Tagger declared brain dead after falling from Historic Filipinotown building

Police said the 19-year-old tagger  fell from a three-story building in Historic Filipinotown early this morning, reports City News Service via the Daily News.  The man, who was declared brain dead after being transported to a hospital, had climbed a tree to reach the building near the intersection of Beverly Boulevard and Union Place, about a block away from Belmont  High School.

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  1. Well, losing your life is certainly worth the chance for that hero tag…

    I hope the news spreads to his fellow taggers.

    • Were you born old -or just small minded and mean?

      • @Valerie
        Age has nothing to do with wisdom sweety. It’s hardly “small minded and mean” to point out the absurdity of loosing your life to something so idiotic like tagging a building…

    • I think Beanteam is right on and not being mean at all- I hope the news does spread and then MAYBE taggers will start asking themselves if its worth losing their lives

  2. Although i feel bad because someone has lost their life, i can’t help but acknowledge your absolutely brilliant comment .

  3. Oopsie!

  4. third story up? not even a “heavens” spot. but sad nonetheless…the ultimate price for “getting up”

  5. Que descanze en paz en SU Gloria.

  6. How sad for the family and friends. Very sorry to hear.

  7. It’s too bad, right? Taggers are not much different from the rest of us. They want to get their name out there somehow, but they express that ambition a little too literally and in a way that ruins it for everyone else. Poor kid though. I wish he’d found a better way.

    • They don’t put their name up. It’s just a ‘tag’. They’re more like dogs peeing on a tree to mark their territory. But maybe less intelligent.

  8. I read this post’s title and simultaneously thought: ‘hilarious,’ ‘Darwinism in action,’ and wondered if we called OSHA maybe that could finally put a stop the little spray-tards (because they won’t like the bureaucracy and taxes they’ll have to pay).

  9. Yes, because none of you ever made dumb, impulsive decisions when you were 19. Poor kid.

    • I never made the decision to vandalize.

      • Ruby is miss perfect…didn’t know it existed…

        • I was in college at 19 getting a BA (Hons) degree not destroying property that wasn’t mine.
          Statistically people studying for degrees or grafting in an apprenticeship don’t end up on the sidewalk with their brains hanging out compared to destructive, law breaking dumbies, go figure!

          • Oh, come on! I have 2 degrees, but I still did dumb stuff as a kid. I also knew a law student who used to tag. Point is, you don’t know anything about this person or his circumstances. But, hey, if you all want to applaud the death of someone, by all means. Enjoy.

          • Cue the applause sign!!!

  10. Cue the unconsciously ironic memorial tagging in the same location – honoring the fallen who died doing what he loveintend inspiring another generation with the outpouring of love from the community.)

  11. no my stupid 19 yr old mistakes did not include destruction of other peoples’ property

  12. darwin awards nominee.

  13. “Taggers are not much different from the rest of us. They want to get their name out there somehow…”

    I don’t often get the chance to stop at a graffiti riddled mess and admire the artists illegible signatures enough.

    • I think you’re missing the point Zal. It’s a mess because they’re writing over each others’ tags. They’re writing their names for other taggers to see and recognize in a competitive milieu. Fundamentally, it’s not different from how other people legitimately announce their presence. It is, however, misguided–and sad. Double sad because the kid lost his life.

  14. Is that what they call going bombing .bombs away .he knew the risk but seems he like other taggers got greedy wanting high level exposure n paid for it ,now he’s brain dead n does not know his own name or tag .Come on kids fellas It’s not worth it ,it don’t pay ,try graphic arts or something that’s legal n safe n that pays ..Workers comp could of help..I guess taggers will now wear helmets to avoid head injuries or dumb thoughts….Lesson 2 be Learned..

  15. One thing is for certain: There will be no more vandalism/graffiti of other peoples property by this tagger.

  16. I would be elated if he were a gang banger but he wasn’t. Vandalism is vandalism but he didn’t deserve to die. Only gang bangers deserve to die.

  17. Thank God this happened.

    Tagging is a plague across this city. There is ZERO benefit from tagging.

    All the sympathisers can let them soil up their homes, business, and establishments.

    Wish more the taggers would meet this fate.

