Tobey Maguire has Echo Park raccoons to thank for his new movie

Photo by CodyR/Flickr

They enter homes through doggy doors, rip up backyard water gardens and romp around roof tops.  It seems that nearly everyone in Echo Park has a raccoon story to tell. In fact, one of those stories inspired an upcoming motion picture starring Tobey Maguire and Laura Linney.   The dark comedy, “The Details,” is set in  Seattle but it was set into motion by the raccoons that descended on the Echo Park yard of director Jacob Aaron Estes.  In an interview with Stand By For Mind Control, Estes said:

I’d recently bought a house in Echo Park and put in a lawn. But raccoons kept flipping the sod over during the night. I got fixated on stopping them. I went to great lengths. It was such a funny thing—I thought it would be a great central obsession for a character in a movie.

But, Estes notes that  his film is not about raccoons.  “It’s a movie about humans who behave like raccoons. They’re greedy, horny, dangerous.


  1. Maybe the racoons were trying to tell him it is ridiculous and a waste of resources to put in a lawn in Southern California. They are smart, I can’t keep them out of my attic.

  2. “Greedy, horny, dangerous.”

  3. Raccoon says: Haters gonna hate. Xeriscape.

  4. Of all the urban wildlife I find Raccoons to be pretty reprehensible. They kill other animals just for the blood lust. They kill just to kill.They seem to enjoy creating a path of destruction where ever they roam. I’m not even going to mention they hideous noise they make when they have sex. OK they are cute, but Hitler was probably cute as a baby also.

  5. My dog “Minnie Pup ” has destroyed all of the yuppie grass that
    I foolishly had planted. Gotta listen to the animal kingdom!

  6. The goal of raccoons is not to destroy the grass. They lift the sod to get the insects that are underneath. That’s the same reason that they tip over potted plants.

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