A yurt of your own now renting in Silver Lake

Photos from craigslist.org

For those who can’t afford to live in a million-dollar mid century home in Silver Lake, there is this yurt-like option now renting for $1,500 a month.   Real estate agent Brock Harris  came across the Craigslist ad for a “500 Sq feet circular tent type structure in LA’s urban jungle.”  The rent for the “yurt studio” includes utilities and an Internet connection but you will have to walk to the main house for a bathroom and kitchen.  If this ad is for real,  then it  won’t be long before house flippers start buying and selling yurts for a profit.


  1. $1,500???? This has to be a joke.

  2. i can’t believe yurt serious

  3. My friend was renting this less then a year ago for $700, this is a joke for $1500

  4. A smart developer could do a bunch of these as part of a small-lot subdivision and petition the city for blue signs saying “Little Mongolia”.

  5. Say no to yurtrification!

  6. These wouldn’t Yurt anyone. A brilliant idea for First Time buyers. Think the rent is yurtfully high.

  7. Only certain kinds of people can get away with something like this ,others will b considered violating house code…Vote for Mexican American Romney..watch how many Mexican relatives Romney brings to the white house..hustle baby hustle…

  8. This price is very reasonable for the space, life style, location and amenities included.
    I have been getting $1000 for a much smaller room for years now.
    I am surprised it has taken this long for this idea to pop up.
    We are going to see friend who live in one …of their own…in the high desert.
    I’m a Realtor® and approve of this service and price. Congrats!!

  9. I Brake for LA Natives


  10. how many windows again?

    how do you heat or cool it?

    Does it have a sink or drain or not?
    What are utilities??

  11. I’m sure this is illegal. Especially any wiring added to it, not done to code. I also expect this would be a zoning violation. No indoor plumbing means you can’t get an occupancy permit!

    You can’t just start putting up tents in your back yards and using them as permanent residences and renting them out! You can’t do this anymore than you could park a trailer in your yard and occupy that — again, illegal.

    • Ha! This has to top the list for incredibly stupid, greedy fools trying to make a quick buck. Illegal in so many ways and for good reason. Hard to believe a so- called realtor approves of this. Or maybe not so hard…

  12. Wow $1500 for no bathroom, no kitchen. It really is just a pimped out tent.

  13. I’ve been in this yurt, when the property was for sale a few years ago. Up a steep hill. Seemed like a very comfortable, glorified treehouse.

    • I remember a hippy dippy craftsman for sale a couple years ago with a yurt but it was like in Highland Park I thought. Is this the same house? I think it had a big egyptian looking eye on the house. This rent is insane. $1500 to have to go outside to get into the main house to take a piss at night or in the rain. It doesn’t seem legal. How do you heat it if there is no electricity? Any lights or alarm clocks will work how? I could see someone paying $700 for some weird living experience, not me, but someone, but $1500!!!???? Excuse me while I go about my day in my 1 bedroom craftsman home with central air and heat and washer dryer for $1250. No area is worth paying that to living what someone referred to I think as a “glorified tent.” Holy shiz.

  14. Oh yeah… like I’d trade my 2BR house in HLP for the same price just to live on the “guest room” on someone else’s property? Egads. Silverlake… the cuter Beverly Hills!

  15. not sure you’d be getting yurt money’s worth

  16. If it’s not legal to rent, the retal contract is unenforcebale. The poster whose friend paid $700/month can sue in small claims and get his money back. As can whoever “rents” it next.

    • I’m not an attorney, but in my opinion, it’s debatable whether or not the renter would win; it’s not a slam-dunk case, as you make it sound. There are plenty of renters in this city who are occupying “bootleg” units and other units without a Certificate of Occupancy from the Dept. of Building and Safety, and they can’t all just stop paying rent. However, if LAHD catches a landlord who is renting a bootleg unit, they can force the owner to evict the tenant, and the landlord would have to pay relocation fees per the Rent Control Ordinance.

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