Confused coyote in Elysian Heights

Photo by Rebecca Dessertine

Rebecca Dessertine was making an early morning run to Ralphs today when she came across a coyote at the intersection of Cerro Gordo Street and Vestal Avenue.  Dessertine said the coyote seemed a bit perplexed as to what street to follow:

What struck me was s/he at first started going South on Vestal then thought better of it and headed toward [Elysian Park]on Cerro Gordo. We all get a little confused on these hilly streets.


  1. Perhaps “Cinderella” was realizing her time was running out and most likely figured she was due to head home.

  2. I think people are feeding the coyotes. They seem to be pretty friendly and unsure if they are going to be feed or have rocks thrown at them.

  3. That is one big coyote, looks like he is well-fed.

  4. A lot of missing cat signs up these days. Anyone notice that?

  5. I hope that she gave the coyote directions!

  6. since when is Cerro Gordo and Vestal considered Elysian Heights??? it’s all Echo Park folks, get it right and don’t try to change it!!! you new comers don’t know squat about Echo Park…changing names to feed your egos is really a joke..have had our houses there since 1945 moved in there early 1946…It’s all Echo Park, and if you don’t like, simply leave it…

    • Ok Jeseus school ‘ em!

    • Why such a nasty comment on the label Elysian Heights as opposed to Echo Park? I would think The Eastsider came up with the headline “Confused Coyote in Elysian Heights.” And I would say people in the area should be happy The Eastsider exists. I know I am. .

    • We “newcomers” (11 years new) are helping to raise property values & pressure out the bangers. Doesn’t seem all bad to me…and a rose by any other name.

    • I appreciate Cat Morales’ overall point, but applying it to the name Elysian Heights coincidentally is misguided. The name Elysian Heights has been used for that part of Echo Park for at least many, many decades, at least since the 1970s, and probably much earlier than that. This one is not a new name.

      But yes, there have been other new names used in the area to be hip – the one that most irks me is Frogtown for the neighborhood of Elysian Valley. Frogtown is the street gang name there, but the residents always used the real name, Elysian Valley, if for no other reason than to reject the gangs — until the hipsters moved in and thought using a cute little nickname would show how cool they are. No thought that they are glorifying a street gang. No thought at all.

      Gee, along Sunset it seems people want a cool, new neighborhood name for each and every block, the most prominent of which seems to be Mohawk Bend. Gee, even thee hipster City Council has gotten in on it in more recent years, with names lie Historic Filipinotown (where you will be hard pressed toe even find a Filipino for many years)! One of my favorite idiocies is when the Council voted to names the Armenian section of Hollywood Thaitown — not even knowing that many of those cyrillic signs were Armenian, not Thai writing! Of course, the Armenians went into an uproar, and now in the middle of Thaitown are signs added saying Little Armenia.

      Mindless idiocy.

      • I thought that Elysian Valley is named frogtown because it used to be a swampy area & had a lot of frogs.

        • The STREET GANG took the name after the frogs from the Los Angeles River at Elysian Valley. Just as the street gang in Atwater Village calls itself Toonerville, because it is next to the train tracks (for those too young, “The Toonerville Trolley” was a very popular comic strip several decades back). So yes, the name came from the frogs at the river (not a swamp!), but it is the street gang that used that name.

    • My guess is Cat did not do so well in school, at least her days at Elysian Heights Elementary that is!


    • Wonder what the residents of Elysian Heights thought of YOU newcomers
      when you moved in back in 46?

  7. Long time Elysian Heights resident
  8. The above picture looks like a coyote that attacked my small blind Poodle on Friday at 12:45, just after midnight when I took her out to do her thing.

    My Poodle was 6 to 7 feet from me as I stood outside my apartment, with bush on sidewalk blocking view of intersection for me and me from coyote who went like a lightning streak for the poodles throat…runing to grab her from coyote’s mouth screaming and gesturing attacking motion….startled coyote let go of Poodle and retreated only a short distance….coming back at us again.

    With Poodle in my arms…..screaming, I gave chase as coyote repeadetly stopped to come back toward us.

    Incidence happend in Echo Park, intersection of Scott and Portia Street, chased this agressive, athletic, mature coyote down Scott and eventually coyote
    dissappeared going up hill on Sargent.

    Poodle is OK, had 4 bite marks but only penetrated skin since she was fighting the coyote and had more weight than coyote coud carry off as pray.

    • I thought your story was going to end with a tragedy. How happy I am for you that it didn’t. And how scary that had to be. Maybe Huntington Park has the right idea. Our pets need to come first. These coyotes continue to get bolder and bolder.

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