m. to the sound of a car crashing. My neighbors ran out and saw a car crashed into a tree and someone running away.

  7. @Stroker
    With the technology they have today, im sure they can determine cause of death burnt body or not…

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