Silver Lake nightclub shuts down public shows over permit issue*

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The holidays are going to be relatively quiet at Los Globos, one of Silver Lake’s largest nightclubs, after permitting problems forced the venue to cancel  its live music shows and dance floor to the public. Owner Steve Edelson, who took over the Sunset Boulevard club last year,  told  Hollywood Scene Style that his venue’s live music and dance permits had been canceled as of Monday by the L.A. Police Commission. But the head of the commission’s investigative commission said today that the owners never had those permits in the first place and need to get them now. “There’s no permit for the owners,” said Lt. Chris Waters of the Commission Investigation Division.

After Edelson purchased the club at the corner of Sunset Boulevard at Vendome Street last year the exterior of the two-story building was painted black, the interior was renovated and the place was booked with live music acts and dance events that lasted well into the early morning hours.

Los Globos will remain open for private parties and has applied for the permits in a process that could take 45 days, an employee said this morning.  The employee told The Eastsider  that the club would be sending over a statement with more details.

The end of live music at Los Globos forced some show promoters to quickly find alternative venues.  The promoters of Halloween Fever in Outer Space, which was to  have taken place tonight at the club,  has been moved to Echo Country Outpost in Echo Park, according to an email.  “Los Globos ran into some legal issues and had to close its doors for now. Which you can imagine was great to find out about this morning,” said the email.

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* This post has been updated.


  1. LOL just like the ECHO. grease enough palms and the permits will be back..

  2. As a “nearby neighbor” I hope restrictions are put on the place. Patrons coming out of the club when it closes have no care whatsoever about yelling back and forth at each other on dark suburban streets, making dogs bark, throwing trash instead of taking it with them in their cars, and generally disrupting the quiet of the night. Turn the corner off of Sunset Blvd and you’re in a suburb. Keep that in mind or keep the place closed.

    • Well you live in east side by a club. Not a place for old people that want a quiet country life. It never ceases to amaze me that people in a major city like LA have the nerve to make “noise complaints”. If you stop and think about how absurd that is and just move or learn to deal with it, the rest of us would get on much better, Gene.

      • I live near Los Globos and I dont find it disruptive at all. I think it’s because I understand I live in a city, and in a “hip” neighborhood where people want to hang out. If you want peace and quiet move to away from a busy street or go to the suburbs.

      • From bearclaw’s comment, I have to think he/she feels the Eastside should be wall-to-wall nightclubs. Very ill considered idea, pretty shallow outlook. Bearclaw clearly is someone just passes through for maybe a couple-few years until he/she move to someplace preferable. Get rowdy and party up, and leave the mess behind — that’s apparently is what the Eastside is for.

        Actually, alcohol permits, much less dance and entertainment permits, are significantly regulated — and the concentration of them already in an area is one of the more significant considerations when any new permit is sought. In fact, that was one of the big reasons the new 7-Eleven on Glendale Boulevard was denied an alcohol permit — because police and others believe there already are too many establishments with alcohol permits in this area. And they are right.

        The Eastside is not just for partying and nightclubs. The Eastside is a much fuller neighborhood and should not be overrun with nightclubs.

        • An Original Eastsider

          Then move to San Gabriel Valley, please! SL and EP are as much a part of Hollywood/L.A. CITY life. Move on or stop complaining.

          • So, to OG and the rest of you telling the abuelitas and families that have lived in the neighborhood since it was a Cuban foothold in LA to move to the valley: Los Globos was the oldest Latin club in Los Angeles and until last year when Edelson took over, no one in the neighborhood had a problem with it. So don’t say that we live in a city and should be ok with a club next door – we were and have been for the last 30 years. The problem is the new management and how they are running the club.

      • As a former resident of several of the more noisy and club-ridden neighborhoods of Manhattan and Brooklyn (and fellow club patron), I find Gene’s complaint is completely valid. It’s one thing to attend a club. It’s an entirely different thing to think that gives you the right to behave as you want. Living in the city doesn’t entitle one to act like an imbecile day and night regardless of where they are. Living in a city requires remembering that you are constantly in a mixed-use area — residential, entertainment and business — and that you have to respect that and make reasonable compromises. I.e., screaming and throwing trash inside club is ok. In the hood outside the club, not so ok.

