Signs of an Echo Park Fresh & Easy store begin to emerge*

Fresh & Easy has remained shy about its plans to open a Sunset Boulevard grocery store in Echo Park. However, in the background, contractors working for Fresh & Easy have been busy pulling building permits in preparation to start work on the former Save A Lot discount grocery next to the Echo Park Walgreens. Late last month, for example, a contractor applied to install a pair of Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market  wall signs as large as 16-feet wide, according to online city permit information. So, when does Fresh & Easy plan to open? The Eastsider has contacted the chain’s corporate office for details *.

The Echo Park Fresh & Easy, which operates about 200 stores with an emphasis on prepared foods and self-service check-out aisles, would operate out of the same building  that was once home to Pioneer Market, which closed in 2004 after more than 60 years in business.

* Update: A company spokesman said Fresh & Easy is unable to share details at this time since it is still very early in the permitting process.


  1. Nice! Peace out, TJ’s.

  2. I wish they’d ship some real Tescos bread and cheese in from England.

  3. Looking forward to opening day

  4. I wish they can hurry up and open so I can apply for a job opening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Joanna, I with you on this one. I actually did apply online but it was on their main website. Ad of course no response back. If this really is true then alot of us won’t be out of work anymore. Very frustrating!

  5. This is fantastic news!! Its a reality now and not just hearsay… can hardly wait!

  6. Let the union busting and labor exploitation begin!

    • @Churn, but alot of us are still out of work who have been actively searching with no responses whatsoever. I live in this neighborhood and think it would be great to work near home. Unions really aren’t so bad. I have been a union member twice.

  7. This is great news. Fresh and Easy is ready and willing to open in areas where Trader Joes and Whole Foods won’t, so I plan on making a point of shopping at Fresh and Easy as a way of tipping my hat to a chain that is not afraid to offer quality food in neighborhoods other than South Pasadena and Santa Monica!

  8. Whatever happen to El Tiangis…El Gigante..lol..with low income families they’re they should have opened a Food 4 less..Superior ..Still a great gig for peeps looking for work..Fresh &sleezy jk.I like the idea..

    • Man, I remember shopping at Tianguis…not the best. Also, I don’t think that Echo Park is completely low-income, it’s pretty mixed. Glad to be getting some quality food in the area. Food 4 Less food typically has too many additives and sodium so what you are saving in money immediately, you are losing in terms of health which is more expensive in the long-term.

  9. aren’t there some troubling issues w f&e’s labor practices? can anyone fill us in and save us the work?

  10. Slower Traffic KEEP RIGHT

    Thank you Eastsider for the great news update. We look forward to shopping at the new Echo Park Fresh ‘n’ Easy.

  11. what about El Alpha-Beta…?? haha i swear that used to be the Vons in Echo Park. Sunset Raised knows whats up!

  12. I called Trader Joe’s corporate office once and asked why they were not planning on opening a branch in Echo Park or DTLA since the silver lake store was so busy. I was told that these neighborhoods “are not the demographic that Trader Joe’s is looking for”. They can go F themselves. All hail Fresh and Easy!

  13. LOL great minds think alike I was just about to call them myself and ask them to open a branch on Glendale boulevard in one of those vacant warehouse buildings.

  14. I dont know why people are all in a huff about the F&E being non union, Whole Foods doesnt even believe in any kind of health benefits for their employees…and they refuse to discount or donate food that will be expired in fear of tainting the quality of their items. Because discounted food and donating is for poor people, to hell with them! !! I hate Whole Foods and everything they stand for. Ill take F&E for wanting to give fresh food to people who cant afford it….like me!

    • Jump on the self-entitlement train baby! Wha Whole foods doesn’t “even” give health benefits! Go buy your own insurance like everyone else!

      And if a Union has the right to try and infiltrate the employees, a business has the right to “bust” them right on out too!

      • Hey is that you Romney? You’re so right, who do these poor people think they are? Demanding affordable healthcare, a roof over their head and nutritious, affordable food in their grocery stores??!! I mean talk about entitlement!!!

        Youre an idiot by the way.

        • Thanks for defining my argument further. Yes, that is the exact entitlement I am talking about. One shouldn’t expect handouts. Health insurance is called a “benefit” because it is part of one’s compensation package. If you have a position that is unskilled or unspecialized (in other words- anyone can do it) how would a company justify increasing your compensation to include those benifits?If you aren’t able to earn enough to support yourself (including health insurance), well thats on you…

          There are too many people having too many children they cant afford to support. Look around you. Who are the ones creating these problems? It’s time for you to be honest with yourself and leave your entitled attitude at home.

          You may think I am an idiot. But, at least I know that “youre” is not a word.

  15. Always support your own neighborhood if you want other’s to flock in! Support your Echo Park businesses! Hopefully this will entice Trader Joe’s (in the future).

  16. Chill out MrsRoper its only a grocery store. Cool it with the F bombs.
    I’m looking for F&E’s organic strawberry lemonade!

  17. If only Wal-Mart had the good sense to be British I guess we’d be welcoming them to our neighborhoods with open arms as well. Kudos to whoever at Tesco was smart enough to recognize they needed a different brand to dupe American consumers into thinking they weren’t feeding the second largest multinational retailer on the planet by shopping F&E. Marketing FTW!

    • I have no problem feeding the second largest multinational retailer on the planet as long as they give me decent food at a decent price. F&E does that.

      • Of course, the “decent” prices you enjoy don’t come at a cost to anyone else. But you just go on looking out for number one — I get it.

  18. Robin that’s wuts up .lol.that’s throwback days

  19. Cannot wait. Having recently moved to a strange, southern corner of DTLA, I was really surprised to discover a Fresh and Easy at the corner of Adams and Central, which is only about a mile south of where I live. F&E apparently do not fear the reputation of that neighborhood, and that’s a good thing. As I prepare to move to Echo Park for October 1st, this is fantastic news.

    For anyone who doesn’t know: sign up for the rewards card and make sure to set it up online. It’s kind of a tricky system to navigate, but you earn points when you buy food, you can load certain points-earning coupons onto your card to get even more points, and there’s always a $3 off $30 or a $6 off $50 type of coupon that you can print off the website. The real secret is that you can print as many as you want and use them on each multiple of $30 or $50 or whatever. It’s insane how much money you can save.

  20. ADL goodluck relocating to Echo Park It’s quite nice..I don’t remember claiming tianguis was the best n I for sure didn’t say everyone in echo park is low income.atleast people r reading n hopefully learning at the same time.
    Peace ….

  21. This is going to make life so much easier for us. Dog walks with backpacks to the store. With the new lake, Fresh and Easy and all the other good local businesses, my roots are growing deeper into Echo Park.

  22. Next stop Boyle Heights, PLEASE!

  23. Whoever said that thing about Walmart, I don’t think Walmart’s canned goods are additive free….one nice thing about F&E. And their $2 wine is way better than TJ’s. Also they have great coffee for a really good price, good rice blends, nice cheeses, interesting sauces, etc.. A lot of the semi-luxury items are affordable here. We already have some very low-cost options, like A-1 for produce and Von’s for mainstream groceries…but nothing for these types of things. I can’t wait for it to open! I go regularly to Highland Park to shop there already. This one I can walk to.
    I say it’s a big step up from an empty store, which is what we’ve had for a very long time now. I do miss Sav-a-Lot’s cheap produce, but let’s face it, most of the rest was trash, and I wouldn’t wish it on my lowest-income friends or enemies!

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