Why it’s not a good idea to drink and tag

A teenage tagger last Saturday night aimed his spray paint can at an unlikely target: the LAPD Northeast Division station in Glassell Park. The tagger, who is between the age of 14 and 18, hit the San Fernando Road station in three different spots during the incident early Saturday morning, according to Lt. Stacy Spell. Officers apprehended the suspect, who was under the influence of alcohol and had spray paint on his fingers,  after they were flagged down by a witness, Spell said.

“He was trying to make a name for himself and his gang,” Spell said. But it “was bad timing on his part.”


  1. I was at Princeton, across Certified wholesale ’til 3am with my sons just hanging out for my BD. We all saw a male with a walker, seemed like was tagging to us, we laughed cause he was just asking to get busted, was across SF road from Princeton. May have been same incident. Keep America Beautifull

  2. That was Friday night

  3. What sweet kids!

  4. chop his thumb off. it really hard to spray paint without a thumb. Also, fine the parents or put a lien on the house until all the damage and interest is paid for. assholes

  5. so this qualifies him as a entrant to the Mensa society?

  6. Yes, lets fine the parents and put a lien on there house! Sounds like such a great idea. I’ve worked with these adolescence and I understand their frustration. Police suppression, under-performing schools, and society oppression is what these adolescents are subjected to.

    But, yes, I’m sure the suspect lives in a nice house, maybe even in Mount Washington, and I’m sure his parent’s can afford a fine.

    I’m amazed at the judgement that adults place on adolescents.

    • How about some personal responsibility here!!!

      So you are saying that it is societies fault because this guy had stupid parents who had children they couldn’t afford? It’s societies fault that this guy can’t manage his compulsive behavior? It’s societies job to raise him, feed him and now clean up his messes?

      It is time for people to realize the agenda behind these religions that preach against birth control and express some personal responsibility!

      Birth control people!!!!!!! Use it! Preach it!

    • give me a fucking break. how about some personal responsibility. these kids (and adults) are punks.

    • This the one of dumbest comments I’ve read on this blog.
      And where does the money come from to buy the paint that this malicious vandal uses?

    • Police suppression? What the heck is that? Enforcing the laws? Keeping kids out of trouble? Society oppression? You’re kidding me?

      Kids like this need more guidance and strict enforcement of family rules and societal laws of behavior. Quit being an apologist. All this molly coddling is what is ruining kids these days.

  7. There is a serious problem when taggers are targeting the police station. Maybe the Northeast Side should get rid of the LAPD and hire the LA Sheriff’s, how embarrassing is this for our community.

  8. Love it! Gotta give him credit for Cojones muy grande.

  9. The sad part is that he was just tagging his name – if you’re going to hit up a police station, at least write something meaningful!

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