        If someone pulled that kind of crap in Brooklyn, they were met with several rounds of “SHUT THE ^%$# UP, ASSHOLE!” out the windows. And, if that didn’t shut the morons up, the eggs came out. (The ones kept by the bedside for the broken car alarms.) And, I don’t want to imagine what would go down if you were caught throwing trash in their yards. In other words, I doubt there’s a large city in the world where selfish obnoxious behavior is tolerated simply because one lives in a city.

    • really? You’re complaining about a club ON SUNSET BLVD!!! REPEAT…. ON SUNSET BLVD… you might want to look into a nice retirement home in Burbank, or invest in some sound proof walls….. the nerve of some people..

      • Have some empathy, people. No matter where a nightclub is located, it’s always rude to be yelling and trashing the streets around someone’s residence in the middle of the night. Manners are key in a civilized society. And maybe you might consider the fact that Gene and his neighbors were there BEFORE the nightclub moved in.

    • There have been so many problems at Los Globos. They may have trouble getting a permit. The neighborhood should organize so that at least restrictions will be in place. The open all night club was a little too much.

  3. Hey Gene; Nobody asked you to live next to a nightclub. You want peace and quiet? Move to the Valley.

  4. Maybe when they reopen they can stop charging $9 for well drinks.

  5. What suburb? Your bordered by Virgil village, echo park, the 101 and sunset blvd. I hear Moreno Valley is looking for residents.

    • That person is trying to say that its a residential street with apartments. And the people who attend that place have no respect for the neighborhood when they leave. Just take a look at who did this past weekends last events there. Total bro/hipster/bro party.

  6. To “echoparklady”: My personal experience with LAPD Vice is that they are professional and always willing to work with establishments in resolving issues. But they are BY THE BOOK. They are just doing their job, making sure bars comply with the conditions of their liquor license and permits. If they close a bar down, you can be sure it is for very legitimate reasons. (And, in over a decade in the neighborhood, no Vice officer has ever asked me to grease their palm…)

  7. @Tyler: I bet Gene didn’t choose to live next to a dance club along the lines of this one. I bet when he moved in, what was there wasn’t like this…as an almost 20 yr resident, I know from which I speak. There’s nothing about a club that allows not enabled its patrons to act like jerks.

  8. We should do something about those rowdy Dodger fans too. Close Dodger Stadium!!

    You live in the city, if you want peaceful, find an Olive Garden to live next to.

    • Jeez folks.
      There is a reasonable expectation of basic neighborly-ness.
      Just because you move near a club that used to operate until 2am, doesn’t mean you signed up for an after-hours all-night dance party with patrons puking on your sidewalk at 6am.
      Just because there was a gang house on my street that might have been there for 18 years doesn’t mean I have to sit idly by when they want to use my yard as an escape route, or let them tag my wall.
      Just because I live near Dodger Stadium doesn’t mean I can’t call bullshit when they do something inconsiderate to the community to increase their profits.
      We live in the city. It’s noisy, dirty and full of inconsiderate people. Try not to be one of them.

  9. Folks, he expanded the club downstairs without the proper conditional use permit. All other businesses in the area, including the Echo have gone through the painful process of neighborhood council approval. How do I know this? I was at a neighborhood council meeting where I saw the echo was getting grilled on their expansion which was ultimately approved. It seems like the new owner does not think that the rules apply to him. This kind of bad operator mentality will ultimately lead to the downfall of this club I am sure.

  10. There have now already gotten to be far too many nightclubs and general drinking establishments in Echo Park and Silver Lake. I would not be opposed to this permit not being renewed. I would also seek a moratorium on any new such places, such as the monied and fancy gastropub preparing to open in Sunset Junction (they damn well at least better not be giving that place an entertainment permit!).

    The volume of these things are negatively affecting the surrounding residential areas. A couple clubs in the area is one thing; being overrun by them as is happening here is a very different thing. These places are ruining the ambience of what had been a very pleasant neighborhood.

