Cupcake dreams crumble for Echo Park bakery owner

When former publicist Genevieve Ostrander wanted to convert a former storefront church in Echo Park into a bakery, she was informed by city officials that she would have to build an underground parking garage. That was among the many bureaucratic and financial challenges that Ostrander, whose plight and those of other entrepreneurs was chronicled by L.A. Times. columnist Steve Lopez, would have to overcome.  But in January 2007, after cutting through all that red tape, Ostrander opened the door to Delilah Bakery, which was able to squeeze out cupcakes, hearty breakfasts and lunch time sandwiches out of a tiny corner kitchen at the corner of Echo Park and Lucretia avenues.

Still, opening a business is no guarantee that it will succeed.  Faced with a struggling business and health issues, Ostrander has now put Delilah Bakery up for sale at $150,000 she told Eater L.A.

It was only a few months ago that Ostrander teamed up with Echo Park real estate agent Darren Hubert   to reopen the bakery after it operated on limited hours for several months. But that partnership broke up and Ostrander was not able to maintain the business on her own.

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  • Delilah Bakery on market due to “unforeseen medical issues.” Patch


  1. Very very sad, it was a great bakery and the cupcakes were delicious.

  2. So sorry to see this place close. 🙁

  3. I was amazed that after she found someone to save her business once, they proceeded to run it into the ground a second time. all of the same problems (surly workers, randomly shifting hours, shitty food made from Von’s deli parts, broken credit card machine, running out of items) were exactly the same when she re-opened. everyone in the neighborhood was happy to see her get a second chance, but how did she expect anything to change? This is an amazing location, and it was packed for several week when she reopened until people realized it was the same bs all over again. how are you a bakery that doesn’t make their own bread, and runs out of half your wares by 10 am? I hope that this gets bought by a party who is able to create and maintain some kind of continuity in their quality and service. Chango is pricey and the coffee is watered down, Deliliah’s could make a fantastic alternative

    • Accurate.

      If someone came in here with sub-2.00 GOOD coffee that doesn’t take 20 minutes (fix) and isn’t watered down (chango) they would make it work. Also set up a coffee stand outside… curbside. Can you say game changer! Maybe something open late as well? plsplspls

    • Spot on. This business was so poorly run, that’s the reason it failed.

  4. Ferley Greenstein

    That’s a sad story.

    Los Angeles does not need more of these: Cupcakes, Frozen Yogurt, $10 Burgers, Bottomless Champagne Sunday Brunches, Star Tours, Mobile Car Detailing

    We got plenty, thanks.

  5. Ferley Greenstein

    Oh another business that has overrun LA? Cheap Photography. For real, we all have smart phones with built in cameras. Good lord, grow up and get a real job. Those $100 sessions? That’s called charity, not work. What’s that? Oh it’s free, because Portfolio? You should consider Cupcake Photogaphy, I hear that’s really hot right now.

  6. When i first moved to the neighbourhood 5 or 6 years ago i really loved Delilahs. The sandwiches were of a high quality and the service was fantastic but there has been a decline in quality and service since then hitting rock bottom a couple of years ago when i decided once and for all to not go back.

    Genevieve is such a lovely person i feel really bad for her that this has ended this way. I feel that if she was working the counter and managing the food all the time Delilahs would have been a great success but i feel that she has been distracted through outside influences. Obviously closing for medical reasons is one of them that cannot be overcome.

    I hope the new owners will bring back the early Delilahs quality and taste.

  7. What a shame. I credit Delilah’s for stimulating walkable food options in the neighborhood. It’s so hard to sustain a business like this and plenty of people who have never run a business will surely have LOTS of opinions about how she could have done it differently, but I think she did an amazing job of creating something from nothing and I wish her well!

  8. Wow… I am saddened. Such a shame, the bakery product was delicious. Best carrot cake! Genevieve, I wish you the best, you are a dear lady the few times I met you in your shop.

