Silver Lake celebrates its newest sidewalk*

Photo by Mark LaBonge

The completion of a new sidewalk does not usually draw a crowd, let alone three TV news crews and a pair of Los Angeles city councilmen*.  But the new, approximately 500-foot sidewalk along Tesla Avenue marks the completion of a years long effort to build a walking path around the Silver Lake and Ivanhoe reservoirs.  Much of the path around the reservoirs was completed at the end of 2008 except for a section on Tesla Avenue, where the lack of a sidewalk forced pedestrians into the narrow street.

While the s$600,000 sidewalk and retaining wall have already been in heavy use for a few weeks now,  a grand opening celebration with councilmen Tom LaBonge and Eric Garcetti was held late this afternoon on the north edge of the Ivanhoe reservoir near the new sidewalk.

Building the new sidewalk was not a simple as pouring a strip of concrete.  At one point, officials were considering building an elevated boardwalk on Tesla. That idea was abandoned in favor of cutting a notch into what is basically part of the dam that contains the Ivanhoe reservoir. That plan, however, needed to be reviewed and approve by state dam officials.

The closure of the 500-foot gap in the walking path means joggers and walkers no longer have to venture into the street to circle the reservoirs. But, as the photos above show, some folks still like to go off road around the reservoir.

* Update: Make that two councilmen and a state assemblyman, Mike Gatto.


  1. OMG Megan and Sarah and their dogs are now safe to drink their double lattes from starbucks and text while theyre walking and talking about how rad it is to live in silverlake and how much fun they had at los globes!

  2. Now all we have to do is solve the rutty section between the dog park and the basketball court.

  3. Silly Billy – first, it’s Silver Lake (two words), and second, you are not helping. The new sidewalk is a public amenity and the Latinos, African Americans and Asians, among others, who walk and run around the reservoirs every day surely enjoy not getting hit by cars as much as the white folks who you’re clearly trying to make fun of. Please, give it a rest and take a (now safe) walk around the reservoirs. You’ll feel better, promise.

  4. This is a good thing to have — but the $600,000 price tag is criminal! A mere sidewalk of that kind of length just does not cost anywhere near $600,000! This is why we have no money for all the other things we need to do or want to do.

    • Henry, read the article. A significant amount of that money went into the retaining wall, something unheard of in a dam.

    • It’s important to understand that this was not an easy solution. As the article notes, the path had to be cut into the dam of Ivanhoe Reservoir, which required engineering and approvals from state dam safety authorities. The less-costly elevated walkway proposed three years earlier was rejected by the community.

  5. @GG– Silverlake was originally one word. Back in the 80s, when the City updatwd the street signs. They separated it into two words. All of us OGs still consider Silverlake a one word ‘hood. Silverlake was long ago cool because of its tolerance. We,had long been a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic & multi-socioeconomic community. Now, not so much. The demographics have clearly changed. Take a look around.

    • Uh, no.
      The Silver Lake area is located just five miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles and just east of Griffith Park. The district gets its name from the Department of Water and Power’s Silver Lake Reservoir, which was named after Herman Silver, a member of Los Angeles’ first Board of Water commissioners. The Department of Water and Power established these reservoirs in the early 1900s as part of the city-wide system of water storage & delivery that today has only 10 open reservoirs remaining.

  6. Always been two words… born and raised in SILVER LAKE!!!

  7. YES MACSTER….. Im just going by the CITY street signs that USED to have it as one word!!! hahahah ECHO goggled something and found a link…… but well said macster… its sad that the diversity is gone

  8. Billy, you’re upstaging yourself again.

  9. Billy, where were Megan and Sarah when they had fun at Los Globes….used to be a place called Los Globos but that’s gone too..or maybe Megan and Sarah have a problem with their spelling..

  10. Billy, please take a walk. And please take it around the reservoirs. And while you’re out walking (safely) and clearing your head and trading smiles with your multi-everything neighbors, enjoy this public amenity for what it is: which is a sidewalk.

  11. Everyday I read the comments on this blog instead of watching shows like Maury or Campus PD. So entertainingly trashy.

  12. I love this headliner photo.

    “New 600,000$ sidewalk installed. Joggers reject it in lieu of jogging in middle of street.”

  13. Concrete has a higher density than asphault, so it is easier on runner’s joints to run on the street than on the sidewalk. They’re just saving their knees.

    I will say, they did substantially widen the street, with the addition of the sidewalk. It was not just a patch-pour. I’ll have to come run the Lake, sans-latte, soon.

  14. This site is so phony non real they pick what makes it on here or even worst they edit ur wording or experiences…whack cheesesider…lol

  15. The path is great. Much better than what was there before. Silver Lakers will whine about just about everything without really considering much of anything. It’s part of the neighborhood brand.

    • Sometimes without really considering much of anything.

      • This guy, Jerry Malatesta… seems like so many of his comments are about “Silver Lake” whiners. What’s up with that? Jerry, how about you quit whining about the “whining,” eh? LOL

  16. So let me see if I get the position of the snarky folks straight: Because there are some trendy folks in Silver Lake (by no means the whole population) and because not everybody in LA has adequate sidewalks and walkways yet, the city should invest in a sidewalk that’s a resource in a major recreational area, an area accessible to multiple neighborhoods. Yeah that makes a lot of sense, sure it does!

  17. He does blow hard fellas ,No more running in mud nor street, money well spent sorry schools that’s just what city’s do.Maybe they can re-due everyone’s sidewalks.

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