  11. If these clubs didn’t want stringent city approval processes, they should’ve opened their clubs next to abandoned warehouses in the middle of nowhere! (See what I did there?)

  12. How dare someone complain about drunken hipsters yelling and littering in the middle of the night. This country was founded by drunken hipsters who made a little noise in the night that is now known as the bill of rights. Thusly, all noise complaints of any kind are UN-American. You may as well dig up George Washington and slap the wooden teeth out of his rotting noggin.

    P.s. Dance clubs are literally hotbeds of venereal disease.

  13. @Mswmajcs I’m wit u on that..I’ve seen the drastic changes…

  14. There really aren’t that many rowdy bars in the area… I mean, sunset junction itself really has none. 4100 would be the closest thing.

    Globos is the most obnoxious… thus it’s being targeted. Doesn’t help that they have not-so-secret after-hours drinking and the occasional stabbing out back. Although in defense of the stabbings, I doubt anyone at Globos has enough extra space in their pants to hide a knife… it’s more likely the local gang than it is the patrons)

  15. To everyone arguing this is a city, get over it…

    The issue with Globos is not typical city noise or even typical post-bar behavior. The impact of Los Globos is way beyond reasonable city hubub.

    Los Globos is open till 6:00am on weekends, and the impact lasts that late. They’ve failed to adequately address parking, and as a result, patrons park as far away as Marathon and Robinson, which is almost a half mile away. On Fridays and Saturdays, there’s a constant stream of people screaming, urinating, or smoking and drinking in parked cars. And all these behaviors have secondary impacts that reduce the QOL in the neighborhood. It’s not just the loud drunks, but the barking dogs, the broken bottles, the puke. This is not regular city life.

    And Globos, a private business, benefits from being close to a quiet, residential neighborhood without mitigating any of the effects. It would be one thing if Globos were in a warehouse district away from residences, or if Globos run by Edelson had been around for a while, but all this is new. None of this behavior happened before the club changed ownership. Basically, the new owner created a new business that’s totally incongruous with the neighborhood.

    Los Globos has failed to mitigate any of the problems in the residential neighborhoods surrounding. This is not about disruptions or complaints within the immediate area of Sunset. Marathon and Vendome, for instance, is not a commercial district, and shouldn’t have to deal with this level of disruption. There’s a reason Silverlake has permit parking 11:00pm to 6:00am around the Satellite (former Spaceland).

    And as a private business, they don’t really get carte blanche to benefit as a neighborhood is affected. I find it odd that people sympathize more with a business operating on the margins of the law than with long time residents. Communities/governments grant businesses licenses to operate, not the other way around. While I’m all for respectful, responsible businesses, the neighborhood doesn’t owe this dude the privilege of making money while breaking the law and screwing the neighborhood.

  16. I’d be curious to know what the original LOS GLOBOS was like. I mean, it was a dance club for many years and was there a problem then? While I agree some noise is to be expected in city living – pissing and puking, drunkenly yelling and other various behaviors that are a result of drinking large amounts of alcohol are really crossing the line, IMHO. I shudder to think that these folks are getting in their cars and driving drunk afterwards… while texting, no doubt.

    • The original globos was like that bar in “Along came Polly”. All the nice latino people gathered around as the four white people learned how to dance all “spicy”. People were sweaty but not stinky, drinking but not drunk, hot and available (even to you!)

      …or maybe it was another one of those clubs we were afraid to enter because of the giant round dudes out front.

  17. It’s amazing how people will support the right of invasive douchebros and beat down the rights of neighbors. Your values are upside down but – good news – I hear skid row is looking for more drunks. arf.

  18. Get over it. Its rocknroll. Its Sunset Blvd. Its Silverlake. I live across the street and hear loadies coming from Thirsty Crow, and Silverlake Lounge not Just globos. however they do have some amazing EDM shows. Move if you dont like musicians and or artists.

    • What’s your address? Me and some of my friends wanna come scream and yell, puke on your front steps…..

      • Me too , i want to throw used condoms on your porch , puke in your yard , break bottles in front of your home , yell at the top of my lungs to the tune of “WOOOOOOO” , all at 5am . Is that cool ?
        BEFORE YOU MOVED HERE , this really WAS a place of artists and musicians , now its a place for rich Westside kids to wreak the havoc that they can’t wreak on the Westside . Whatever .

