Silver Lake pot stores close following DEA visits

Customers who patronized a pair of Hyperion Avenue marijuana dispensaries found both Silver Lake shops closed today following visits by federal drug agents. Signs of the closures were taped to the front of the Stargate Collective and Hyperion Healing, located about a block apart on Hyperion near Udell Court, “This was a good place,” said James, a Glendale resident outside of Hyperion Healing, where an employee was informing customers of the closure. “I think they are very legit.”

The Drug Enforcement Agency and Justice Department, however, would disagree with James.

A spokeswoman with the DEA said the agents were following up on letters sent to Los Angeles area marijuana dispensaries last month warning them they were in violation of federal law. The mailing of those letters coincided with the raid on the Fountain of Well Being dispensary, which operated a short walk away from where the Stargate and Hyperion Healing outlets are located.

It’s not clear when and if the two dispensaries would reopen. A sign on the door of  the Stargate Collective said:

Due to some uncertainties from the government we are closed for today.

A woman who said she works at Hyperion Healing said the DEA agents did not remove any items or make any arrests. “They were just making sure were were not operating,” said the woman, who had worked at the dispensary for about three years. “We are a family-owned business. We are part of the community.”




  1. omg how are becky and tina going to get baked before los globos?

  2. Clearly, the DEA and Justice Department need a budget cut.

  3. Finally. I live on the cross street and ever since this dispensary showed up a few years ago our street suddenly experienced repeat car break-ins, graffiti, under aged kids smoking on our steps, trash piled up outside, cars parked in the middle of the street blocking access to our homes, etc, etc. “We are part of the community” ???

    • I live a block away from FWB, hyperion healing, and stargate collective and i never encountered any problems due to the dispensaries. Ive met the owners of the establishments and i really do feel like they are part of the community.

    • I live a block away from all three of the dispensaries and i have never encountered any problems. i have met a few of the owners and i really do feel like they are a valuable part of the community.

    • I could not agree more. My car, along with several others on the street, has been broken into three times since the store moved in. Kids who certainly don’t look sick throw their garbage on the street after they’ve finished smoking in their cars. The “patients” frequently park their cars in the middle of the street or in driveways. Good riddance.

  4. billy, why do you really care if becky and tina get baked before going to los globos?

  5. The pot shops are such a joke. I go to a sushi place next to one of the ‘medical’ Mary Jane outlets on Sunset, and every person walking in there is a 20-something, and they frequently carry out multiple bags of the stuff. I particularly like the ones where chauffeurs are sent in to pick up the – ahem – meds.

    I’m sure they’re all in terrible pain. Ironically, I’m actually the guy on a crutch with damaged leg nerves. I prefer to work out and stay healthy. Anyway, the whole pot shop scam is amusing and irritating. I really don’t care if someone lights up – just don’t pretend it’s medication. There’s people out there who really do need it for health issues.

    • Only a medical doctor is qualified to determine if someone needs medication of any kind. Age is irrelevant, and those type of observations are speculative. It’s not just for physical pain either….

  6. When Hyperion Healing says they are part of the community – well not really. I lived on Udell Ct for a while – and the whole vibe of their place is kinda ghetto. Their customers sometimes block the intersection and act all spooky if you want to get around them. Also I recall some kind of screaming match the owner had with one of the neighbors here – to the extent that the neighbors regularly sent petitions to the city government and all of us. Also its weird when their security guy stands outside on the sidewalk – a strange sight in such a suburban place. I believe pot should be legal – and support these places but if HH want to be ‘part of the community’ they should actually try a little harder.

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