A new place to play in El Sereno

Kids explore the new playground. Photos courtesy Council District 14

There are an estimated 4,000 children living within a mile of the new El Sereno Arroyo Playground and, on Saturday, it looked like many of them (in addition to a contingent of elected officials and other adults) had converged on the site for a grand opening ceremony. The office of Councilman José Huizar worked with a coalition of  groups and residents–ranging from the Trust for Public Land and Northeast Trees to Concerned Neighbors of El Sereno and the LA-32 Neighborhood Council–to transform the formerly, litter-strewn lot into a 1.3-acre green space (don’t call it a park) at the corner of Alhambra and Lowell avenues. It comes complete with a playground, nature garden, solar-powered lighting and trash cans, a high-tech irrigation system and some whimsical touches, including mosaic tiles and  animal paw prints in cement.

“Through persistence, perseverance and avid community, city and private partners support, we are making good on a promise more
than 30 years in the making,” said Huizar in a statement.

One of the key partnerships forged to make playground happen was convincing Caltrans, which owns the property, to agree to lease the land for recreational uses. It’s the first time the agency has agreed to lease land for 25-years for recreational use, according to an official with Council District 14.


  1. Is this the site where the tunnel for the 710 would have started?

    • It is. There’s also a stretch of houses just north of the “green space” that are all empty and also owned by Caltrans. Though I am hoping this use of this land lease will help oppose any actual progression of the 710 extension.

  2. I took my 3 year old and 1 year old to Arroyo Playground, but there were no signs of any plans to build restrooms. Are they going to build any?

  3. Thanks to all, most of all Val and Pam Marquez, its finally a dream come thrue. Is not just a park, it is evident that it took major planning, love for the children, and a place were parenta and grandparents can come and enjoy a walk around the park, the landscape designs are specially interesting created for the imagination of the children in play. Proven that we have dedicated individuals to their community, and have accomplished successfully this beautiful park for years of benefit for generations to come.

  4. I think it was nice that hey built this park, but I think they need to fix the parks that El Sereno already has like Guardia park the field is bad. They wasted all that money to build this park ” for the kids” well the kids do need to go to the restroom. It’s very dangerous were the park is located at like Carlos from the voice is always saying that on his Newspaper!!!! The S street! That street is speed zone. How much did it cost to make this park? For who was this park really made for? This park is not for kids because some one who was thinking about the children would have put a restroom. Was this park just built to stop the 710 fwy ? Lots of things that aren’t being said the reality of this all!!!!!!!! I am all for parks but not this one . Fix the park in El Sereno don’t create another one when we can’t even fix what we already have!!!!!

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