  9. I’ve been to Delilah’s a few times since it’s just a short walk from me and I loved the idea of it– but I think it was hampered by a lot. Their baked good were delicious, and their brunch was also good the last time I ate there about a year ago. Sorry to hear it went downhill. I would really love if we had a neighborhood spot similar to the Auntie Em’s in Eagle Rock or Village Bakery/Kitchen in Atwater Village. The Village Bakery in Atwater Village is what I really wish Delilah’s could have been- yummy, affordable, had consistent hours, and had a ton of baked goods (including freshly made bread!). Something similar to that would do very well in Echo Park.

  10. i’m really sad to see this place close, it added to the neighborhood’s charm. but i have to say genevieve’s nasty attitude made me stop patronizing her establishment. i returned to chango’s begrudgingly, where the staff has improved since the new owner’s took over. genevieve was rude, short and frankly, didn’t really seem to care about her customer relations. rip delilah’s, and here’s hoping we get a cute little deli. or something. that would be awesome.

  11. Just as I was about to go there to buy a birthday cake, this breaks! Was wondering why it hasn’t been opening the past few weeks! I hope something great takes it’s place, we really need more food options in northern EP!

  12. What a shame! At its best Delilah’s was a peaceful and delightful spot to enjoy one of Genevieve’s pastries. With its pretty pastel decorative scheme and curbside flowers, Delilah’s made a charming change from the grungy atmosphere at Chango or the bland Fix.
    Genevieve, I know you put your heart into Delilah’s. I wish you well and success in the future.

  13. Idk why some of you go on websites and talk shit. If You have a Problem with the bakery or the way its run, Then dont go! Its that simple, yet you all decide to trash in on a website. Get a Damed Life You ignorant people. If you think you have what it takes to open a bussiness then Do it and see if you can maintain it. Genevieve is a good friend of mine so i will not allow this to go on. Im sure at one point in time you people went in a bought a cupcake or food and finished the damed plate.

    • Im not sure you read everyones comments because a large proportion of them are complimentary and honest.

      I do like the idea that you forbid commenting on newspaper articles by the general public. Thats cute.

  14. Sorry to hear this … I really liked this spot too. It was always a delight to stop in for lunch or a treat. And the weekend brunch, when you had it, was my absolute favorite. Thank you for everything!!

  15. Those cupcakes look like they don’t have nearly enough frosting on them.

  16. Finally. Now i hope Fix and Chango follow suit.

  17. The neighborhood needs to cheapen – and sleazen – up a little. Allow the modern perversion of human conversation to permeate the air like opium. Skip the laptop brooding and molecular physicist barristas. That moment was 2000-2008, and it shall not pass. Bring smoking of all kinds – by BABIES, attitudes of apathetic degeneracy, artistic welfare scrounging, negligent transvestitism and MORE idiosyncratic, frustrating but memorable eating ventures to this now sterile junction!

  18. I hope someone opens up a marijuana dispensary or a pornography store – something the neighborhood can really use.

  19. Genevieve is a dear person and we are so sorry to hear this. It was a beautiful bright spot that gave us many a happy day. People should know she and the bakery were a huge supporter of the neighborhood school. God bless Genevieve, thank you for everything and we hope you are taking good care of yourself and are on the mend. With Love.

  20. I think the time I went in and saw a package of Jiffy cake mix on the back kitchen counter was the dealbreaker for me. But I really love the beautiful blue they painted it,, and wish everyone best of luck in the future. RIP Delilahs.

  21. I try soooo hard to support our local peeps trying to bring something unique to the neighborhood – this offered so much hope and …. lets just say I am looking forward to the next chapter in the life of this great space.

  22. Delilah’s had the BEST chocolate cupcake ever-it had chocolate chips. Went to lark yesterday and it doesn’t compare to the deliciousness that delilah’s had. sad to hear it’s closing. it was one of the few places in echo park that wasn’t pretentious and had good food. their sandwiches used to be amazing when they first started serving them though and they kind of continuously went down hill. Echo Park, WTF?! why are all the restaurants that are opening not places you would go to everyday just for some simple food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!no more marcona almonds and cheese plates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I hope something truly great opens up in this space!

  24. Does anyone know what’s going on there now?

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