Historic Filipinotown church member killed after confronting tagger*

One man was fatally shot and another wounded on Sunday night after confronting a tagger defacing the wall of their Beverly Boulevard church in Historic Filpinotown, according to the LAPD Rampart Division. “One victim passed away and the other was taken to a hospital in critical condition,” according to a Facebook posting about the shooting, which took place at about 6:30 p.m. on Beverly Boulevard near Reno Street. KABC reports that the two church members had come out of their storefront church to stop the tagger when a second suspect opened fire on the victims.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Rampart Homicide Detectives at (213) 484-3650.

* Update: The victim has been identified as 25-year-old Andres Ordonez, reports L.A. Now.  Councilman Eric Garcetti is scheduled to announce a reward to help find the suspects.


  1. So sad. LAPD can you guys do a better job patrolling for taggers? This is madness.

  2. Shot down for trying to reason with taggers. I can’t even begin to express how unacceptable this is. I’m just staring at my screen in disbelief.

  3. Seems it’s pretty easy to just look at the tag and see who it was…

  4. @Goat-like LAPD wanted this to happen. Be realistic.

    • I agree. Limited resources don’t allow for patrolling for what is essentially vandalism. It is incumbent on us in the community to report when we see tagging happen and to have graffiti cleaned up after the fact.
      What a terrible, tragic loss.

      • I reported a tagging in progress to the Northeast Division and they weren’t even interested enough to care about a description of the clothes that the taggers were wearing. So who can you report to that is actually interested?

    • True.

      Who shoots people coming out of a church? It’s just ludicrous.

  5. Tragic. This is why I always advise against confronting taggers. Call the cops and keep a safe distance. Defending a wall from spray paint isn’t worth the risk. You never know if they’re gangsters or if they have weapons.

  6. How is it that we are raising young people who have no respect for human life? Willing to kill over something so trivial. What is wrong with people?!

    • Sasha, I don’t mean to be disagreeable, but “we” did not raise these killers. Also, referring to them as “young people who have no respect for human life” is to grant them too much dignity. These killers have renounced their membership in humankind. They are animals.

    • Sasha, that’s the problem, children are having children and therefore no one is being taught true morals and values anymore.

  7. Pathetic low lifes. Remember posters were so upset when some were celebrating the tagger falling off a building who is now brain dead? If only these losers can share the same fate. How can you shoot an innocent person coming out of a church. Pathetic.

  8. Let the cops do their jobs stop trying to b heroes ..God bless the victims but plz use 9-11 stay safe ..Tags can b covered up ,b a better witness not a victim..peace..

  9. Two questions. One, does anyone realize the people being shot when confronting taggers or shot when trying to cover up tags is not a new phenomena and has been happening forever and is not limited to our current generation?
    Two, if these were people coming out of a marijuana dispensary or strip club or Church of Satan or Scientology, would you feel less for them because they were not in process of worshiping a Christian god?

    • I think I can try to answer these. One: Yes, I’m sure that more than a few people living in the greater Los Angeles area know that tagging and gangs have been around for more than one generation and that it is not a good idea to confront taggers. Two: No one would feel less for the death of an innocent just because he or she was not affiliated with a place of worship. That said, places of worship are historically considered places of peace and refuge that deserve respect. To shoot someone in or just outside a church is therefore perceived as especially heinous. Understandably, it is a kind of a “last straw” event for many people living in that community.

  10. P.S., if people killing innocent people for no reason is too much for you, move out of the city. I hear Idaho is nice.

  11. Who ARE these people??

  12. They busted the girl and charged her today with one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder and one misdemeanor count of vandalism. She also faces additional allegations involving the gun and being a gang member.

    Her bail amount is going to be huge and hopefully she will rat out the actual gunman.

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