Hostess bakery strike and closure hits close to home in Elysian Valley

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Employees of a Hostess Brands bakery in Elysian Valley plant maybe out of a job after the maker of Twinkies and Wonderbread announced plans to go out of business today after striking workers did not return to their jobs. One worker picketing outside the Elysian Valley bakery on Ripple Street told NBC:

“This is heartbreaking,” Cynthia Prater, who was two years away from retiring … “There’s a lot of single parents out here. How are they going to take care of their kids without this?”

NBC said about 100 people work at the Hostess plant. The company, which has filed twice for bankruptcy in the past decade, said it could not afford a nationwide strike as it explained why it will layoff 18,500 workers and cease operations, according to Money & Co.  Union officials said the company was asking workers to take deep pay cuts while hiking executive compensation.


  1. Well… now they don’t have to picket anymore.

    Sorry, but sometimes you’ve got to just be happy you have a job. Even if it requires taking a pay cut. I’d wager it wasn’t anywhere near as “deep” as the union officials would like you to believe. It’s ok though. I’m sure the union is going to cover the living costs of all the people they had out there picketing now that they’re all unemployed, right?

    You know, because it’s always smart and safe to strike a company that’s filed for Bankruptcy twice is less than ten years.

  2. Stupid move , now jobs are lost n people r selling boxes of twinkies for hundreds of dollars.There goes the economy problem…

  3. Perfect example of a bully union costing jobs. I feel sad for the innocent workers that would have taken the pay cut but were forced to strike ultimately loosing their jobs completely. Now what? Temporary unemployment insurance at 40% (if they are lucky) of your salary? That seems like a way bigger pay cut to me!

    Well the bright side, if any, will be the lesson to other unions (especially the public sector unions) that constantly push for inflated wages and benefits compared to non-union workers. Eventually the till runs dry. Eventually a tipping point is reached and it all comes tumbling down…

    • Gernerally there is a vote of all employees prior to the strike and on approval of offered contracts. would you like you pay reduced to minimun wage?

      • Of course, I know there is a vote! The vote doesn’t come without the union leaders bias. They tell them how to vote. It’s the same in all union “elections”.

        And if my choice were to lose my job versus keep my job with lower pay? Dumb question.

  4. Uh, Hostesses CEO tripled his salary to 2.5mil this year. Maybe blame management instead of the union?

  5. So much anti-union propaganda. I’m sure corporate America is pleased that this was successfully blamed on unions and not Management’s greed. Let’s not forget, unions were started by workers, and they are the reason we have weekends and a 40 hour work week.

  6. Yes the first people Hitler send to camps were Members of Parliament and Union Leaders .
    Why is everyone here so Anti-Union ?
    Yes , i did use the word Hitler.

  7. Hitler did not give a choice. These workers had a choice to take a pay cut or loose their jobs. They made the wrong choice. Some just wanted to be unemployed to collect umemployment and collect all the freebie’s that Obama promised.

    Not a wise choice.

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