Man killed in Highland Park shooting*

A 21-year-old man was fatally shot early this morning in Highland Park near Avenue 55 and Monte Vista Street.  The shooting took place a little after midnight outside an apartment building, said Northeast Homicide Detective Brian Martin.   The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. No suspects were in custody as of this morning. Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call homicide detectives at (323) 344-5744.

* Update: Police have identified the victim as Juan Jose Solis, reports Patch.  Solis was killed by a shotgun blast to the neck in what is believed to be a gang-related shooting.


  1. Damn, so many shootings and murders on Monte Vista around that area. Feel sorry for those neighbors there.

  2. Hasn’t there been multiple incidents in that particular part of the neighborhood regarding a SHOTGUN weilding SCUMBAG? It has to be somebody who lives on that block killing these kids. Somebody around there knows who they are….

  3. So sad. Despite his apparent affiliation with a gang it is sad to hear that a 21 year old had his life end this way.

    Hope whoever did it is caught soon and brought to justice.

  4. Sad to hear that a young guy lost his life. Wonder how his family feels…

    • His family probably “feels” like they should have tried to keep him from joining a gang. But now he’s dead and now they will “feel” like retaliation is in order.

      It is a cycle of stupidity and ignorance. Fortunately, we all get to live in the cross-fire of the dissident, YAY!

      • I knew him, very well.

        Believe me, they ALL tried but they can’t control his actions or choices…could you control YOUR family members actions or choices? No, right?

        Yes, he is dead now unfortunately and no his family isn’t feeling like having a “retaliation” don’t get it twisted, not everyone in that neighborhood is gang related and not just because his death is gang related doesn’t mean his family is gang related, it’s people with narrow minds like you that believe they all are. I have you know that he has family members just like you and I do that have different occupations and go to school.

        • If one of my family were in a gang, I would treat it like the DISEASE it is. I wouldn’t just stand by and say “well I can’t control his actions”… That is a BS cop-out! When my sister was stealing and using drugs, I put her ass in jail and then rehab! I didn’t stand around and say “OH WELL I CANT CONTROL HER- SHE’S GONNA DO WHAT SHE”S GONNA DO”! And when she got out, I was sure to let her know that’s how it’s going to be. Now she is clean and taking care of her family.

          You guys are weak! You think your culture is all about “family” but it’s really about having “as much family as you can”. This leads to neglect, lack of supervision and lack of parenting. I mean where was this boy’s father? If my father knew I was associating with a gang, he would have kicked my ass! NO WAY IT EVER HAPPEN!

          Gangs and gang violence is a scourge on our society and the solution must come from within your community. This means disowning those who choose to make bad decisions such as joining a gang. Your attitude of “oh well cant control him” is why the gang mentality is prolific in your community.

          I hope you turn this “sorrow” into a decision to change your attitude towards this backwards mentality.

    • I knew him, very well.

      Their hearts are broken, they feel the way you would if you lost a friend, uncle, cousin, brother, nephew, son and grandson. Yes, he made some bad choices, we’re all human after all aren’t we? He was definitely young 22 yrs old to be exact, very young indeed. He was a very caring, loving and selfless young man to all of his really close friends and family members.

  5. Heartfelt condolences to the family. Let’s hope that in their heartbreak and grief they will be able to provide LAPD with any information they may have regarding this event, so as to help bring the perp to justice. As someone who lives near there and years ago on a morning walk was the first to discover the body of a young man similarly executed, I can say that any such assault is an assault on everyone in the neighborhood. We all feel terrorized and made afraid.

    @ the frequent commenters who will reply by suggesting I move to Idaho: I’m not moving. I don’t accept your gritty urban fight vision of life. We’re going to make it better right here in HP.

  6. Man, this little area between fig and monte vista and the 50’s has been hot lately. Such a nice area when I walk around here during the day…

    vHIGHLaNd PaRK GanG BSK YB 5150

    • You ain’t shooting anyone! Your response is garbage!

    • To all who were questioning my “retaliation” argument in my earlier comment, well read “Parker’s” comment and tell me I’m wrong and “just have a narrow mind”……..

      Gangs are a scourge on our society. Disown them if they are in your family. Report them to the police. Take action or continue to live with the scourge!!!

  8. @parker- I doubt it, u jalas have been shooting each other instead, with no one killed of course. Hope he didnt get shot due to his girl having the gang “5150” hlp tattoo to her face. If it was a mutt who pulled the trigger, must be one of the 5 that are out there.

  9. My family isn’t feeling like having a “retaliation”, not everyone is gang related and not just because his death is gang related doesn’t mean my family is gang related. Only God can judge us. We are human we make mistakes and if you don’t know anything about him or my family keep your comments to yourself. He was doing things right and its sad to know his life was taken when he’s so young. Never would we have thought our year would be ending this way. We do hope that the police finds whoever did this. If anyone knows any info please notify the police.

  10. Rest in peace my boy .
    @parker don’t be surprise when you find out your own homies did it.
    Fucking lames. Trying to put it on the DT & AVES!

    555555555 1111111
    55 555

  12. This young man was my co-worker. I worked with him, his father, brother and uncle. The one thing I can say about all of them is that they are good people and great to work with. This young man would go out of his way to lend a helping hand and he also tought me some things I didn’t know about in our line of work to help make things easier for me. I appreciate him for that. I always looked forward to being on a job with this guy and his family. My heart goes out to them all. Such a sad loss. Sure, he wasn’t perfect (no one is)but I could tell he had had enough and really was putting in the effort to better himself and turn his life around. Its unfortunate that will never happen and that he is gone from this world. That could have been anyone of us there that night. Just a case of the wrong place at the wrong time. What I don’t understand about all this whodunnit garbage was it DT or the Aves? It doesn’t even matter! Beacuse in the end, they both find themselves on a yard up state and now guess what, now they have each others back and share cells and food together? Stupid! Our own people killing each other over nothing. Is that what being brown and proud is all about? Wake up gente! Our raza is being left behind and other races right here in LA are climbing that ladder to success because they stick together, but we’re too busy out killing each other to even see what the hell is really going on! We need to unite as one and move forward as a unit beacuase we are losing it raza. Big time!

    • our gente?..gangbangers account for a very small percentage of ”our gente” ..so if ”la raza” aint gettin ahead its for a whole lot of other reasons besides cholos.

  13. rest in peace to one strong man. its a shame you left this early in your life time over bs. people need to realize killing someone isn’t fun & games, behind the man you killed there’s a loving family & a very strong family of friends. we weren’t all built to be perfect we all make mistakes growing up we all did bad things but that doesn’t make it ok to take their lives. you didn’t only hurt him you hhurt the people that cared for him more, he has a huge family all the sweetest people I’ve grown up with.. those people have an empty spot in there lives bkuz of one mans stupidity & beliefs in violence. Juan you will always remain in my heart, i love you & the family everyone has built through childhood friends on ave 51. may your soul rest in peace & the man who killed a little piece of us all be found and punished.

    • I did not know this man but all I can say is my condolences go out to his love ones…….A few months back I lost my family due to lack of attention to my family and the women I still am very inlove with…..well comes to find out that she met this man and fell for him RIP POPEYE…..he took my family but I forgive him…..RIP juan jose

  14. Word on the streets his own homies from HLP took him out….

    • this was one of my friend from kids we need justice and find out wat took place and more investigation this comments one of his friends took him out ??????

  15. Rest Inda Parque Young Pops V.HLXPaRK BOYZ!! LCM FTC BSK BSL YBG 50ST.DKS 5150 CHS!! N.E.L.a’S FINEST!! EVERYBODY KILLAS!!

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