Bring a Broom: Silver Lake takes on the task of cleaning up Sunset Boulevard

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The 1-1/2 miles of Sunset Boulevard that slices through Silver Lake has attracted a growing number of  high-end restaurants and bars  and fashionable shops  in recent years.  But a closer look also reveals plenty of litter and other trash. That’s why the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is looking for volunteers to help clean up the boulevard in time for the holidays, with the first of two clean ups scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday. Dec. 1. What happens if it keeps raining?

“It might be more fun,” said Barbara Ringuette, one of the organizers of the Adopt A Street clean up.

Volunteers for Saturday’s cleaning, scheduled from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.,  will gather at Sunset and Parkman Avenue to pick up brooms, rakes and other supplies.  A second clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 8, with volunteers asking to show up Sunset and Lucile.

Depending on how many people volunteer, Ringuette said the plan is to hold another clean up to work to the east end of Sunset near Waterloo Street as well as other streets.  For more information, contact Ringuette at Barbara.Ringuette@silverlakenc.org.


  1. Great work Barbara!

  2. Wait. As you say, the place is lined with high end restaurants and other such shops. Yet, they won’t even lift a finger to clean up their own sidewalks? I’m supposed to do that for free? Why, to make for a nicer place for them so they can charge me even more after I work for free for them? I gather you are pointing out that these people have come in here and now just leave the place trashy and expect everyone else to clean up their place for them?

    You know, to volunteer to clean up a public area, like Bellevue Park, or Micheltorena Street School, or other such is one thing. To have us go out and work for free for overcharging restaurants and other shops to clean up their sidewalks is just wrong. Perhaps we should just run them out instead, since they are not taking care of the sidewalks at their places.

    • What is wrong with you?

    • A sidewalk is a public area, FYI.

      And I think *most* of these new restaurants do a pretty good job keeping their sidewalks clean. As they should.

      But people – please throw your trash in the appropriate receptacles! Geez!

    • I SECOND that ….what is wrong with you ?

    • Actually, I kind of see the point. They really ought to be cleaning up their own area — everyone else shouldn’t have to do it for them. But if it is going to happen, can I leave my address so you can come clean up in front of my home too?

      • You know, when I’m walking ANYWHERE honestly , if i see a piece of trash , i pick it up and put it in a garbage bin .
        It could have blown to where its at you know ?
        Trash is not just confined to an area in front of your immediate home . It really is ridiculous to call trash “mine” and “theirs ” and “ours.
        Get a grip , seriously.

    • “why should you” you shouldn’t do you know what the word volunteer means? This is for people who see the value in cleaning up their community regardless of whether other people are.

    • Better question… why isn’t the city of LA able to maintain our streets and sidewalks? Why do other city’s have the resources to not only clean their streets, but to actually invest in pedestrian improvements like better lighting, zebra crosswalks, sidewalk bump-outs at intersections, etc?

    • She is really on to them,excellent point. Someone understands me, I’ve even have done community service for El Centro del Pueblo. Believe me,these so called high end restaurants really have some dirt bags. My neighborhood,Echo Park is also getting trashed by these foreigers! I grew up here and love bellevue park,if they go home I will clean for free myself,but refuse to pick up their trash for free,unless it is in front of my house.

  3. Better bring your scraper, too, to attack all the bubblegum on the sidewalks.

    I used to live a block off Sunset in this exact area, and all the trash is one of the reasons I moved out of Los Angeles to Pasadena.

  4. time to meet new friends!!!!

  5. That sounds very nice, but won’t be a better idea if every single business takes the responsability to clean their own front sidewalk and curbe, I use to have a business located at Sunset, before the opening hours, I was cleaning the area sometimes even washed the sidewalk, to have a clean and better appearance. The other business began to do it. Now there are different business is sad how trashy and dirty is that area, just go around Sunset and Echo Park, and you’ll know what I am talking about.

  6. Please come out and help. Actions speak louder than words. I was one of 6 people who came out this past Saturday. Barbara picked up the tools and vests from L.A. city. I cleaned by the bus stop on Sunset and Sanborn, across from the Jiffy Lube. I cut weeds, old Morning Glory vines, scooped dirt out of the gutters, and picked up plenty of trash. It looks great, if even for a while. The tenant next to the vacant lot became inspired to clean out the huge lot. Taking pride of where you live depends on you. We have a beautiful city and together we can keep it that way.

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