Lights out in Silver Lake

About 1,600 homes and businesses in Silver Lake lost power tonight and it might take up to 10 hours to have service restored, according to the  Department of Water Power. One  resident who was driving through the area said it appeared that the blackout was centered near Rowena and Hyperion avenues.   High winds started blowing through the area tonight but the the DWP, on its Twitter feed, did not provide a reason for the Silver Lake outage.  “Hang in there folks,” said  DWP tweet.


  1. flickered on/off here in Echo Park as well

  2. When I was driving home last night just before 10pm I saw three big bright flashes that I at first thought was lightning but then looked more like a transformer blowing up towards that general area. Lights flickered a few times in Atwater after I got home but never ended up going all the way out.

  3. Heard about 8 booms and saw the white flashes in the direction of Hyperion. We lost the street lights for the night and the house just popped on and off a couple times. But the winds were not crazy strong (nothing like last year’s “dry hurricane”!) so it was odd.

  4. I was hiking on Mt. Hollywood from 7 to 9:3o pm last night and saw occasional blue-white flashes around the city; on my way home, I saw some that might have been in the Silver Lake area.

    While I agree that they winds were not as strong or as sustained as in last year’s wind storm, a bit higher up there were some very strong gusts as well as a lot of blowing dust and debris. So I’m guessing that that explains the blackouts.

    I gather that as of this morning, some people in Silver Lake are still without power.

  5. You’d think after the big winds of last year that the power plants would be a bit more robust, but it seems not.

  6. I live off Hyperion and seriously our power goes out after three hours of rain or one windy night – seriously, how is that ok? Can they not build utilities enclosed in a structure that can handle non-extreme weather?

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