        • re: “now its a place for rich Westside kids to wreak the havoc that they can’t wreak on the Westside ”

          That’s the real problem with EP and Silver Lake both in recent times. If not the Westside, then wherever entitled brats are bred, it doesn’t really matter. I think you nailed the situation perfectly.

  19. I think our whole approach towards entertainment in this city is wrong. Making club permits and liquor licenses exorbitantly expensive, excessively stringent and otherwise hard to come by in essence concentrates nightlife in the hands of a select few rich douchebag club/bar/restaurant owners who in turn want to maximize their profits and make their business a destination for all to recoup their losses. This is why you see massive new bar-market-restaurants downtown such as Towne, Artisan House or Bottega Louie; or even larger-scale Barbarella or the incoming behemoth Village Idiot in Silver Lake. We are making everything so goddamned expensive that a small bar or club can’t possibly afford to open up by jumping through all of the ridiculous hoops to get the proper permits. We are in an era of “big box” venues, which are all ultimately bland, boring–not to mention aggravating for the surrounding smaller scale communities to deal with.

    All I’m trying to say is that California–especially LA–takes the cake when it comes to restricting the accessibility to these permits. We are so nauseatingly litigious as a result of being a city dominated by expensive single-family dwellings. Everyone is scared of change or the fact that they live in an environment where things are out of their control (i.e. a city). This restrictive approach doesn’t seem to necessarily be preventing nuisances from arising, now does it? Instead of beer holes on every corner that might close when the last customer leaves at midnight, you get a mega-club on a corner with exorbitantly priced drinks in Dixie cups and puke on your lawn at 6.00 am. In other states, sometimes it’s a given that you can just sell alcohol–or hell, DANCE–without having to get your prostate examined and pulling in several million dollars’ worth of investment to get up off of the ground.

    Stop being so paranoid about any nightlife or alcohol-selling businesses, Homeowners of Los Angeles. The “elementary school around the corner”-excuse is getting old. You might restrict drinking on the beaches; you might not permit open-air concerts after 9.30 pm; you might force outdoor patios of beer gardens to vacate because you chose to live above it, but in case you haven’t noticed, surface parking lots in this city keep disappearing. By all means: keep complaining–we’ll make “fun” so expensive that eventually we’ll just have to legalize gambling so that we can casino-ize our big box venues.

    I guess I’m just bitter because there are about four different places to go on the Eastside. It gets pretty boring being a gay, socialist, pro-development, baby-aborting, bike-riding, poor male.

  20. Well they were open tonight (Tuesday night)! It was a Vice Magazine Party w/ DJs, live music and free beer (yes – they promoted the event as having free beer). Anyone could RSVP to the Facebook event and get in for free. That qualifies as a “private event”??? How is that okay w/ the dance and live music permits pulled?

    • It’s pretty simple in regards to “private events”

      You must provide a guest list (that’s the reason for facebook RSVP, which usually has a link to a event RSVP site from the sponsor.)

      You canNOT sell any liquor at a PRIVATE PARTY. It’s the law.

      And you can not charge a entrance fee to a PRIVATE PARTY where they are serving alcohol.

      Its basically a BIG PROMOTIONAL SPONSORED EVENT. Everyone does it. All types of big companies entice potential costumers with Free Swag (ie: Shirts, Beer, Hats, you name it)

  21. WOW !!!!

    Never knew the Eastsider had this viewership?

    Amazing there is such spirited discussion over a night club on Sunset but when the streets are plagued with graffiti, trash all over the neighborhood, the congested traffic because of slow working construction it is all less important than an overpriced night club on Sunset.

    Well its good to know all the hipster transplants from Kansas have their priorities.

    • Burn!!!! From KANSAS! You GOT them!

