Can I make this to go? Police apprehend suspected gunman seated in Echo Park restaurant

A group of customers at an Echo Park restaurant were joined at their table by an unexpected guest: a suspected gunman fleeing police. The 19-year-old man ran into Mohawk Bend and sat at a table with other diners after he  had allegedly fired a gun during a dispute at a nearby liquor store shortly before 1 a.m., said Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division. The suspect had ditched a wrestling mask and jacket before trying to blend in with the other customers he had never met.  “Act natural,” he told the other diners, according to a police report.

“Almost immediately afterward, officers entered, saw him and took him into custody without incident,” Burhmester said. “A citizen flagged down passing officers, and pointed out a pistol which was on the sidewalk in the 2100 block of West Sunset Blvd. It was seized as evidence, and discovered to be loaded.”

The incident began when  patrol officers were flagged down at Sunset Boulevard and Alvarado  by passersby reporting a male with a gun, wearing a wrestling-type mask, at the liquor store on the northwest corner. Buhrmester, in an email, recounts what happened next:

While officers were getting more information and requesting additional units, a shot was heard. A man wearing a wrestling mask, later identified as Roque Felipe, 19, Los Angeles, was seen running west on the sidewalk from the liquor store.”

The investigation revealed that Felipe was involved in a dispute with four people in front of the liquor store, and allegedly brandished and then fired the gun at them. A casing was found in front of the store. The persons who were allegedly fired upon fled, and could not be located or identified. We are still examining if the incident is gang-related. No one was hit by the shot, and officers located no bullet strikes. Felipe was booked at the Metropolitan Detention Center for assault with a firearm and discharging it during the assault, with bail set at $100,000.


  1. so much gentrification in the neighborhood, yet sunset and alvarado is still a swirling vortex of drugs, trash and criminals.

    • Speaking of trash, I wish that the mini-mall on the northwest corner – the one with the Burrito King – could find somewhere else to place its dumpster. It would be so much nicer to have a tree in that space rather than a dumpster.

      • What did you think you could accomplish with this comment?

        • What do any of these comments accomplish, Huff,A? I wish I could go to a “Stop World Hunger” blog and magically comment food into the bellies of all the hungry babies in Ndjamena, Chad and Yaounde, Cameroon, but so far I haven’t figured out how to do such a thing. If you have insight into the process of commenting our way to a better world, please enlighten the rest of us.

      • And I wish James would change his name to James The Erudite, so we are certain this is him. Too many people using the name James here. It gets so confusing.

        • I’m going to find out how to make my name appear in blue – and at that point I might as well lose the alias altogether and use my real name (at least my first name). “James the Erudite” has a nice ring to it – sounds like someone from 16th-century England – but I’d be arrogant to refer to myself as erudite, and posters like “Blow hard” would be forced to learn a new word, after which he’d have to take a nap.

  2. love how he thought that he could just blend into the crowd at Mohawk Bend.

  3. “sat a table”

    Was he hosting?

  4. @ half baked. The swirling vortex is in your bunched panties.

  5. He told hipsters to “act natural”?

    • Haha … too funny. When they started doing their ‘American Apparel’ poses, he was the only one left sitting at the table. Disguise blown!

  6. If he wanted to blend in he should have walked into the kitchen and started washing dishes “dirt bag”.

  7. How about we focus instead on where a 19 year old got a gun and what we, as a city and a society ought to do about it?

  8. It’s getting to be that you can’t make a snarky, might-be-racist anonymous comment without soon enough finding a “YOU CAN”T JUDGE ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE” [or similar inna all caps stylee] response anymore.

  9. Everyone is so angry, judgmental and full of vitriol…such an angry mob mentality toward each other all from the comfort of your anonymous computers. Why not be kind to people instead?? Smile! Enjoy the day!!

  10. The ‘James’ who wrote “speaking of trash”, when I read the post my first thought was that he was right. A dumpster on the street is a negative statement about the corner; a tree would be a positive one.
    Trees are one of the ways a neighborhood can be made more attractive (and I’m not say attractive a specific group or type of person, but just ‘attractive’) and
    ensuring the trash on the streets isn’t left there for days is another positive step.

