Echo Park resident warns of suspicous woman on Grafton Street

An Echo Park resident early this morning saw a woman with binoculars on Grafton Street looking at house and inside vehicles. It’s not clear what the woman was doing but the Echo Park resident fears the woman might have been casing homes. She provides more details:

It was about 7:05 this morning. She was walking up Grafton Street wearing black jeans with red belt, black shirt, white cap and a white sweatshirt wrapped around her waist, about 5’4 – 5’6 black hair.  When I left my driveway she was across the street looking through binoculars at the houses and then she continued up Grafton looking into several vehicles.  I circled around the block and saw her again at the end of Grafton passed Lucretia in front of small school looking through binoculars again at houses across the road.


  1. I really hope she called the police.

  2. First thing to do is call ur local police dept report the women describe her with as much detail as possible ,then even confront the women in a good manner just give urself a distance.She could b casing the places n having acquaintance break in.Good observation tho ,stay safe all in all b Good to one another.peace

  3. Could she have been a bird watcher out on a hike in the morning, perhaps? It’s okay to talk to people in the morning and politely ask them what they are doing out of curiosity but to report them to the police on an unfounded suspicion is a little less than neighborly, dontcha think?

    And yeah, I live here and have had my car broken into but I seriously doubt the person needed binoculars to do it. Ask the person if they lost anything, can you help them, do they live in the neighborhood. Let them know that you can tell the neighbors to keep a look out for the lost… whatever. But don’t jump to conclusions. We have enough helicopters overhead as it is.

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