School district to spend more than $1 million to fix crumbling concrete at Marshall High

The Gothic-style main buildings of Marshall High School  have long established the Los Feliz campus as a neighborhood landmark. But, earlier this year, fragments of the school’s concrete and brick exterior –”large enough to cause serious harm”  – began falling to the ground, prompting the closure of the main entrance and later the installation of temporary scaffolding to shield students and other visitors, reports the Los Feliz Ledger. District officials blame the problem on spalling:

The school’s deterioration is called spalling, according to Roger Finstad, director of maintenance and operations at LAUSD, where the moisture naturally penetrates the concrete over time and causes the steel rebar to rust, leading to expansion and cracking.

Fixing the problem, which began earlier this year, is not going to be cheap. L.A. Unified’s School Construction Bond Citizens’ Oversight Committee recently approved spending more than $1.1 million to fix the exterior of the main building. The Ledger said the repairs, which must be reviewed and approved by state officials, are expected to be completed in August 2013.

Plywood and metal scaffolding were installed to protect visitors from debris.


  1. Scarce sympathy for horrible Barristers of Marshall High and their tower.

    Belmont High’s landmark Italianate campanile was taken down without a fare-thee-well in 1968. It stood proudly over the campus since 1923, and along with City Hall were LA’s two central city skyscrapers. It was the crown of old Crown Hill.

    Believe that following the 1971 Sylmar there was talk of taking down Marshall’s, but averted by public outcry. Well, community and alums like NFL great Mike Haynes, judge Lance Ito, felon Heidi Fleiss, actor Leo DeCaprio, and Councilman Tom Labonge, fork it out. I don’t want to pay for it.

    • Too bad Belmont never graduated anyone successful enough to help the alma mater.

      • Belmont is being slowly dismantled; shiny new campuses such as Miguel Contreras Learning Center, Roybal (formerly the New Belmont Learning Complex), and the Ramon C. Cortines School have pilfered Belmont’s students, the district cancelled its music program last year, and now charters and pilot schools are picking at Belmont’s carcass. I predict that Belmont High School will cease to exist within three years – at least, that’s the persistent rumor echoing through Belmont’s hallowed halls.

  2. There’re been a few, perhaps you’ve heard of them and are just being a Marshall snark, that’s okay, Barristers well-known for that atitude. You may Google, sure you can handle.

    Actors, politicos, judges, journalists, athletes but mostly good, hard-working American types, teachers, cops, Marines, etc. have Entered to Learn, Gone Forth to Serve, a play on Belmont’s honored motto. BTW, please think up a new fight song and stop using ours.

    And you can bet if our Campanile was in danger they’d team up fast to lend a hand.

  3. You’re correct, James, Belmont as a high school, one of LA’s earliest and historic campuses may go away. It may become a junior high. It was once California’s most populous high schools, had to go year-around, a student bod of approximately 6k. It now has a small enrollment.

    LAUSD has built dozens of new schools from central city to ‘burbs, in an era of declining enrollment. Great sense, but alloted bucks must be spent.

    We lose history as a city. Marshall alums, led by those I listed, should rescue their alma mater. Will wait to see.

  4. Yeah I agree. The Marshall’s alums should be hit up to pay for the rehab. If it’s only 1 million dollars (I say that like Austin Powers) that’s chump change. It’s surely Tom Labonge pushing that rehab. If Los Feliz had not risen from the ashes to be an “it” place to live that school would have caved and no one would care.

  5. These “let the private sector pay for it” attitude is the reason Marshall is in such bad straights in the first place. The school system is gutted. This school serves 4000+ students, many of whom may be the first in their family to attend college. If you want this beautiful public building to be paid for by private citizens, please maintain your own sidewalk, build your own electrical grid and pump in your own water. If you live in LA have pride for all of it and be a part of the entirety of the community.

  6. Let’s not forget Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid also went to John Marshall high school ,Leonardo di caprio has been spotted playing basketball at Marshall ,well atleast in the past he was seen playing every other day .Maybe figures like them can help the Marshall situation well atleast we hope they can come to the rescue.Save John Marshall high It’s a beautiful looking school,It’s been in commercials n movies It’s like a mini UCLA campus…ok here comes the hate..bring it my fans..

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