    I know the Eastsider LA has had stories about places that were cleaned up a little (or a lot) and the positive effect on the entire area.
    So yes, ‘James’ was speaking to the topic of the area, making a suggestion. Maybe someone who reads the Eastsider is involved with a group that tries to put trees on city streets….or maybe that someone knows someone…that’s how so much gets done. Some people can walk by the dumpster and not see it (having ignored it before) or sees it and doesn’t think about any other options.

    • Gabriele, thanks for the kind words. Every time I pass the corner of Sunset Alvarado on my way to work, that dumpster bothers me, more than the huge L.A. Apparel (or Paul McCartney) billboards and more than the potholes on southbound Alvarado as I turn right onto Sunset. There has to be a better place to put that huge garbage can. If there’s a way to find out who owns that mini-mall, I’d be willing to write a letter – and I’d be glad to post it (and any response I receive) to the blog.

  11. If I was him I would have gone into the bathroom and just sat on the toilet for a while waiting it out while dropping a #2 instead of just sitting at a table of strangers.

  12. While the “act natural” comment to a bunch of people in a bar showcased his youthful naivete,he did manage to be smart enough to surround himself with a demographically desirable group before being apprehended, thereby reducing his chance of encountering any errant baton twirling from la hura. Now he’s off to Casa De Baca, where he’ll learn all the latest skills necessary to become a productive member of our nation’s (#1 ranked in the world,GO USA!) prison/industrial complex,which also airs every weekend on MSNBC.

    • Oh boooo f-ing hooo!

      Don’t want to be roughed-up by the po-po and sent to prison? Don’t commit armed robbery!

      • I’m sorry I made you cry, BEANTEAM. My intention was (God,I just remembered that old song by Flipper.) to simply illuminate the enormous capital outlay vs. results produced by our State’s penal system. The recidivism rates would lead one to believe it was an intentional creation. The current approach to incarceration is not economically sustainable,no matter how much one’s inner Puritan craves it on an emotional level. Now then,if the po-po need to expel their excess hormones,they can either join the UFC or a boxing gym. Spiked pensions or Fullerton Fun Times,po-po can’t have both.

        • The answer is still the same. It’s something (most people) learn in 5th grade science… cause and effect.

          I know that I’ve never had to suffer the “expelling of excessive hormones” of our police because I don’t fire guns randomly at people or rob banks or [fill in crime here]…

          Cause and effect. Simple.

          The world isn’t actually against you Mr Nosy (what ever that is) it’s your victim mentality that is keeping you down. i feel sorry for you. really.

  13. @Stoker: So only white blond folks know and appreciate craft beer? I’m Hispanic, vegetarian, and very much enjoy craft beer. Would I be out of place at Mohawk Bend? Certainly not. If anything, the PBR drinkers are out of place.

    It’s amazing how quickly people go to the race issue. If you don’t appreciate multiculturalism, then maybe it is you, Stroker, who should run, jackass, run. You’ll never understand and appreciate LA’s history, nor its future. Please, take your ignorant point-of-view and leave us to make forward progress.

    • @steve, what the hell does being vegetarian have to do with it!? To me that means that you can’t appreciate the finer things in life so you chose to be a martyr. A hip martyr. I’m all for eating healthy/vegetarianism etc. but when you have to use it to describe yourself in an effort to show that your cultured and cool…fail.

      • my take home on Steve’s comment was “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.” He was pointing out that he (and many other people) violate the stereotypes being put forth in this thread. I don’t drink, but if I did I would be pleased to share a fine brew with Steve.

        • Yeah that’s how I read it too. Don’t know why my comment ended up above Vespapilot’s comment when I was trying to reply to him.

  14. @vespapilot- I don’t know if I read it right, but I think Steve described himself as Hispanic and a vegetarian to point out that it’s not just white people that are vegetarians (or patrons of Mohawk Bend), because it seems like the stereotype of vegetarians are white liberals or Indian Hindus.

    Btw, I’m Asian and a vegetarian.

  15. I hate all of you. The comments on this blog have poisoned the well. Now its all about who has lived here longer.

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