East L.A. neighborhood evacuated during morning bank robbery

Photos by C.J. Salgado

L.A. Now reports that “several hundred people” were evacuated this morning in East Los Angeles after a Bank of America branch at Atlantic Boulevard and St. Louis Place was robbed by two suspects who kidnapped the bank manager and forced her to take money out of the vault. The suspects strapped what appeared to be a pipe bomb to the branch manager, who walked into the bank vault and came out with cash that she tossed out a back door to the robbers, who fled the scene, according to L.A. Now.

C.J. Salgado of East Los Angeles snapped photos of the scene as authorities blocked off busy Atlantic Boulevard. “It was crazy… kidnapping, explosives, and traffic messed up for hours due to heavy police presence,” said Salgado via email. “I was just there [at the branch] yesterday morning.”


  1. I hope she’s doing ok .

  2. My prediction is that it’ll turn out to be an inside job; I think the branch manager was in cahoots with the robbers.

    • Why? Because it happened in East L.A.?
      Get a life.

      • So sensitive! Wow! All he said was his guess of the turn out and you turn it into a racial thing? What, you feeling a little guilty?

        Not because it happened in east LA. Because of her color? Wow.

      • Nothing to do with race at all. More to do with the fact that the investigators have searched her house, and with the fact that very, very few bank robberies have happened this way. It seems much riskier, in some ways, to take someone hostage than it would be to simply rob the bank while it’s open. I’m also guessing that a kidnapping charge on top of a bank-robbery charge might be more severe than just a bank-robbery charge. We’ll see what happens, but I stand by my prediction.

      • Hey Meggie, it turns out that one of the robbers was an acquaintance of the bank manager. Who needs to get a life now? Bwahahahahahahahahaha …

  3. Daaamn all he said wad she was in on itt .n before I even read itt I FELT THAT SAME WAY!!! East la majority is Mexican Get Over itt , It Has nothing to do with this

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