    • Puh-leez…

      That’s the pot calling the kettle black. I think there are even worse evils in LA than graffiti or traffic…or over-priced, lame clubs. I’m simply trying to say that a lot of people in this city are alarmists. You cannot prevent development. Learn to accept it and you’ll help contribute towards responsible development. Sunset Junction is going to be a battle zone over the next few years with the proposed 4100/Bates Motel buildings, as well as the Village Idiot and surely other venues. You need to understand that the obstruction of (responsible) development can come at a price. Los Globos could not exist at Sunset Junction; it can farther down Sunset. Eventually, it won’t be able to exist where it currently is, and then things will get pushed to a more remote area. Does it disappear? NO.

      For the record, I’m not from Kansas, nor am I a “hipster”. I don’t think my viewpoint is utterly groundbreaking either. I’m just calling it like it is. We’ve had these conversations repeatedly in various forms already on this website. Why don’t we simply discuss the root of these problems and learn to accept the fact that there are specific evils in this city we need to accept?

      • Thats the attitude I am referring to.

        Graffiti is no big deal? Really? Traffic problems are no big deal? Obviously you are from Kansas or some other place because obviously you are not a native. If you were you would get the point of my statement.

        How am I being an alarmist because I am sick of my neighborhood being used as a dumping ground? I own and have lived in Silver Lake a long time. I am abundantly aware of the neighborhood.

        My point is this seems like a little things compared to what is happening around us.

        So really, I know that its a big step and you are living the high life because we have running water out here but maybe your efforts could be used to improve the neighborhood than have to “accept” the this is the city mentality.

        • You really think graffiti and trash is a worse problem than the shoeless crazy people wandering around who can’t afford professional help? Or the random point-blank shooting of the pizza deliveryman on Silver Lake Blvd. last year? Or the fact that our educational system is in the toilet (not Ivanhoe)? It sounds like your problem is more of an aesthetic one.

          You must really have grown up in a stuck-up, disassociated gated community on the Westside. Kudos to you for earning your Eastside stripes. You’re certainly roughing it with your spray-paint murals overhead while you sit on the sidewalk feasting on vegan food.

          I highly doubt Silver Lake is being used as more of a ‘dumping ground’ than any other neighborhood with nightlife venues in LA. Look at Hollywood, the Historic Core or Echo Park. This is a city-wide problem. I’m not defending this douchebag club owner, nor the club. I’m simply saying that this is a problem you’ll forever be grappling with as the city densifies more and more. Outright restriction, whether it be development or the granting of liquor licenses or club permits, is not the answer. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, so accept the fact that you’ll be living around the corner from one mega-club going till 6.00 in the morning or instead four bars with small dance floors that close promptly at 2.00. Continually assigning the blame to the vague and now antiquated moniker, “the hipster movement”; or to those from far blander places, is asinine and bound to propel this discussion into the toilet. If everyone were from the same place, LA would be BORING.

          • Totally agree about the typical hipster/gentrification war these discussions devolve into. It’s inaccurate and unproductive. And the strategies to deal with gentrification, specifically ones discussed on this site, they’re silly and idealistic. Development is a slow train comin, and no one’s gonna stop it.

            But it’s a false choice to pit small problems — graffiti, trash — against real problems. It’s not a zero sum game. We can work for cleaner, safer neighborhoods and better schools. Concern about smaller problems is not an abdication or bourgeois privilege. Some problems, like schools and crime, aren’t so easily addressed on this scale. (And not that any of these problems are really dealt with on an Internet forum).

            I know most aren’t apologizing for this club, or arguing for unchained development, but it’s a little cynical to argue that the current situation in this hood is natural or inevitable. Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but working to put some sensible restrictions on a club, or development in general, is not an example of misplaced priorities or atavistic idealism.

            Some problems lend themselves to local action, and a rowdy club with a (probably) pending license hearing is one.

          • Actually, I was born and raised here. As I keep saying it is obvious you are not from here.

            Moving forward. If you are not aware of what graffiti represent socially and the impact it has on communities then you should go back to Topeka. I would prefer to deal with the scores of homeless because at least they aren’t hurting anyone. There is also a ton of help out there but you can’t imprison someone who is homeless. This isn’t England.

            The pizza guy shooting, though tragic was from a road rage incident. Lets take a look at all the gang shootings. That would be more realistic than a freak tragedy.

