Sunset Boulevard in a new light


City crews will soon finish retrofitting Sunset Boulevard street lights  through much of Echo Park and Silver Lake with new, energy-efficient LED lights.  The classic fluted lampposts are also getting a new coat of “Spring Street Green” (pictured above) as the new lights are installed. A total of 213 street lights between  Cesar Chavez Avenue and Broadway on the east  and Sunset Boulevard and Occidental Boulevard on the west will be repainted during the current phase of the program, said Richard Lee with the Bureau of Street Services.


  1. Hooray – the end of the orange tinted soda light era! No more sepia-tinted nights.

  2. I served on a jury one time in which an officer testified that he was able to see the money change hands, and he could tell the denomination of the bill by the color…..(under a sodium vapor light–). There were other discrepencies in the testimony (and his partner wouldn’t testify)…it was a hung jury.
    I am all in favor of enforcing the laws…but don’t lie…
    After the case, the attorneys wanted to know why we voted the way we did and I explained about the sodium vapor lights altering color perceptions. They’d never heard of that before.

    I know the LED lights are more efficient energy-wise, I hope they don’t create too much light for the residences close by. Sodium vapors at least are soft, LEDs are harsh.

    • how do you know he was lying? That’s a bold accusation. Maybe he’s used to staring at that color of light and CAN color differentiate. Innocent until proven guilty doesn’t apply to cops? it seems to have worked for you to let off the defendant. way to show bias while trying to exemplify your fairness of opinion.

    • I say good call G,
      US currency ain’t like a pack of Skittles,unlike Canadian and British currency, to name a couple.That level of spectral discernment sounds a bit rich even for me,and I’m known amongst my co-workers as Miss Color Ssplash.Police used to have a term for this, “testilying”.
      As for the new lighting,maybe they can give out dimmers to local Block Captains. Harsh lighting? The Cramps wrote a song about it-“Sunglasses After Dark”(Oooh,they look so sharp!).

      • Oh Cripes,you’re both “g”. I meant good call for G ,as in Gabriele. Oh, I just noticed…@goat,the cop was not on trial, his involvement entailed being an unconvincing witness.

  3. Regarding that lamppost being retrofitted in the picture: Just how did those advertisements for The Book of Mormon get approved for display under the Los Angeles’ street banner program? Approved events are supposed to either be official City of Los Angeles events or community events in which proceeds benefit a charity or nonprofit organization. I don’t think the Nederlander Organization, which operates the Pantages Theater, is nonprofit.

    ABC got in trouble in 1999 for doing this sort of thing (advertising its Fall schedule).

  4. A good led streetlight is supposed to be more directional than with the sodium – so light is focused on the street/sidewalk rather than orange light spilling everywhere – we shall see. Great that the city is getting around to painting the lovely old light posts – now about thise crumbling curbs and sidewalks…

  5. I’ve looked at these “white” LED lights before and I have questions.
    The old “amber” lights did not attract bugs at night. These LED lights, if they’re the same as on 6th St. Bridge etc, _must_ be missing certain wavelengths as they don’t attract bugs either.

    I think any kind of streetlight is going to be off-kilter as far as color somewhere, somehow, or the bugs will be there.

  6. Is there any opportunity to complain about this or start griping about “gentrification”? Thanks.

  7. What? No impassioned discussion on light post finishes? No oiled bronze vs faux stone vs brushed nickel vs stainless? Eh.I can live with this uh,” Spring St. Green”. Thank God it isn’t stainless.When is this obsession with everything requiring metal (From kitchens to lamposts) having to always end up looking like leftover OEM DeLorean body panels ?

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