    • God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. How much should we you know? Its a sad thing that happen to this young man, also none of us have ever walked a mile in his shoes. Just my two cents.

    • Never wish bad upon others cause ur only wishing bad upon urself

  18. I wonder if he left a loooong exclamation mark on the way down?

  19. Say, “No” to Taggin’!!!
    Taggin’ Kills…

    ….BeanTeam -Go make a Bean Burrito!

  20. My initial thought was “too bad, so sad” but Valentina is right.

  21. There’s little sympathy from me for the tiny locos who have plagued Los Angeles’ neighborhoods, esp idiot taggers should they take an immediate and close look at the pavement.

    If you would like to see something far more horrible visit the Angeles National Forest, esp Azusa Canyon (recently profiled in an excellent and depressing story by L. Sahagun) around the San Gabriel river:

    – feces among the rocks, discarded Pampers, Styro, Capri containers, old bbqs left in place and tags on canyon walls, streamside rocks, mid-stream rocks and even on streamside alders from ground up to about 7′.

    Take it from a native Angeleno who grew up and played at Echo Park and MacArthur Park — yes, old men really played checkers by the trees, thank you Jimmy Webb — and remembers how safe and untagged it was, and what the central city looked like.

    Was pretty nice people, pretty darn nice.

  22. Adding, am a proud Belmont High Sentinel. It was a great school that took the kids from Pico-Union, Downtown, J-Flats, Chinatown, Temple-Beverly-Rampart, lower to middle class kids, and sent them on professions in teaching, police and fire departments, the military and to prisons. Sure, we had our hardheads. Two Echo Park guys I grew up with, fished at EP Lake with, and who seemed to be tough but somewhat sensible dudes died before age 21. One in prison knife fight, one wrapped his car around a telephone pole while on pills. On up side pals became doctors, cops and coaches.

    This is background to let you know exactly where I’m coming from — I took the 44 bus west on Beverly to the fam home at Commonwealth. Sometime walked the two miles over the hills after track to stretch it out. There were no bars nor sliding gates on Beverly Blvd. business windows. There were no tags. The ficus trees had not lifted the sidewalks near the Bootleg Theatre (new theatre there now?).

    Dying early due t0 stupid activities is a fact of life for inner city hardheads.

    Like my old pals, they had a lot of fun acting out, and were gone from this world before two decades.

  23. Lol..I luv this I have retards who wear helmets checking my grammar n punctuations now That Blows Hard.That’s why I have fans to point out every detail on my comments..peace

  24. Filipinotownnative

    Hey stroker, what are you, a parolee? I’m not sure if your P.O allows you to be near a computer like normal people. Maybe you should’ve also fallen from the same place this poor kid fell from

  25. If this young man is the same 19-year-old Daniel Ventura who attended Belmont (and it seems to be), then he was a band member (when Belmont had a band) and a talented artist – according to his art teacher – and he attended Humboldt State after high school. I wonder what happened to him? Did he drop out of college after the first year, as so many of our students seem to do? Why was he doing something so foolhardy and stupid at the age of 19? In any case, my condolences to his family.

    • He was a great kid never got into problems or anything.. He left school because one of his parents was becoming ill n he wanted to be there for them…

  26. I love how this article makes most of u think ..whom ever wrote this doesn’t even know the real story but doesn’t matter cause most of u apparently seem to believe what u read.. U guys r quick to judge but u should focus on trying to figure out ways u guys can help the world instead of saying how good u had it…

  27. @James yes he was Daniel Cenobio Ventura from Belmont High.

  28. It disgusts me seeing how cruel people can be towards each other..and how many are quick to judge. Daniel was a good, intelligent kid. Yeah he made a bad choice, and im sure it wasnt the only one he’s made, but don’t we all make bad choices at times? This is not KARMA not even god would be pleased or “happy” to see him go because of one stupid choice he had to make that day :/ I’m sure most of you would not be saying such hurtful things if it was someone you deeply cared about going through this same situation(which hopefully never happens)You’d be defending them..just like I’m sticking up for my dear friend Danny..although its been a while since this has happened..it still is hard for me to accept the fact that he is gone..rest in peace, Daniel Cenobio Ventura<3 and I will see you someday again.

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