            Now, with regards to the nightlife. You obviously hadn’t had to deal with the drunks leaving Spaceland and smashing into cars on their way out. You mention I’m sheltered but what haven in Silver Lake do you live in to be immune to all this?

  22. I think eastsider should have a virtual jar that gets a nickel every time crusty get-off-my-lawner types the word ‘hipster’.

    • Sorry not a crusty guy get off my lawn type. Its the transplants that think this is the way the city should be. If you were from here you would understand.

  23. I posted the truth about this place and as usual they flagged it ,not even that whack Eastsider decided not to place my post for the community to know the truth..I’m done with this whack site..

  24. Hey everybody,

    There are two sides to every story and the important thing is to work together.

    NO, the old people are NOT just going to take their $2 retirement savings and slap down a deposit for a new place and pay for moving costs which they don’t have, and NO, the homeowners that bought a few years ago when the neighborhood was quieter whose houses are now underwater with the recession and they have lost everything while trying to barely hang on are NOT going to move, and NO, the families in section 8 housing around the block that take pride in raising their kids and planting flowers in their yards are suddenly NOT going to suddenly win the lottery and move to the “suburbs”. And NO, the homeless across the street who finally were given apartments for the first time to rebuild their lives should NOT be pressured to suddenly move !!!!!!!! For what??? A fly by night money making capitalist who will use the neighborhood for a few years and then leave with a possible mess in it’s wake? Don’t you know anything about the nightclub business? It’s an age old story.

    The kind of idiots thinks that life works so simply must be spoiled hotheads who have no idea how communities work and how businessman rape and pillage for their own profit. (overstatement in this case, perhaps, but a fact in most cases nonetheless.)

    On the other hand, the neighborhood is changing with younger faces and people want to party. But club locations should be considered where there is the least disturbance to permanent residents. And the owners coming in to open these clubs would be more welcomed if they were not businessmen from other areas who travel with bodyguards, threaten the neighbors and defy laws put in place to promote harmony in the community. Ask the LAPD and neighbors of other businesses by this owner about his past track record. You may not be so quick to defend this place.

    On the other hand, you will not find the same protest of the owners of Spaceland and The Echo, who have more regard for their surroundings and have learned to work with the community.

    Yeah, it’s on Sunset but most of the people park in the surrounding streets and are affected.

  25. Hey, I think you guys are all crazy. Is this Club Loose Globes into giving out free bales of hay? ‘Cause those are the only clubs I like to go to. Also, I hope there’s a mural of a field of corn on the interior walls. I’ll tell you what –I don’t understand what graffiti is and how it’s important because I’m from a vortex of nothingness.

  26. This club had or has ties to the MS 13 gang . Just a reminder people forget they can make a citizens arrest , I’ve done a few works all the time even for drunk in public.

  27. Does anyone remember Zen on Hyperian ?? It’s the same owner of Los Globes, the city and residence have been fighting with him for years. How did you get the permit to open Los Globes, when the city had been after him for years after the mess he left at ZEN. I think the owner and wanta be mayor Eric Garcetti are partners, because Eric holds his fund raisers!

  28. I have booked venues on and off the past 20 + years that produce and promote national touring acts and booked 300 shows per year.
    When I used to come home for almost a decade from 1998-2007 leaving West Hollywood @ midnight or so and driving in to Silverlake I always saw cops and MAJOR brawls outside of Los Globas!
    Was that joint ever shut down?
    I have been a resident of Silverlake for 15 years +.
    What Edelson did to this venue from my perspective and vantage point is nothing less than wonderful.
    Previously it always been a scary club, with a cop and security in front breaking up the rumbles.
    You cannot tell me that this venue opening was or is a surprise to the neighbors.
    I personally was at there a few times during the construction of the new incarnation of this venue and everyone (neighbors ) saw what was going on.
    One of the venues I previously worked at has been open for 35 years and is an institution and the neighbors STILL COMPLAIN.
    And GOOD FOR Steve Edelson for bringing work and money to the city.
    Work with the business owners City of Los Angeles.
    Its hard enough to make a money in music or period these days.
    Why couldn’t the venue be granted a temporary use permit?
    They have to wait 45 days at this time of year?

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