Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood: Silver Lake

Photo by Kevin Kuzma

Apparently Silver Lake’s cachet knows no boundaries.   A sign reading “Coming Soon Silver Lake Juice Bar” has appeared on a Hillhurst Avenue storefront in Los Feliz.  The new juice bar, which is an outpost of  Silver Lake Juice & Tea in Silver Lake, is the most recent example of how the neighborhood’s  name has been stamped on businesses far outside its generally recognized boundaries. For example, in Echo Park, there is the Silver Lake Medical Center, which rises above  the 101 Freeway (the hospital refers to this as its “downtown campus.” Meanwhile, anyone who wants to attend classes at Bikram Yoga Silverlake will have to travel to Atwater Village.

In fact,  the Silver Lake brand is being exported to Orange County.  That’s where Silver Lake Juice Bar plans to open it’s third location in Newport Beach.


  1. At least it’s not Silverlake.

    • There is no lake in Silverlake, not even one called Silver. There are 2 reservoirs in Silverlake, called Ivanhoe Reservoir and Silver Lake Reservoir.

  2. I saw a sign at the parking kiosk for Wells Fargo bank on Glendale Blvd (in Atwater) that said:
    Wells Fargo parking – At Water 🙂

    Poetic license abounds!

  3. Nine Double Oh 2 Sixxxer

    Oh no! Once the OC is hip to the East Side…that’s the end of us all!

  4. I Brake for LA Natives

    What’s next a SilverLake Flavor at Baskin Robbins.

  5. Ok, so those are the recognized boundaries? There’s been some minor Hyperion skirmishes in the past but I’m happy to see that finally the north side of Hyperion is recognized as Los Feliz. As a Village member I’ll absorb the barbarella travesty for boundary sake.

    • Actually, LA Times doesn’t get final say on neighborhood boundaries. Still, those are fairly decent, although I’m not so sure about Silver Lake not starting until Benton Way going west on Sunset — all the way to Benton Way is a bit far west to still be calling Echo Park!

      Also, it is not the north side of Hyperion that you mean, but the west side. And actually, it would not be Hyperion itself that is Los Feliz, but the streets west of Hyperion, which are known as the Franklin Hills neighborhood.

      • Actually, its from the City Clerks office and not the LA Times but that would have required a click. And why wouldn’t it be Hyperion itself? It is the zip code boundary. Actually. Actually.

  6. I have been told that the Silver Lake Med Center was part of the Dream Center (which I believe is part of the Foursquare church (Amy Semple McPherson’s institution). Does anyone know if all, or any of this is so?

  7. It’s not just limited to Silver Lake–LAX Car Share cars can be picked up at Pershing Square, and there is a Downtown L.A. Bikes on Wilshire in Santa Monica.

  8. Lets not forget Silverlake Tattoo, on Sunset, two doors from Mohawk Bend!!!

  9. So that New York Pizza in Hollywood ain’t really in New York? Damn, I want my money back. BTW, the pizza in LA is terrible…

  10. ghost of john leech

    The bippity-boppity faux camp signage is the true myopic misfire in this misnomer.

  11. If you pay attention, there are street signs on Sunset indicating the Silver Lake/Echo Park boundary.

    Going west, you’ll see this in front of Circle H liquor in between Benton and Coronado: http://www.livealta.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Silver-Lake-Sign.jpg

    And across the street you’ll see this going east: http://www.eastsidelalifestyle.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/ECHO-PARK-sign.jpg

  12. More than the boundaries of the neighborhoods, the discussion of those boundaries is what makes L.A. L.A. the Eastside is west of East L.A. and half of Silverlake is in the Echo Park zip code, and half of that thinks of itself as Sunset Junction. If a store that sells Anvils in called “Silverlake Anvil Shack” it just means someone is trying to convey that it’s a little funkier than the “Los Feliz Palace of Anvils” or Brentwood’s “Le Anvil.” I agree with the guy who went to New York Pizza and found the place bereft of roaches.

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